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Pick your system. Any way to bid this slam reasonably?
Playing a system called SWIFT you could have the following auction... 1 - 2 3 - 4 5 - 5 6 1 is 13+; 2 is nat and GF; 3 sets the suit; followed by a series of cue-bids and bob's your ...
Gad Chadha's lead problem: xx xxxx QJTxx xx
This occurred in a London Super League match. At the table (partner did not double) and a trump was led and 13 tricks soon followed. The opposition had a bidding misunderstanding on which version of keycard they were playing 0-3 or 1-4 and partner had the Ace of clubs that ...
Gad Chadha's lead problem: xx xxxx QJTxx xx
Corrected - thanks... you are East and on lead. If partner has a trump trick, it doesn't matter what we lead.
Different explanations on both sides of the screen
I think N/S are just pulling a fast one here to see if the rules and regulation can help them out. I would rule score stands and move on. This is interesting as I had a very similar situation against an 'expert' partnership where both Partner and I gave ...
Minimum strength for lead directing double?
I agree... With 1), the lower the level the more values I would like to have. Another situation will arise later in the auction, when the opponents bid on and whether partner should support you or not.
Minimum strength for lead directing double?
I agree with you for high-level doubles... Not so sure for low-level contracts as they are likely to be redoubled and played there for an over-trick or two.
Minimum strength for lead directing double?
This is interesting whether this should be lead directing or penalty double of 1NT. 1. If it is lead directional then this hand runs the risk of 2D doubled or redoubled making as East is unlimited. 2. If the double is penalties of 1NT, this hand is several Aces short ...

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