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Gary Ansok
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March 9, 2012
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Why Abstain?
In short, "Abstain" can be "I don't feel qualified to answer" or "I don't have a preference", but I still want to see the results. For bidding problems, an "Abstain" from me often means that I don't think I'm familiar enough with the bidding system to ...
Andy Eastwood's bidding problem: KQT8 Q32 QJT73 5
Having 4-card spade support has improved your hand so that it is worth a full opener. Had partner bid 1, I think a case could be made for passing, but I'd still make a support double (if available).
Soliciting ideas for a spring event preceding the NAP flight B and C finals
The Summer NABCs do seem to have most of these events -- the 0-6000 and 0-2500 Life Master Pairs, the 0-6000 and 0-2500 mini-Spingolds, and the Red Ribbon Pairs are all at the Summer. Was this deliberate, to try to concentrate these events so that one could fill one's schedule ...
Asking out of turn
Had one not too long ago that went like this: Me: 1NT ("15-17") LHO: 2 ("Alert", partner did not ask) Pard: Dbl ("Alert") RHO: "What did your partner's double mean?" Me: "That depends on what your partner's bid meant... what was 2?" RHO: "You can't ...
Ron Smith's bidding problem: x AQxx AKJTx xxx
Is this North's hand we're looking at, or West's?
A Third Option for Regional KOs - Stratified Swiss KOs
With the Stratified Swiss proposal, I could see a Strat B team that finished fourth in the Swiss KO being unhappy with that result -- they would rather play in the Bracket 2 KO against other Strat B teams instead of feeling like a long shot in the Bracket 1 KO ...
Michaels Cuebid
My partner and I distinguish between a "could be short" bid and a completely artificial bid (like a strong 1). Over the "could be short" bid, the opener often has that suit (just as a normal "3+" minor often has 4 or more), so we bid as we normally ...
Gary Ansok's bidding problem: J9 T95 AJ973 K94
I was considering bidding 2, but decided to pass. But I was wondering (even before I saw partner's hand) for how many people this might be a third-hand favorable weak 2. 1 didn't even cross my mind. One hand doesn't prove anything, of course, but ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: T9652 A6 T3 AJ94
My original comment was written before I noticed that the hand in question was a passed hand; perhaps I should have removed it. If 1N isn't forcing (because you're a passed hand or for any other reason), then I wouldn't even consider it here.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: T9652 A6 T3 AJ94
Just noticed you are a passed hand -- in that case I'd use Drury or just bid 4. Original comment: Would 1 - 1N (forcing) - 2x - 4 be a possible sequence for you? This is what a partner and I agreed on after a similar hand. Otherwise, I ...

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