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Gabriel Foster
Gabriel Foster
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Oct. 18, 2014
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Oct. 1, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me

I do mathematics and physics, and play bridge in what time I have left over.  I've never suffered the accusation of not making mistakes, only that of learning my lesson.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Watching Roger Lee and John Jones laugh about a one-suit squeeze I managed not to take (I'd never heard of such a thing); picking up two nine-card suits in a row.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning the Unit 223 Championship
Regular Bridge Partners
Bob Long
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Caltech Bridge Club
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Non Life Master
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Gabriel Foster's bidding problem: Q AKQJT532 --- Q632
Thanks, folks, 1 was in fact bid at the table, so we're on to part two (which I'll link to once it's up).
What is this double
Some part of me really wants to take this as a two way shot, especially at MPs. That is, "If your hand looks defensive let's hit this, else let's play 3." In some partnerships we've classified this double as DSI, which means roughly that. Undiscussed, though ...
Gabriel Foster's bidding problem: --- Axx J98xxxx Kxx
Seeing as this poll looks to be somewhat decided already, I'll reveal the rest of the story. I never did get to see the result of this hand, as my BBO random partner booted me before I could make my call. Thinking about it after I convinced myself pass ...
Gabriel Foster's lead problem: J76 JT97 A74 965
Alright, folks, think we can call it now, thanks for your input. Partner holding this hand led the A, and when I suggested after the hand that I thought there was a (convincing to me) argument for the J instead, the entire table chimed in to disagree :) Thanks for helping ...
Yehudit Hasin's lead problem: AT876532 T3 4 KT
If I opened this 3, I did it because I was willing to try and beat 3NT. Given that, I'm trying a small spade (come on stiff spade jack in dummy!).
Péter Talyigás's bidding problem: AKQJ87 8 54 T654
For bidder in problem: .....if bidder is insane junior: ..........print '4' .....else print '1'
its not FSF so what is it?
I alert it "Semi-Natural," for what it's worth.
Ruffing with honor
I wrote like three paragraphs on this, but to sum it up: this never happens, and when it does, you either won't know it, won't care, or it won't matter. So many unlikely things have to happen for the signal to be useful, identifiable, and actionable.
Ruffing with honor
Suit preference for me, so neither. If I'm ruffing with an honor voluntarily and safely, then it should be functionally equivalent to the spot card. It seems to me that it's not going to be often that partner needs to know whether I have a second honor in ...
Ruling question
I was thinking the same thing, but realized that rule exists because it the 7 rates to be good too often. Playing AGAINST a diamond contract, let alone a diamond slam, the opposite should hold, right? Voted 4 for this reason; x2 for the double, x2 for defeating a diamond ...

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