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Gabriel Fractman
Gabriel Fractman
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July 28, 2014
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about me

I live in Madrid, Spain. Bridge is only my hobby, but I try to take it as seriously as work and family allow.


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Played for Spain's National Team on several occasions, last one in Budapest 2016 EU Champs (no, I was not in Wroclaw :).
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Gabriel Carrasco
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EU Championsihps, Biarritz
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Cue-bid = good raise of partner overcall
Correct. I meant 1-2-Pass-2NT. I think this makes more sense as natural rather than as a cue-bid.
Cue-bid = good raise of partner overcall
Thank you for all the feedback; it turned out to be an interesting question after all. One thing to take into account is that unless you play in a very established partnership (or if you are a professional) sometimes it is not easy to extend your agreements like "if they ...
Pen-out Double?
I think West can make a move after 2 before South is given a chance to bid 3. He is willing to compete to the three level and knows East is not completely broke, so he can invite on the way either by 3 or 3 ...
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: Q AJ9x Q8x KTxxx
Daniel, it is true that 4NT by partner is for take-out (normally two-suiter) but it forces partner to bid; so you need a more extreme distribution. Direct Double is also take-out, in the sense that it promises some support for all other suits, but allows partner to pass if he ...
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: Axx Kxx AJTxx AQ
Thanks to all that answered. It is funny to see that Double is by far the preferred choice, but if you double partner suggested action is 4NT (see with the result that you end up in a horrible contract of 5 in a ...
A double-dummy puzzle: is the program right or wrong?
In case someone still wants to see the solution, here it goes. Thanks to Barry Rigal who emailed it first to me and to David and Michael who just gave the hints but clearly has already solved it. As with many problems, once you see the solution it becomes so ...
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: --- QJ764 AQT2 AQ96
Thank you to all that answered the poll. At the table, I choose to double which looked like the more flexible action. Pass looked to shy given that preemptor's partner was a passed hand. Partner decided to leave the double with his two minor suit kings and 2-2-4-5, hardly ...
A double-dummy puzzle: is the program right or wrong?
Thank you for the hints, I also already got the solution through some private message. Have to admit spent most of the flight back from Barcelona to Madrid thinking on the problem without success :). Still people may enjoy working through it! Nice to confirm that Sherlock Holmes was right.
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