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July 22, 2014
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George Hashimoto - John Maier
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BW 2/1: 1!d-2!c-2!D
Some people play 1D - 3C to show 6 clubs and an invitational hand while others use this bid to show 8-10 points and a diamond fit. It depends which suits your system and style best.
ATB: What does 2N show?
Agree. Playing a midnight zip game in my youth, many many years ago, the opponents opened a major, partner doubled, and I alerted. They asked and I replied penalty. Also in the midnight games it is wise to count your suits. On several occasions I found that I had 5 ...
ATB: What does 2N show?
If 5444 are the cards, I suggest you recount your cards or call the director. If points, I would like that as well.
Opponents have penalty doubled your partner's 1NT overcall
In my serious partnerships I play SWINE. 2X shows X and X+1 (44) so can show C+D, D+H, H+S, S+C XX asks partner to bid 2C, then I pass with 5 or more clubs, or bid my long suit P asks partner to XX, i ...
Breaking the transfer after 2NT
I understand your point but with the 20-21H hand and a min of a 9 card fit, as some of the sim’s show, game is a reasonable bet even if partner is very weak. So with some of my partners the transfer is effectively GF but we have a ...
Breaking the transfer after 2NT
My system is geared to imps, so a 54 fit with 20-21H in a hand will have its chances. However for the sake of simplicity, we also play the same structure after a Multi 2D opening with a 22-23H balanced hand and after a 2 club opening (24+, or if ...
Breaking the transfer after 2NT
There are trade-offs. But I would rather stop in 5 with QJx opposite xx in a side suit because partner decided to blackwood without knowing that we had first or second round controls in all suits.
Breaking the transfer after 2NT
Sorry, my mistake, of course you are correct. A cue bid denies a control in one of the remaining two suits.
Breaking the transfer after 2NT
Super acceptance of a transfer to 3M. 4M says partner I have a 4 card fit and first or second round control in the other 3 suits. Bidding 4 clubs would show a 4 card fit and a club control but would indicate a missing control in one if the ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: K54 AT KT KQJT72
Ask for heart king and if partner denies, last train for seven.

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