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Georgiana Gates
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Feb. 6, 2011
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Dec. 26, 2018
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Retired from many years in the computer and oil business. Still trying to improve. 

United States of America

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Common game Board 8 (02/18/19)
Nobody in my game played in , and my partner and I never bid them. But it looks cold, even by East. 3 to the 6,J,A. A, ruff. AK, ruff with the 2. ruff. AK, ruff with the 9.
Value of Support Doubles?
I play this in one partnership (after an opening of either minor) and it works well when it comes up. After a 1 response we play support doubles.
Things happen
I'm confused - RHO did not have a 4 bid in the bidding box?
"Help-suit" game tries
I had a partnership where we played that 1M-2M-3M was either asking for help in trumps with an invitational hand or showing strong trumps in a weak hand. If responder had strong trumps he bid game.
Is E. Bot Married to W. Bot?
I love the title of this thread. I visualized E. Bot and W. Bot marrying, with AlphaGo as the minister. :)
What is the meaning of demonstrably?
"Wild horses couldn't make me use unauthorized information" :)
Mathematically, when should you make a game try (and which one)?
I still haven't seen a discussion of bidding games in Swiss teams. Those 36% odds for bidding vulnerable games are in the "long run". Even those of us who aren't Keynesians should realize that you need better odds than that. (Keynes made the famous remark "In the long ...
Honolulu BOD Minutes and Exhibits
How did Sion get access to the hand records?
Do bridge paradoxes exist?
I think Meredith led J to the K and ace, and then later finessed the 9.
Common Game (afternoon) January 12
They never bid, and our auction was 1-4(splinter)-4NT-5 (I thought I should show the Q in case he needed to know about the extra extra extra extra trump)-5NT(specific kings)-6S.Partner ran all his trumps (excuse me, all my trumps), but lost the ...
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