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Retired from many years in the computer and oil business. Still trying to improve. 

United States of America

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Looking for Results of Previous Article On Transfer Sequence
It's my poll, dated March 8. 1NT-2♥ 2♠-3♥ Forcing, 5-5 (Your answer!) Invitational 5-4 Help suit game try in ♠, perhaps xxx in ♥ Depends on whether partner is a passed hand Vote publicly What's this? Current Poll Results: See all public votes Forcing, 5-5: 158 votes (93%) Invitational ...
Question about User Interface
I had the exact same problem, and I sent an Email to the BW support group. Their answer did not help at all.
Yiting Wins Women's Swiss
There were 10 teams, qualifying 8 (there were 17 teams in Reno 2016, qualifying 10). Six 9-board matches in the qualifying, with Swiss pairing. In the finals, the order of play was predetermined, with seven 8-board matches. We played the Yiting team both days. They are terrific card players, and ...
Why would anyone want to do this?
The solution to having the big hand as dummy is just to play that 4C-4D forces 4H and 4D-4H forces 4S. You can then have twice as many slam tries (e.g., transferring and bidding 4NT means something different from 4NT directly).
"Sneaky Pete" TV show dialogue on bridge cheating
Some years ago, Chevy had a car named Nova. Sales were terrible in Latin America, because the name translated to "Doesn't go".
Best Line to limit Trump suit losers to one
Darn, I thought this post was going to be political :)
What is mainstream here?
I've had three hands suitable for this. The first time I forgot and just bid 3NT, which was the right contract. The second time, partner forgot and just bid 3NT, which was the right contract. The third time the convention worked nicely, as partner was able to play in ...
What is mainstream here?
The impetus for this poll was that my (casual) partner bid 2D and then 2S with a forcing 5-5. We got to game instead of slam, because I thought she was inviting with 4-5.
What is mainstream here?
The structure that I normally play over 1N is that 3m is 5-5 NF/F, and 3M is shortage. (I think it might be better to play it as a fragment, as it's harder for the opponents to double). I have played in partnerships where after a transfer, 3m ...
Future Claims Procedures - if proposed 2017 laws are accepted.
When I claim, I protect myself from pulling the wrong card or revoking. So I try to claim, and run into two kinds of opponents. One kind thinks I'm trying to pull the wool over their eyes, and the other kind realizes that they have nothing to lose by ...
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