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Gal Hegedus
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Dec. 19, 2012
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Alert a natural preempt?
the difficulty started already with counting the cards in your hand
Second hand low or high?
Declarer's hand was QT764, 4, J42, A985. If he plays the nine over the eight, he is home. After the jack he still can make double dummy but rather unlikely he would do that.
Bridge Players and the movie world
I think Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead couldn't play bridge but their scene was pretty awesome from Fargo. Even some of the episodes had titles taken from bridge.
Best hand
I didn't say it's a better line. Just that East can be squeezed in some possible layouts. He can be squeezed even without a heart guard. Give him 64,65,J76432,AQJ. In this case the heart lead is automatic. Just take the lead in hand. Enter dummy ...
Best hand
I wouldn't say it's a better chance but there are probably a lot of legitimate hands where it can be made. For example East having 6,T95,JT6432,AQJ (I tried to change the hands as little as possible). Just take the lead in hand and pull trumps ...
GIB, Schmib
This isn't the only holding when you're wrong. If West has Qxxx in hearts you'll go down as well (ruffing the next spade high, of course).
Seeding in the World Bridge Games
Group C is obviously the weekest of the three and group assignments should be transparent. Both is clear but probably these are the only things I agree with. Counting average of masterpoints seems almost as bad idea as randomly putting together the groups. Masterpoints doesn't measure strength. They are ...
Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)
Got it. So apart from the next palyer's body language it works. Will Ccrd play be the same? The last two cards appears together?
Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)
Bernard, regardless of the software you see your opponents. So you see when they touch their device.
Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)
Maybe I miss something, but with this solution the players know who is thinking so we loose the most important advantage of screens. Back to the UI jungle.

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