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Gary Hann
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Oct. 13, 2013
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about me

Available for Teaching.  Should you wish to learn my system and how it can generate games (recently, 73%, 71%, and 84% in Swiss as retained partner), it may open up a new dimension and new world of bridge for you to consider :)




But, you don't have to use my simple but effective techniques.  I'll play what you play as well!




NABC 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places.  Winner of 26 Flight A Regional KOs, 85 Regionals overall, 1 Nationwide Charity Game, 9,500+ master points.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Partnering Omar Sharif, Barry Crane, Dr. John Fisher, Zeke Jabbour, Ralph Katz, Paul Heitner, Sophie Gimbel of Gimbel's-NYC. Giving my Lecture "Casino Bridge" :)
Bridge Accomplishments
8 Blue Ribbon Pair Finals (4 Top 12 Finishes) of 9 Played; Defeating the Aces in Spingold; Won 3 KO's at Regional w/3 Different Teams; BBO Voice Commentator, Former ACBL Board of Directors, Chairman ACBL Board of Governors 1991-1995
Favorite Conventions
Carter Stayman; Transfers Over Doubles; Intermediate Jump Overcalls
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ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
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Round QT's
K, A, Q, then A of either rounded suit, dropping Q from hand, and low towards the ten. Your RHO may have trouble going up with the K of the chosen rounded suit if you've guessed well (or luckily). If either opponent shows out on the Q, opening up ...
World Bridge Games ("Olympiad") 2020
Color me befuddled and astonished. One year to the event, with no clue as to dates or venue? OMG, and I thought the ACBL needed life support, but this is beyond the pale, and speaks volumes about how a completely new approach is needed to World Championships.
What is the meaning of this double?
In my partnerships, Avon, we are required to "get it off our chest" immediately. That means anything that moves. So, virtually all the hand and hand-types suggested upthread would merit immediate action. We also have a corollary: don't make an "impossible bid". This X qualifies in our standards, and ...
"You got it wrong."
This may be the "birthday probability", where, in a room of 30 random people, the odds are over 50% that two will share the same birthday anniversary. I've never researched why this is.
"You got it wrong."
Still don't know if you had to sleep on the couch, a bit unfair of course with an 11-bagger :) My guess is not, because you generally state immediately if it was a "couch hand"!
"You got it wrong."
Edgar Kaplan and I had a discussion of 9-card suits as live VuGraph Commentators at the 1991 World Junior Championships. His final statement was, essentially a "you do whatever you believe best" and "there are no rules for 9-card suits." I once had a 10-card suit in 4th chair ...
D11 Report on the BoG Las Vegas Meeting
Thanks, Steve, for this comprehensive report. I immediately noticed something quite troubling, that Management refused to answer important questions posed at both the Membership Meeting, and at the BoG Meeting. The absence of transparity was glaring, to say the least. Massive financial losses and settlements were essentially hidden, or obfuscated ...
Fastest Life Master
It was on our KO team at the Great Lakes Regional in Kalamazoo (or was it Grand Rapids), MI, when Jakob went over the top. I captained and partnered Bill Arlinghaus, Zeke and Sharon Jabbour were another partnership, and Jakob played with Disa. (Jakob and Disa doubled a 2NT contract ...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
The normal procedure, when I was an active VuGraph Op, was for the TD to tell the table that boards would be removed from the set, one or two to start, or more to get the segment finished within the time limits. The TD would first ask, of course, who ...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Completely agree with you, @JoAnn Sprung, very well said!
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