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George Hashimoto
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July 22, 2014
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Oct. 20
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George Hashimoto - John Maier
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4333 over 1NT
And if the opener has a singleton, albeitva bid honor, which I believe under ACBL rules is now allowed? Did the sim include this case?
Number of qualifiers in the Transnational teams event
I agree with you. Not an easy decision. However there are some other considerations. How much time can the players spend in Lyon? Do they want a compition that lasts more than 5 days? Also, the BB, Venice and d'Orsi are the true world championships. A victory in the ...
Number of qualifiers in the Transnational teams event
True, one more day, but for only two tables, not 120 if the BAM was limited to 2 days.
Number of qualifiers in the Transnational teams event
The non qualifiers can play in another team event (2 day BAM) if they choose to do so for no additional cost. So the entry fee, reduced for teams composed of only FFB members, effectively covers 5 days of bridge. So for the WBF and the organizing bridge federation, it ...
Cell Phone Suggestion
Hotel to the playing site was over 30 monures each way. With non playing bridge companions and finishing around dinner time, it was good to have the phone to coordinate. Also used the phone's gps function a few times. So leaving the phone at the hotel was not an ...
Cell Phone Suggestion
Sounds like an excellent idea. In Montecatini, sitting North, I forgot ny iphone on the table. It had a € 100 inside its cover. About 40 minutes after the session ended, i returned to the playing site. The phone had been collected by the cleaners and delivered to the directors, intact ...
"I always ask"
You state that in the first case, the opponents were weaker. I believe it is easier for them to learn if they understand the bids as they are made. So they should ask questions as the budding proceeds.
After a Quantitative 4NT Raise
Assuming minor suit stayman was not used, with a minimum Pass, otherwise 5 of a minor to show 4 cards in that minor, 5H/S to show 5 clubs and 4 diamonds / 5 diamonds and 4 clubs, and 6 minor to show 5 of that minor. 6NT with a max.
Playing conditions in Montecatini
The restaurants in and around Montecatini were excellent and the prices were extremely reasonable. The hotels were also very cheap and and the rooms excellent. For non bridge playing spouses, there was plenty to see close by. The locals were all friendly and the level of English spoken by the ...
I AM SO Embarrassed!
Sunday, June 11 on BBO vugraph, in the Swiss Cup final, declarer had a 7-4 diamond trump fit, missing the Ace and the 5. He had to play this combination for one loser. After having used one trump (the 3) to ruff, he then played the 4 of diamonds, LHO ...

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