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Explainable, But How?
I stand corrected by the ladies above. I heard the story in the press room ... not from Alan ... and assumed I'd been given the right information. Either that or the mists of time has dimmed my memory more than I had thought. I am talking 30+ years ago. Sorry ...
Explainable, But How?
Michael, Two stories. The first was Dorothy Truscott, I think BEFORE she married Alan, but I might be wrong. She was playing in a tournament pairs and found herself looking at the first hand and remembering she had played a hand remarkably like this a few weeks previous. I believe ...
Directing to what lead?
Michael, you are right in that construction, which DOES match the bidding proposed. He'd have an argument in that he thought sitting in the weeds would be best ... save perhaps the double. And that's WITH our feelings about spade leads. He'd get a club lead with the ...
Directing to what lead?
I have come to believe that any no trump auction that the opponents have that has no mention of majors in general or spades in particular, I have to have a reason NOT to lead a spade. I've actually convinced the partner of this and have marked "Blind Spade ...
Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?
When I was in one of my brief sojourns collecting an ACBL pay cheque for doing Media Relations work, the points I harped on with the press were that this was an all-ages event where ten year olds and centenarians played with and against each other. Oh, and no matter ...
Frequent psyches by a particular pair
When I was a young pup, I psyched often enough to have a 'reputation.' Couldn't have been happier. To me, this made me the area's Bridge-playing Gaylord Perry. Perry, famously admitted to throwing spitballs (and most of the variants) in his Major League Baseball playing career. He went ...
Pairs Convention Cards vs. IMPs Convention Cards
Yes, I DO remember a certain kibitzer in a Canadian National Teams qualifier falling off a chair giggling when I psyched a spade opening bid holding 1-4-4-4 distribution. I have NOT forgotten. In fact, our partnership certainly informed my agreements with Danny. But the question is convention cards and how ...
Playing Double Dummy in the Vanderbilt
The true value in this article isn't the humour of it for and from fellow experts, it's proof of 'expert fallibility' that the average to less than average player doesn't believe exists. I remember in awe the first time I got double-dummied by a good player. I ...
Keep Bridge Alive in the USA
Samantha, If we use the real-life Life Cycle to model building a population, it becomes apparent (to me it seems) that we must start with birthing. I'm aware that some posters here believe, having had some success in doing so, that aiming that birthing at young adults is the ...
Queen of Trumps ask when playing RKCB 1430
Oh, and I apologize for saying CONTROLS in my first response, leading to upwards of 12 as a potential answer, not aces and counting kings. Stupid of me, but I can claim age and drugs as an excuse. Doesn't work for me at the table, but I'm not ...
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