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What should the selectors do?
Why isn't this written down, as reference? The WBF is leaking obscure, mayhems?
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Creating additional process to record failure to disclose is pointless. If the TD doesn't enforce the rules, or the spirit of the rules, or just common sense, then the TD's are inventing the players to take matters into their own hands, like this post. There should be more ...
Boye Brogeland
Barry, the player who dropped the card on the table, according to you, should call the director, and enforce the penalty on himself. That is what you are saying. The declarer should not need to do it, if the rules are strictly being enforced. You do realize that.
Boye Brogeland
Barry, I guess you feel that the beneficiaries of rules relaxation should not be the ones to call the penalty on themselves. Or, is that not what you just said?
There's No Justice in Bridge
MH: just because your personal bridge history is bounded by the internet, doesn't mean that you "know" what "still" really means. If you ask Michael Rosenberg how he grew up in bridge, he will tell you that without agreement, things were Non Forcing. If you went further back (Michael ...
What should the selectors do?
Does the membership get to "pick" the selectors? Politics should be in for a penny, in for a pound, don't you think?
Which game is least bad?
Why is this a game hand? If I had to play game, 3NT is obvious. What is trying to be proved by this questiion?
Boye Brogeland
Why don't the offending side INSIST on enforcing the rules, rather than the sportsmen being castigated for allowing the indiscretion to be ignored? Let's talk about those who are benefited choosing to be penalized, rather than being absolved by their opponents. Those who whine about the rules needing ...
What should the selectors do?
Wasn't the event INVITATIONAL? And weren't some of the expert community (a word I use carefully) not invited to compete, perhaps because they couldn't imagine a partnership that would outperform Forrester and Robson? So it isn't "Open"; the event doesn't have any age or gender ...
What should the selectors do?
If you want your best pairs to not play to qualify, suggest that winning at each level doesn't get you a ticket to China. But of course, if you think the Selectors are better judges than the outcome of long team matches, have at it. You won't be ...

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