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Alert the Polish Club sequence 1!C-1!D-1!H ?
Some might think my comment was personal. It was not. The issue is: should disclosure trump the regs? I think so. Many do not.
Alert the Polish Club sequence 1!C-1!D-1!H ?
Do any rules contravene the basic "fairness" doctrine of all games? If they do, should you NOT disclose? Is that really your position?
What's He Doing This Time?
Your Qxxxx of Diamonds is subtracting from defensive prospects, unless you can tap out the 6+ card suit, before they get 8 tricks. On the other hand, if partner has a spade void, you might make something, even a game. If you bid, you don't have a balanced bad ...
Alert the Polish Club sequence 1!C-1!D-1!H ?
Why would you resent that implication? Perhaps it can be the letter of the law, and contravene the spirit of the game, at the same time? Is that a conflict, then?
Negotiated Settlement
If the objective is to get both sides to return for the next game, the proper ruling is both sides get two tricks. And you need then to NOT have a 100% board. How hard would this be to understand? If you are the proprietor, or the paid director, getting ...
Alert the Polish Club sequence 1!C-1!D-1!H ?
Is it fair to say that adhering strictly to the letter of the law, while not putting disclosure first, is sharp practice? I believe that is true. Further, because of how the Laws are written, and enforced, when you suggest it is sharp practice, you are the one on the ...
Alert the Polish Club sequence 1!C-1!D-1!H ?
The reason that there are so many bidding regulations is that many governing bodies are composed of non expert players, who had something happen to them, that they want to "tax" out of existence. Regulations are not based on the fundamental principle of: "You must disclose, in advance, and at ...
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
If the WBF doesn't follow its own regs and constitution, then everyone will have no gripe if they change the CoC at a whim, eh? If you take money from the government, you have a different set of regs that you must follow, and you agreed to do that ...
Best use of double
if playing IMPS, seems like you need to protect the good hands, and major fits. Best return. If MPs, perhaps one should think about frequency, but, I suspect that protecting the good hands to look for a major fit seems best. After all, you did open 1D, and that might ...
Precision Club Opening Active Ethics
Of course, pre alerts, which are currently not in vogue it seems, solve the advantage of surprise (just not knowing what you are facing), and sometimes, later the the auction, a limited hand's responder has advantages (because of what they play) that are magnified, by someone having to "tip ...

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