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George Hashimoto
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July 22, 2014
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George Hashimoto - John Maier
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Garbage Stayman
Playing 4 suit transfers, some play that after a 2H response by opener to Stayman, 2S is invitational to 3NT without 4S and 2NT is invitational to 3NT with 4 spades. What are your thoughts about this treatment?
Leaping Michaels over a Multi
Some play that a direct jump to 4m shows that minor and hearts. Passing then, jumping shows that minor and spades. Others, recognising that passing and then jumping to 4m may not be available, play that 3H/S over 2D shows 5C/D and 5 spades. The inconvenience is that ...
Apologies to partner
The first hand is difficult. Over a 2M opening promising M and a minor, some play 3D as invitational for the major (3C is pass or correct). As you play 2NT as not game force, 2NT appears to be the appropriate route. For hand 2, as some have already mentioned ...
Defense against Multi 2!D Defense
I forgot to mention, pass after they double, pass promises 5 or more diamonds, no inferences as to major suit lengths should be made.
Defense against Multi 2!D Defense
I play system on. Thus all bids retain the same meaning as if the opponents had passed, except that if they double, redouble asks partner to make the cheapest bid as I have my own suit. The principal advantage is that it is simple.
Combined Bergen Raises
With some partners, I play something similar. 3OM is an unspecified splinter, 4C is a balanced hand with 3 card support and 16-18H and 4D is 5 card support with 8-10H (a hand too good to bid a direct 4M). The 4C bid simplifies the auction as responder has defined ...
Legal Agreement or not?
I believe that if 2S is alerted as not promising spades it is legal.
Generally North and East are screenmates so North knows it is probably South rather than West who has hesitated. So screens or no screens is really not relevant. While I agree with Jay that North wants to play game given his 16H opposite an opening bid, I think the hesitation ...
Printed bulletins at Ostend
I will be playing the senior pairs and would be willing to pay €2 per issue for the first week when I will be there.
Multi 2!d Continuations
Adam, After a 2D opening, 2 or 3 M is pass or correct. 3C and 3D by responder shows hearts and spades respectively and asks for support. If they interfere, we play system on. If partner doubles, with some partners, double is always penalty and others it asks partner to ...

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