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John Liukkonen's bidding problem: KQ75 KQ874 82 AJ
forcing to 6NT, but want to leave room for key card and to ideally play it from this side
Expected turnout for the Soloway KO in San Francisco?
The Soloway is being advertized as a 2 day swiss leading into a KO. What are the conditions expected for the swiss? Will it be similar to the national swiss events, with eight 7 board rounds each day, or will the matches be lengthened to feel more of a style ...
Expected turnout for the Soloway KO in San Francisco?
I think they are going to get quite a sizable number of entries (100+, but guessing <120) with these two factors in favor: 1) a prime location (not all NABC sites are created equal), and 2) the novelty of the new event. I won't be able to go due ...
The importance of understanding how ACBL players feel about bracketing
writing TOP is not the same as what I am suggesting. I am suggesting when the tournament is large enough (Gatlinburg, NABC's), the top bracket should expand to 20, 30, or more teams, depending on what the entries look like. The top bracket in Gat usually cuts in the ...
The importance of understanding how ACBL players feel about bracketing
There can be the best of both worlds. You have two KO events set up. The "bracket 1" event, anybody can sign up for, so a team of up and commers can enter even with no points. If you enter this event, there is no special treatment or handicapp. The ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: KJ8652 --- 64 A9643
Seems normal to bid a bit more with the working void? I didn't even think it was a close call with 4. Thankfully, partner's suit is diamonds, and it's not the worst thing if partner goes back to that suit.
Poll Regarding Drop-Ins from Soloway to Blues
Without looking at the upcoming years' schedules, in the past it feels like about 50% of the time, Thanksgiving falls at the beginning, and 50% of the time it is the 3rd day of the BRP. However, the point of the extra day may be difficult for other reasons. The ...
Poll Regarding Drop-Ins from Soloway to Blues
The Soloway was added with idea of being a 7 day KO to match the current Vanderbilt and Spingold KO's. Would it be thought of as that much lesser of an event if it were to be limited to 5 days? Start on the Thursday of the nationals (usually ...
Not Losing Money on NABCs
The concepts of charging different players different amounts could be handled a little bit better by creating exception class(es). Create 3 tiers, and say the entry fee would normally be $25/session. Everybody starts in tier 1 ($25). Tier 2 charges $15 and tier 3 $5. Exceptions would be ...
Brian Davies's bidding problem: A93 K98 QJ72 J96
Inviting is going to lead to a likely push result. If the other table opened a standard 1minor, what were you planning on rebidding? It is unlikely to be 1NT. 2NT will retain parity with whatever result would be obtained at the other table. In fact, you are likely in ...
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