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Gary Hann
Gary Hann
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Oct. 13, 2013
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about me

Available for Teaching.  Should you wish to learn my system and how it can generate games (recently, 73%, 71%, and 84% in Swiss as retained partner), it may open up a new dimension and new world of bridge for you to consider :)


But, you don't have to use my simple but effective techniques.  I'll play what you play as well!


NABC 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places.  Winner of 26 Flight A Regional KOs, 85 Regionals overall, 1 Nationwide Charity Game, 9,400+ master point

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Partnering Omar Sharif, Barry Crane, Dr. John Fisher, Zeke Jabbour, Ralph Katz, Paul Heitner, Sophie Gimbel of Gimbel's-NYC. Giving my Lecture "Casino Bridge" :)
Bridge Accomplishments
8 Blue Ribbon Pair Finals (4 Top 12 Finishes) of 9 Played; Defeating the Aces in Spingold; Won 3 KO's at Regional w/3 Different Teams; BBO Voice Commentator, Former ACBL Board of Directors, Chairman ACBL Board of Governors 1991-1995
Favorite Conventions
Carter Stayman; Transfers Over Doubles; Intermediate Jump Overcalls
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Emerald Life Master
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Happy Endings
Hi Drew - I always agreed with you . . . your exceptional passion on this topic was impossible not to notice :) Sometimes, a combination of brilliant and/or lucky play problems come from being in the wrong contract. In one Spinderbilt match several years ago, Meck ended in a 2 contract with ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Thanks all for your diligence; I was too busy to research. However, my primary point is still valid - that a player with almost 5 (five!) times the median lifetime master points is still considered "Level 1" and has others determining that they should be coddled/protected/segregated or whatever appropriate ...
2017 Spring BoG Audio Recording
Hello Steve - thank you for this excellent and complete compilation and report regarding all proceedings in Kansas City. I'm pleased to hear that Sub-Committees are being reinvented; we started some during my tenure. The Vox Populi knows what it wants and needs :) It was appalling to find that procedures ...
Improving the Seeding Process
Hi Don - what exists now is an example of a logarithmic scale, where way too much emphasis is put on winning. I would submit that for winning in various rounds, that a reverse logarithmic scale is very defensible. For example, in the Round of 8, there are probably 8 teams ...
Improving the Seeding Process
Of course, all of this was a temporary fix, because yet again, attendance at most Regional KO's (Gatlinburg is NOT a Regional :)) is dwindling rapidly.
Happy Endings
Indeed, Steve, many insist on leading a Major against NT, even if shown by one but definitely not by the other, as here. The lack of a lead might therefore sway the odds considerably in favor of East having the Queen. Here, Declarer may very well have gotten ...
Happy Endings
It should be noted that, in bridge, a "Happy Ending" for one side is likely a very "Unhappy Ending" for the other . . .
Improving the Seeding Process
Hi Alan - it would be most helpful, at least pour moi, if it were possible for the greater unwashed community to be advised just what is the "FA Cup" :)
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Very on-topic, Max. I believe that the median ACBL master point holder may have less than 20 master points. If this is applicable to 750 master points, then is is completely disingenuous to call it "novice", and might prove very insulting to the vast majority of our membership. Not to ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: --- Q9x A8xx AQ8xxx
I abstained because I presumed this was a lead problem.
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