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Gerardo Malazdrewicz
Gerardo Malazdrewicz
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Nov. 30, 2011
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3 hours ago
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Legal Aid Requested
Not big club, but Jeff G's example above.
Forcing or non-forcing?
Opener can bid 3 or 3NT over a direct (invitational) 3. This sequence is forcing.
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Used to be. I think formally it depends on the discipline, but would be surprised on any discipline not allowing them.
Dutch doubleton or transfer responses?
In Polish you can X with 18+ and bid 2 with the 15-17 unbalanced hand (as weaker hands open 2).
LaTeX convention card editor
Thanks, Gordon. Very nice job
Aren't you sick of reading about bad director rulings
Sounds like Buenos Aires, 1918 and 2007. I like that :)
I've never seen this before
Saw that before by opp (in Argentina). Called TD, he pointed out that info is readily available at any time. Here in Canada, in the local once a week club, mostly social, it is standard practice to put the contract on the board for the 94 year old lady, but ...
AI and Chess
AlphaGo Zero did use this approach (start from nothing, play with self to improve) and then proceded to beat the pants of AlphaGo, the one who beat Lee Sedol et al. 100 - 0.
AI and Chess
The point of AlphaZero is that is starts with no knowledge beyond the basic rules of the game and it beat handily the best computer programs available (which in turn beat the best humands in their fields). This, after playing with self over and over to "catch up" and surpase ...
Play of hand
Pull trumps, lose the Q, return, and another when you lose the ?

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