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Another BBO question - scripting
Parantheses missing and wrong placement for not. This works: ( (shape(north, any 4333 +any 4432) and hcp(north)>14) or (shape(north, 2335 + 3235 + 3325 + 2353 + 3253 + 3352) and hcp(north)>14) or (shape(north, 2533 + 3523 + 3532) and hcp(north)>18) or (shape(north, 5332 + 5323 + 5233) and hcp ...
Help me with a team game on BBO
You need the hands in LIN format. DealMasterPro site says it can export boards in that format. On BBO: Account tab in right panel, Hand archive, Botton to upload files, choose folder. When you create match, in Options tab, Use saved hands, same folder.
Cpmpetitive bids the Scanian way. New book by Mats Nilsland, gratis download as pdf
Thank you, Peder! Please make this extensive to Mats, and all the people involved in the making and releasing of this book.
Facts About Online "Support Your Clubs" Games
Ed: In BBO, a simulation is called, IIRC, if 6 or 7 tricks had been played. If not, unfinished boards go to a list available to the tourney directors for review/assigning a result. If you disagree with the assigned result either way, you can call the director. You can ...
It Happened One Day
As an aside: There is a timeout when your change countries a second time, unless you go back to your birth country. See So Franck Multon is not allowed to play for Switzerland as of now. I understand Pierre Zimmermann ...
Ohio to cancel mass gatherings
Travel from Europe (except UK) to the US suspended for 30 days, starting Friday 13th at midnight.
Blind pass or bid!
a) I'm sure it is illegal. I think you can charge your dealer with violation 74 b and c. Probably a too. b) I think it is UI, and the only AI is the call/bid on the table. c) See above.
Why is this day different from all others?
When I tried that (in a small regional), I was ignored and told to put an estimate of MPs instead of the real value. Had a field day in bracket 2.
ACBL's Future 2020 & Beyond (San Francisco NABC Report)
Yiddish influence, perhaps?
Lee and Wang win Blue Ribbon Pairs
ACBL Live lists only 5 sessions for Greco-Hampson for the event. They are missing in the recaps for session 6, seemingly Kenneth Zuckerberg-David Moss replaced them. The finals were 4 sections of 18 tables, 72 pairs.

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