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George Hashimoto
George Hashimoto
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July 22, 2014
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about me

Play principally in Switzerland and France. Originally from Montreal.


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George Hashimoto - John Maier
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Your response structure to exclusion keycard?
I like, 0 or 3, 1, 1+q, 2, 2+q, 3+q because I play key card ask after a preempt with the following responses, 0, 1, 1+q, 2, 2+q. Easier on the memory.
Hand washing - how well we (don’t) do it
Also, wash your hands after handling the menu in a restaurant or bar.
Continuations after (3X)-3N-(P)-?
I play as Richard does. The 4 club bid is a range ask and overcaller, bids 4D with 15-18, 4H with 19-21 and 4S with 22+. In the first 2 instances after the range ask, 4NT is to play and 5C is BW while in the last case 4NT is ...
Dennis Bilde is 2020 Lazard Sportsman of the Year
This photo really captures his personality. A GREAT shot.
Dennis Bilde is 2020 Lazard Sportsman of the Year
If you talk to Dennis, ask him about his experience with the Swedish card game Plump in St Moritz one evening this week. In any case he was a very good sport. Congratulations to Dennis. Very well deserved.
Current Rumours for World Bridge Games 2020
The swiss bridge federation website shows August 21 - September 5 in Salsomaggiore Italy for the next World Bridge Games.
Current Rumours for World Bridge Games 2020
I also heard that Salsomaggiore would be hosting in 2020.
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
Responder has hearts: there are 2 treatments I know of for responder to show his own major. The first is to bid 3C when responder has hearts and 3D when responder has spades. Opener bids his own suit when he does not have 2 card support. The other is for ...
Entering leads on Bridgemates
In Switzerland and France, at all the clubs I played at, entering the OL was required. In some cases the software verified that the OL card was in fact in the hand of the opening leader.
Two over one GF game tries
Long suit GT, relay with 2NT and then show your long suit, or do not relay and bid your short suit directly. Easiest way to remember, LSGT use the long way (via relay) SSGT go the short way. This is the simplest method for playing both types of game tries.

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