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Georgiana Gates
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Feb. 6, 2011
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March 18
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Retired from many years in the computer and oil business. Still trying to improve. 

United States of America

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New Monaco Pair
The issue isn't if VL can win in Italy; it's if Zimmerman can win with a team from Switzerland.
Do YOU play any of the "Worst Conventions?"
You ought to allow us to choose more than one. I've played Gerber, double negative, and stolen bids at times.
The Worst Convention Ever
I've had the experience of asking about "leads and signals" and being told "Standard". But several times I've discovered that a pair was playing Reverse Watusi discards. So now I ask about discards also.
The Worst Convention Ever
Good catch, Yu. I meant that my partner had five hearts. I've edited the comment.
The Worst Convention Ever
Once I played with somebody who insisted on Flannery "I adore Flannery" was what she said. We had the bidding 1H-3H-4H, making five for almost a dead average. The play puzzled me so I asked how many C she had. "Two" "But didn't you also have two diamonds and ...
Stratford Festival Toronto NABC
The last baseball game I went to did not use the DH. It ran over four hours. Every time the pitcher came up after the first five innings, there was a pinch hitter, followed by a double switch. And it takes time to bring a new pitcher in from the ...
Ugly Call
If the problem with opening 2H is that "partner won't be playing you for this much strength. You might be opening 2♥ with an ace less", then should the range of 2H be narrowed?
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
A few years ago I opened 1S, and LHO bid 1H. My partner chose to bid 1NT and we wound up doubling 4H for a fine score. Afterwards, LHO explained to RHO that when she overcalled 2H that showed a six-card suit, and her sequence showed a five-card suit.
Prealert? Nothing? Something else?
You can still have a rebidding problem after 1S-1N, especially if you don't play Gazzili. And what if RHO overcalls?
Contested Claim
@Tom: If declarer has only one trump, and it's high, it is "extremely common" to play it as part of a claim. The "definite objective" here would be to claim.
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