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Overcalling 1NT with a singleton
Another example of "Less is more". But don't expect the rule makers will shrink and die off.
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
How many people who teach, are pushing this change? Whose idea was it, originally? What happens if you just walk away, and have a less rigid approach?
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Some people think that you put out the schedule, and do nothing to promote attendance. So if you do that, and you get no attendance, what does that say? That the schedule is no good, or, that no one knows that there is a game? Let's not mix up ...
Draft ACBL Novice Chart - Request for Comments
Jeff, shouldn't this be done in the weeds, making sure that each component of the "Thou Shall Not commandments are t's crossed and i's dotted. Why is there a different game for new players? Because they can't take it? Because they need "Gimme Shelter".
Improving the Seeding Process
Yes. But I don't understand your reference, and it sounds like a good story.
Improving the Seeding Process
Geoff, would you consider a modest award for one win, and an accelerator for the second win? does that get your point across? Because your argument is the first win SHOULD not be rewarded, but you can't get the second win without the first win. So if you get ...
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Fairness is a subjective term, masquerading as an objective standard. That said, any cheating makes any event unfair. The cheating can be "voluntary" (to use your term) or accidental (to use my term), but exchanging information in a way that gives you an advantage, or concealing information to gain advantage ...
Improving the Seeding Process
David, why do you think there is a shuffle, past #1 and #2? Should you want to split hairs in who 5 is vs 6 vs 7, as a for instance, where there is little to choose between, does that get you fairness? I think you should volunteer to seed ...
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Jan, there are two issues. But one of them is determined by the size of the venue, which is something that can be dealt with, by the TD's who are scheduling and laying out the events, both the entire tournament and the Vandy/Spins. For a TD to say ...
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Making a contest fair, having a level playing field, is essential to the integrity of the outcome. We do all agree with this, I am sure. A major part of that is creating CoC's that provide the least chance of exchange of information, collusively or "accidentally", during the contest ...

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