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George Klemic
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Jan. 30, 2012
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A Simple Question
You are fine playing out the hand, as can you always be sure there is truly no play? You might have a side suit of AKQ6 opposite 87, and forget that you might take 4 tricks at the end when the suit splits JT9 - 5432. Or, a squeeze shows up ...
Double on bergen/mixed raise
This is a nice theoretical agreement but can lead to UI situations. If advancer has a takeout double of the constructive raise, but deems it not worth a call over invitational, after the usual sequence of questions, it can be problematic: "3C (alert)" "explain please?" "Bergen" "which strength?" "limit raise ...
What's this X? (I believe I know the answer, but conflicting claims have been made).
not only penalty, but at least half the time would have doubled 1 for penalty if that were systematically available. This should never be pulled (if you were going to bid, it was last round)
Plan the defence 2
T, to limit dummy entries if declarer has stiff K. Why are all of the posts so far giving partner 3-4 points? If partner has that much, south has a 1NT rebid not 2NT.
George Klemic's lead problem: J KQ752 QT73 762
I wanted to get some opinions on if the "standard" lead stood out, and if it did, whether high or low was more likely. I did not like a heart lead, as either high or low could work out badly. Even if partner has what seems like "nice" fillers such ...
Mark Jones's bidding problem: A4 KJ8765 9 T987
4 the first time seems completely routine. Any hand partner wished to show clubs and doesn't have real clubs, will be a hand that can correct to hearts and you are likely to be happy in this contract. Also, just because it "promises" heart tolerance, with xxx x ...
but partner, I only had 2 points, and one of them was worthless!
Abstain, responded 4 (texas) to begin with. You are not only taking a stab that it may make, but at none vul, there is a very good chance that one or the other hand has a hand worth balancing at the 2 level, that will likely not at this ...
It's ATB Time
First wrong bid 3, also wrong 4 and 4 with the 4 being worst call
Forcing or not - version 2
I am astounded that 20% of the response is for non forcing. Is this catering to opener opening 8hcp distributional hands? This seems basic that a new suit in an auction like this would be forcing at least 1 round.
John Liukkonen's bidding problem: KQ75 KQ874 82 AJ
forcing to 6NT, but want to leave room for key card and to ideally play it from this side
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