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Gary Blaiss
Gary Blaiss
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Oct. 5, 2010
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Dec. 31, 2019
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Frivolous play ruling
This is a matter of Conditions of Contest. ACBL COC in the past had a condition to try to win or to try to win on each hand. This action is a violation of that condition if it exists for this event. Also, some COC have an anti-dumping condition which ...
Are you "allowed to know"?
If East had known that your agreement was transfer, would East have passed 2 clubs. Regardless of your call, the TD would consider the MI as well as the UI
LAW 79 TRICKS WON A. Agreement on Tricks Won 1. The number of tricks won shall be agreed upon before all four hands have been returned to the board. 2. A player must not knowingly accept either the score for a trick that his side did not win or the ...
The ACBL Convention Card (continued)
The convention card (CC) should be reviewed every so often on a regular basis as should the Alert procedure. A review must not occur every year but as with the Laws of Duplicate Bridge to produce some tweaks every 10 years would be appropriate and useful. The most recent revision ...
Rules question: Can you open this 2!C strong?
Ed While these many years later (I retired in May 2010) I am unable to remember each past response nor do I have access to my correspondence, this does not sound like my response to your question. In fact, I had "canned responses" to many questions which were redone to ...
Ruling the game
Usually the interpretation of Law 41D is that dummy, according to proper procedure, is responsible for correctly displaying his entire hand. However, I like Maury Braunstein's saying i.e.- "Everyone is responsible for dummy but some are more responsible than others."
Who decides when to hire a Chief Operating Officer?
At one time Becky Rogers was hired to be COO. When she left that position was not replaced. From that time until 2010, ACBL operated with no official COO = i.e. the ACBL had CFOs, CTDs and various other titles that were in charge of operations in their area and ...
Who decides when to hire a Chief Operating Officer?
The ACBL BoD has the responsibility of hiring (and firing) the CEO). The CEO is responsible for the remaining employee structure along with ultimate responsibility for filling positions within that structure and directly responsible for filling those positions that report directly to the CEO. Of course it would be prudent ...
Recorder System
The ACBL Recorder regulations are available at Note section 9 with regard to confidentiality
ACBL Bridge Laws and Implementation
Marvin's statement, "The final authority on law interpretations is the World Bridge Federation Laws Commission, but the ACBL Laws Commission also interprets laws, usually with no conflict with the higher authority." is incorrect. For ACBL, the ACBL Laws Commission is the final authority per the ACBL bylaws. While there ...

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