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Gavin Wolpert
Gavin Wolpert
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Basic Information

Member Since
Nov. 8, 2009
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an hour ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

I am one of the founders of More than half of my life has been spent travelling the world playing bridge. My wife Jenny and I have settled in Florida and have three children, Danielle, Brandon, and Ryan. We are both professional bridge players and met at the 2003 Bermuda Bowl in Monte Carlo. I love bridge.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Blue Ribbon Pairs with my then-Fiance Jenny Ryman
Regular Bridge Partners
Beverly Perry, John Kranyak, Vincent Demuy, Paul Fireman, Lynda Nitabach
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Hazel's Bridge Club, JCC Mandel Bridge Club, St. Catherine Greek Church
Favorite Tournaments
Naples, Palm Beach Gardens,
Favorite Conventions
Reverse Drury, Jacoby 2NT, Keycard Blackwood
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Beverly Perry
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Meckstroth - Rodwell
R - M Precision
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Steve Weinstein - Bobby Levin
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Nunes - Fantoni
2/1 GF except with both majors
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Ellen Wright
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John Kranyak
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Steve Weinstein - Gavin Wolpert
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Fireman - Wolpert
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Joe Wright
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Hiding and unhiding forums
Go to the forum page, there's a button to toggle there. It's still a work in progress.
Improving the Seeding Process
Because they haven't been rewarded for their previous upsets.
Improving the Seeding Process
"It would be great if we had a system that rewards recent success more than past success. Wait a minute, I think that's the current system." The current payout structure offers no reward to low seeded teams that over achieve. It may keep a great record of people who ...
Improving the Seeding Process
Brian, I guess i was under a false impression based on the timing of our seeding bump and those results. I totally agree that we have lost many times to lower seeded teams and believe that should cause us to move down in seeding. Everyone has the same battles, good ...
Improving the Seeding Process
I wasn't just talking about major upsets. I was talking about minor upsets too. If the 33 beats the 32, they should get a bonus too. Thats how you fix the seeding for the next tournament. You want 33 to be now ranked ahead of 32. As to the ...
Improving the Seeding Process
The idea that you win a round of 16 match against a low seeded team that has upset someone pays 1SP and beating the number 1 seed in the round of 32 pays 0.5 seeding point seems obviously flawed to me.
Improving the Seeding Process
The simple method does not do a very good job. It may currently seed the event reasonably but it does not allow for teams ranked 25-40 to move up based on beating 1-8 seeds in the round of 32. In order for our team to break that mold we had ...
Improving the Seeding Process
and a -1SP deduction for being upset.
Improving the Seeding Process
Why was giving seeding points based on strength of opponent defeated? That seems like the most logical approach to getting seeding right in future tournaments. If nothing else a simple 1SP bonus for upsetting a team would help for future tournaments.
Organize the information by adding more forums
Thanks for the suggestions for forums. We will be rolling out a big upgrade to forums later this month and will take these suggestions into account.

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