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Construction challenge
There is a unique construction where all sides make 3NT. Available on the for "symmetric deal 3NT makes".
Is this psyche legal?
The problem may come from a different angle...if you make this bid (3) and 4th seat doubles, if partner has a good hand with clubs and wants to send it back, are they allowed to rdbl? If rdbl is systematically not allowed, this would be a psychic control ...
Change "Best Hand" in robot individuals?
Since the human gets to declare either side most (all?) of the events, how about the best hand is either the human's, or human's partner? So, then you don't get actions such as (seeing 10-11hcp) passing partner's 1 level response so that the auction doesn't ...
Art Korth's bidding problem: 75 6 J632 JT9843
Given the lack of transfers, partner rates to be 4-6 in the majors and chose to treat it as 1 suited hearts. You might get lucky finding a partial club fit, but it seems likely you may have matching distributions, and at least this way you are a level lower ...
Now for something completly different
This appeared to be a joke problem at first, but if declarer doesn't have all of the critical spade and diamond cards, do we need to consider that we are cold for 4 and need to beat this 5 to get a good score? My first thought was ...
Move the Date of the Fall NABC!
Another working person vote...I like having the NABC overlapping the holiday on one side or the other. From a vacation perspective, I like it in the middle, but from travelling, it is a little easier when it starts on thanksgiving. Disclosure: single, flexible with family events, chicago area making ...
A Simple Question
You are fine playing out the hand, as can you always be sure there is truly no play? You might have a side suit of AKQ6 opposite 87, and forget that you might take 4 tricks at the end when the suit splits JT9 - 5432. Or, a squeeze shows up ...
Double on bergen/mixed raise
This is a nice theoretical agreement but can lead to UI situations. If advancer has a takeout double of the constructive raise, but deems it not worth a call over invitational, after the usual sequence of questions, it can be problematic: "3C (alert)" "explain please?" "Bergen" "which strength?" "limit raise ...
What's this X? (I believe I know the answer, but conflicting claims have been made).
not only penalty, but at least half the time would have doubled 1 for penalty if that were systematically available. This should never be pulled (if you were going to bid, it was last round)
Plan the defence 2
T, to limit dummy entries if declarer has stiff K. Why are all of the posts so far giving partner 3-4 points? If partner has that much, south has a 1NT rebid not 2NT.
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