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percentage play in trump for 1 loser
Opps have a trick so far and you are going to lose a sure ace. Don't have the full deal handy; this was from a swiss, but it didn't look like a trump coup type of hand
The Death of 4-Session KO's
Long before the tinkering of masterpoints, I had come to dislike KO's, for a combination of reasons: 1) extra time commitment, and the uncertainty that comes with an event of variable length 2) only some of the time being able to compete for a true overall win (when in ...
NABC event schedule
I clicked on this link and all I got were tentative schedules for the two upcoming nationals with what looked like the normal schedules. I was expecting something like a proposed national schedule without the regional events listed on it, and not specific to venue. Am I missing something?
Q and A about Orlando World Bridge Series CoC
In looking at the schedule, the open pairs event seems to leave little time for eating...1 hour at lunch and otherwise not until 7-8pm depending on day. I know the Marriott is a large facility, but will there be enough quick lunch options available? The team events seem to ...
Systems on?
Isn't there a rule that there are no allowable agreements after an insufficient call? Clearly weak with diamonds (weak being less than invitational). Any jump bid that would be a transfer still would be, but natural and obvious otherwise
George Klemic's bidding problem: KJ8 JT986 KJ65 9
Deep finesse makes 11 tricks in clubs (and in spades on the given layout), but in practice 10 tricks will usually be made. It's not clear to bid, given the vul, with both hands being passed hand. Partner of 2NT bidder held AQTxx xx xx ...
George Klemic's bidding problem: KJ8 JT986 KJ65 9
So, partner's hand was 962 AKQ52 Q8 Q64, and 4 is down 2 before you have a chance to take a trick. I was in 4, and felt the lack of aces with just 9 was a slight reach (since most making hands ...
George Klemic's bidding problem: KJ8 JT986 KJ65 9
I should have added also that in this partnerships, fit jumps were not in play, so 4 and 4 would be splinter. I will give it another day or so before giving the result
George Klemic's bidding problem: QJ42 A73 2 AKQJ4
So, I posted each of the hands for this board as two separate bidding problems. The West hand held AT975 Q92 AQ8 62 and the consensus bid was 3NT. This led to the problem of how to evaluate the opening bidder's hand. I thought that ...
George Klemic's bidding problem: A853 KJ 8 AKJT76
So, I just wanted to see what the consensus evaluation was with this deal. At least after 24 hours, just 2 bids are considered, and it's 75/25 for Dbl over 4. On this given deal, partner had JT642 A974 QJ 54 and Dbl ...
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