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Gary Donner
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July 22, 2012
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Schedule permits me to travel to multiple tournaments a year

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Deborah Murphy, Howard Sloan
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Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: K98743 AKT --- KQ63
I would also have bid 4C. At this point I bid 5D exclusion.
Considering the Spain/USA Controversy in local club games
Interesting question and one that I was going to ask about as well. I seem to remember that in some book (I think the 2/1 Game Force Quiz Book but don't have it with me), he described a hand with approximately 2 points in third seat white against ...
Spiral Question
So for the hand I posted would you bid 3D or 4C? Just curious what priority you would use
Spiral Question
Oren, I think that means with my 3451 hand you agree with 2 spades. I did not see your vote. If you were playing spiral, how would you respond after the 2NT bid. And since you say we should not play spiral and precision, what would you play for responder ...
Spiral Question
Sorry to say, good point. What kind of hand would you re-evaluate and bid 3C then 4S?
Spiral Question
Before I respond, let me just say that I find your comments always well thought out and useful. So thanks for all the time you invest in helping others here. Spiral asks me to further define my hand. The responses are 3C--3 card support and a minimum (remember my range ...
Bd 30, Monday Common Game
I like 2C to be 11-15 with 6 but that's just style. The AD makes it easy. How would you bid it if EW were missing the AD and 6C or 6H was dependent on a diamond singleton or void?
Bd 30, Monday Common Game
East has a very good 5 loser 14 HCP hand. Most precision players start 1C at 16 or a good 15 so I think few would open this 1C. But that's just my opinion and it would be interesting to see if others disagreed.
Bd 30, Monday Common Game
In precision it is pretty easy-2C-2D-2H and then bid 2S to start a cue bidding sequence. The hard part will be to get to 6H or 6C if opener does not have the AD as you won't be sure what their distribution is diamonds and spades. Anyone know an ...
Bidding against precision 2D
But you did get to learn some Norwegian

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