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Gabriel Carrasco
Gabriel Carrasco
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March 23, 2016
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Oct. 31, 2019
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Bridge Player
about me

Player Spain Open National Team in Pau, Ostende, Opatija and Budapest 


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Gabriel Fractman
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Eurobridge (Madrid - Spain)
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Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: Jxx K9x T9xx Kxx
I have already denied 4 cards to heart, 4 H seems to me the more flexible so that partner choose the game to play.
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: A KQ5 QJ76 AK876
I commented we was playing 3D positive (8+ H) and forcing. I think 3NT is correct if 3D is weak and passable, but it is not obvious if 3D is forcing.
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: A KQ5 QJ76 AK876
Yes. Sorry
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: 87632 JT8 --- AJ962
Yes, i think soo and also bid 4Sp, problem was when opponents bid 5D or 5H. It´s good enough suit for bid 4C?
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: K6 AJ AQ65 KT965
I believe that with this hand is better to open 1nt in first, second and third position for its obstructive value, but it no seems evident in fourth position, are 17 H good fifth suit, the average of the other three players is 8 H with 7 or 8 H ...
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: x AQ97xxx AKx Ax
i am not sure double first one
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: KQJ62 --- KJT43 952
After 1Sp - 2NT all is gambling, it´s posible winn slam and it´s posible down game

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