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Gavin Wolpert
Gavin Wolpert
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Nov. 8, 2009
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Bridge Pro
about me

I am one of the founders of More than half of my life has been spent travelling the world playing bridge. My wife Jenny and I have settled in Florida and have three children, Danielle, Brandon, and Ryan. We are both professional bridge players and met at the 2003 Bermuda Bowl in Monte Carlo. I love bridge.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Blue Ribbon Pairs with my then-Fiance Jenny Ryman
Regular Bridge Partners
Beverly Perry, John Kranyak, Vincent Demuy, Paul Fireman, Lynda Nitabach
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Hazel's Bridge Club, JCC Mandel Bridge Club, St. Catherine Greek Church
Favorite Tournaments
Naples, Palm Beach Gardens,
Favorite Conventions
Reverse Drury, Jacoby 2NT, Keycard Blackwood
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Beverly Perry
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Meckstroth - Rodwell
R - M Precision
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Steve Weinstein - Bobby Levin
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Nunes - Fantoni
2/1 GF except with both majors
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Ellen Wright
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John Kranyak
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Steve Weinstein - Gavin Wolpert Challenge
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Fireman - Wolpert
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Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
Congrats Jerry, Huge win, hope you guys had a decent amount of yourselves. See you in KC.
Board 3 from the 02/17/2017 Common Game
The heart ruff is the 10th trick. You ruff in the 3 card hand, cash the ace and queen, cross to the club jack and finish drawing trumps 5 spade tricks, 5 clubs tricks.
Unwanted partnership desk alerts
Ok, I manually removed you. Will look into why the button isn't showing up.
Unwanted partnership desk alerts
You need to go to the specific forum to do it.
Unwanted partnership desk alerts
It's in the black header which reads "forum posts" over to the right near the post button.
Unwanted partnership desk alerts
I've moved your post to the site feedback forum. Please do not use our main feed to post questions that can be handled by support. You are subscribed to the forum. To stop them just visit the forum and unsubscribe. The button may say "leave forum" or something to ...
Time for a rethink
Steve, I have no idea how many rank and file members have served on the C&C committee. I think the disconnect here is assumptions are being made that a person on the committee is a pro they would be speaking for all pros or pushing an agenda for pros ...
Time for a rethink
Of more interest to me are how non professionals who are afraid to play against complicated systems directly influence system regulation. Don't blame the pros or clients for over- regulation, they are not the root of this problem. My guess is if you polled professionals they would want less ...
Time for a rethink
I'd love to hear what evidence you have that sponsors care about regulation or of their ability to influence the decisions made on the subject. My experience has been that most sponsors don't care and even if they did they have no influence on the people making decisions ...
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You are not alone, this puts me on life tilt every time it happens. Sometimes it happens when I re-launch a browser on my phone and it auto reloads the page.

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