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George Hashimoto
George Hashimoto
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July 22, 2014
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April 21
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Bridge Player

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George Hashimoto - John Maier
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Source of hands for practice with slam bidding,
Raising 1m after a double - what is most common?
Doesn’t anyone play inverted Truscott anymore?
Forcing or not
I play 2S as invitational to 3NT without 4 spades and 2NT as invitational to 3NT with 4 spades, to ensure the 1NT opener plays the hand. With a fit and a slam going hand, after the 2M response to Stayman, bid 3OM. Otherwise you can also bid a natural ...
MULTI 2D Responses
I play this as well. But in addition, 3C and 3D by responder show hearts and spades respectively and ask opener to support with 3 small or Hx. without this, he bids his suit,
Multi 2D/Mini-Multi 2D and the new ACBL convention charts
4th seat and advancer forces - I play natural (NSF by advancer) unless partner has doubled in which case I play Lebensohl. While you may not know opener’s suit, the fact that he has opened 2D rather than 2M gives you more bidding space. However, i have, on at least ...
Multi 2D/Mini-Multi 2D and the new ACBL convention charts
A defense to Multi in direct seat: 2M is natural, 3M is natural with a 6 card suit and 16-18, 2-3m are natural, 2-3NT are natural, double is balanced take out or strong with any distribution, 4M is natural, 4m is leaping Michaels (direct with hearts and after having passed ...
Hool - A Prelude to Bridge
I played a few hands in Orlando. Amaresh confirmed that the WBF was sponsoring him but I do not know to what extent. I think he will also be coming to the 2019 EBL event in Turkey.
Roman Key Card Queen ask
I stand corrected. He is still slive (i was informed he is 102 years old).
Roman Key Card Queen ask
Daniel, i believe Spiral scan was originated by George Rosenkranz who was from North America. So I do not understand why it is not widely used in the US.
Roman Key Card Queen ask
Playing spiral scan, low to high, 5H, denies the spade queen, 5S shows the spade queen but denies the club king, 5N shows the spade queen and club king but denies the diamond king, etc. Partner can also ask for specific kings.

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