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Gareth Birdsall
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Sept. 16, 2011
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Aug. 26, 2018
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Moysian game
We played 5. I never found out how the other tables reached 4 so made up an auction that I thought would help the play. Board 14:
Moysian game
I should have changed the hand to give south five clubs and a singleton diamond. Now playing AK isn’t sufficient - south can discard all his hearts to beat it. But declarer can still cope if he has K remaining as West by playing the fifth diamond. So that means ...
Moysian game
You’re right, I missed that declarer switches to hearts after 4 diamonds.
Epic Finish in Seamon USA2 Final
Yes, the AK10xx opposite xxxx example shows there are cases where the defense are required to follow a mixed strategy. It's not obvious to me why the situation is not symmetric and to calculate the percentage line we only need to consider pure strategies for declarer.
Epic Finish in Seamon USA2 Final
If the count could always be found then I agree the odds are 4-2. But when the defense may have the option to deny the count then we need to condition on the choice of defence. I have an unproved conjecture that there always exists a defensive mixed strategy (choosing ...
Upside down signal from H(H)T9
Many people don't like coded 9/10 leads (or strong 10 leads or similar) because they feel it gives away too much information. But for signalling that seems a benefit, not a downside. I think it's plausible to adopt that approach even if you don't for trick ...
Final Session, Round 5
Board 7 has some interesting restricted choice aspects: North is twice as likely to be dealt xx xx Jxxx Hxxxx as xx Qxx Jxxx xxxx. And it's also there on the choice of lead: I think C xxxx is probably more attractive than S xx on the second hand ...
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