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Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AQ T54 5 K976543
if you want a poll to mean something, there must be context. If you want people to chose between different bids (ie, 5C, limit raise, simple raise, splinter) then offer those choices. But don't ask for someones opinion, and let them pick their favorite methods, which invalidates their vote.
The Next Step
Or you can signal like Kaplan and Kay: lowest card unless you really want partner to know something.
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: A652 AQ5 A4 T642
Your partner saved you the trouble of doubling for takeout, which he would convert to penalties.
Reese and Me
After one club toward the KJx, you must reduce your long trumps down to Q9x, and ruff your last plain card with the Q. LHO must overruff (and be endplayed, or under ruff, and then you can play a trump toward the J, restricting your trump losers to the A.
The Next Step
Peg, how about an experiment: when you are going to lead a singleton, either at trick one, or after winning a trick, take some time 20 seconds, before you lead. Let's see if your partner plays your suit back, and see if you get a ruff. (or if he ...
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
Video recording isn't more than a deterrent, today. "Deep Learning" might have some future in catching those who have a pattern of hesitation, or, might catch someone who deviates from their agreements, and never is wrong. But the effort is immense. To my mind, the juice isn't worth ...
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
It can, Paul. But there will be a lot of data, and storage is not cheap (even though a little storage is cheap.) It also requires figuring out how to do it, and that requires paying for knowledge and expertise. All of these things are not part of the WBF ...
Question regarding missing information behind screens
If UI is caused by the opponents not being able to answer a question about their agreements, is it UI?
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
The important idea is that recording the bidding and play was important.
It's About Time
Michael, could you make a list, rather than be general?

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