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Interference after 2!C - 2!D in Precision
If you were playing standard, and the auction started 1C- P-1D-1S, what would double be? I suggest you play that.
Martin Wuest's bidding problem: A94 KQ92 J85 QT5
Both. But not by you.
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
Isn't it annoying that the same question is asked (about different things) because there is no understood approach to what needs to be done for full disclosure, and, when it needs to be done? If there is a style or approach circumstance, like above, you need to prealert, such ...
Full Disclosure ?
So if you overcall 1H, and you have no agreement about how many spades you might have, there is nothing to disclose. If your partner raises to 2H, and could have bid 2D to show a better, but still limited raise, that small but agreed difference should be withheld until ...
Full Disclosure ?
Is a mixed raise a preemptive raise? Is some camps, it is. So a wide range, where one side knows the agreements, and the tendency of partner, from real life experience, creates a fair approach? One side KNOWS what is going on, the other side, not. Please tell me that ...
Full Disclosure ?
So, unusual negative inferences ought to be concealed, until they are no longer valuable to the opponents? Let's go back to Lewis Carroll, and see if we can rewrite the idea behind fair and balanced info, in a timely way.
Do you always use the stop card, even when the opponents are very unlikely to bid?
When you want to use authority to get something, when you can, with far more effort, use influence, what does that say about you? That you are lazy, and, you would prefer a black and white world, a world where you will chase away the people who others need, to ...
Playing conditions in Montecatini
Same thing happened with the Checker's speech (yes, the American spelling). The owner got promoted as well.
Do you always use the stop card, even when the opponents are very unlikely to bid?
Do directors carry a ticket pad, and cite those for a rolling stop? Lots of rules, to distract from the game, and lots of opinions about right and wrong, to boot.
Do you always use the stop card, even when the opponents are very unlikely to bid?
The reason for a skip bid warning, or a stop card is to allow the next person enough time to consider their choices, not to slow down the game. Sometimes they don't have a problem, and if they pass quickly, the skip bidder is at a disadvantage. So the ...

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