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Mark Jones's bidding problem: AT6 --- AKQ84 AKJ97
You were walking the dog, after partner bid 5C all by himself. Besides, don't you want the other 300 for the extra trick in 7Hx?
I apologize for this question
If one wants the right to use a superior system, shouldn't they be OBLIGATED to disclose what they play? There is no revealing of the specific hand. And the opponents are entitled to know that they play: 1/ penalty doubles or takeout doubles after 2C which may be only ...
Full Disclosure
The NBA playoffs are ongoing. The refs don't want to be noticed. Do you?
I apologize for this question
Average plus, for both sides, yet again.
What sort of strength does doubling and then making a free raise of partners response to the 2 level show?
Since the minimum bid in response to the takeout double can be nothing, you need quite a good hand (like strong NT values, plus 4 trumps (at least)0 to raise. Partner might have as much as 7 or 8 especially if soft and balanced. Do you want to go ...
Can a declarer ask what the contract is?
David, we all would appreciate the meta-rules that you feel everyone should and do know.
What is this double?
Why is it unethical to act, after asking a question? That is foolish. Passing might be unethical, especially if you have a club preempt. But the issue is why should one have to guess what to do, when the opponents should pre-alert something like this? Is that what you want ...
What is this double?
How would they know, as they had no chance to discuss this, before the auction started?
What is this double?
If you want to bet the frequency of competition after a GF 2/1 where you might out bid the opponents, please do. If you want to make sure you get the right lead, do your best, to get that across. Maybe ask about 2C. Then pass. Maybe just sit ...
I apologize for this question
The reason one might bid 2C over 1S with shorter clubs than expected is because the other requirements for bidding a red suit can't be met. That makes this entire approach systemic. This is obvious. This isn't debatable. This isn't an argument. This is simply one person ...

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