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Fredrik Alfredsson
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March 23, 2012
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Jan. 18
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Putting it to You
If Pd has 4c s he needs short d and 4/5 KC for slam to be Good with double fit (s:k;h:a,q minors:ax2). Is that really so far fetched that 1s bid Shall be tossed? If s fit not unlikely with short d. Still chasing ...
Is this restricted choice? (WBF junior finals, board 11)
That’s the point i tried to make. So: we Should not play q as in equals case w q89 as we want to be consistent with play from tight 98; hence the case of q98 is not a restricted choice situation. Now; would i get that as w at ...
Is this restricted choice? (WBF junior finals, board 11)
There is No ”need” to falsecard from H98 to make declarer finesse. If finesse exists the Good declarer is as likely to finesse the 9 - if people falsecard they are as likely to falsecard 98 - but are they? Here 98 might be a relevant lenght carding for e if w ...
Opener's Rebids After 1!D - 2!C
3c: Gf 4+c (mild extras) 2d catch rest 2M nat, No real sup mild extras; may be bid on values and Only 3 with voncentration empty ther M and 15+ 2n nat semi balance. Not Gf but 2c Always f 2nd bid from resp 3d tricktaker strong d 3M ...
How do you best define 2NT in these sequences?
1) x here would be pen so 2n is a weak raise or both mm (treat as this) 2) invitational + in hearts , treated as 4c sup
Leading 2./4.
I usually play 3/5. From "known" lenght we lead 3rd from 6 and 5th from 7. If lenght can surprise and indicating given lenght is of importance 5th from 6 may occur.
What is the percentage play?
I don't get "reluctantly pitching a spade", why be reluctant pitching from A? S knows to set this holding that so the pitch is auto. Is south not more likely holding Jx, xxx, akxxxx, 9? . Throwing from sj with can looks to solve decl tricks for 3-4s, 4h, 1d ...
NMF-Assess The Blame
What about 3h over 2d? Solid suit for 5-2 , lack c stopper and can't be stronger. Don't play nmf but seems on the money if 2d promised invitational values.
How would you like to play 6!c?
Set means: "we play this suit or nt, this will be the suit for aceask-i am in control". To problem: obvious ask for clubQ or xx.
Interesting hands from Wroclaw (13)
Was the contract 6c? 430 seems on and the squeeze is for 12 no?
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