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Gerben Dirksen
Gerben Dirksen
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Feb. 1, 2011
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June 22
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Bridge Director
about me

Originially Dutch, now living in Fürth, Germany. Silver TD. Played for Dutch U20 in Channel Trophy, German U25 in Euro championship.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against the stars in the Forbo, Verona Mixed Pairs
Bridge Accomplishments
Former Junior National Team player
Regular Bridge Partners
Norbert Stübinger, Michael Thomsen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BC Nürnberg Museum, Kultcamp Rieneck
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival, German Bridge Team Trophy
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gerben Dirksen - Oliver Hevemeier
2/1 GF
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Norbert Stübinger - Gerben Dirksen
Short !C with intermediate 2-bids
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Low level artificial bid is doubled
Hi Florian, Interesting treatment! At the moment we play it reversed, i.e. pass with stopper and bid without stopper. The main reason is that if we don't have a stopper, we are more vulnerable to preemption. Consider in your last example if South doesn't have a stopper ...
My Bols Tip
Ducking high should also apply to third hand. One time I underled AKQJxxx, dummy had a singleton and partner played the 8. I almost died until it turned out he had 1098. AAAAARGH! Getting the subsequent ruff was down 1, but it turned out that leading Ace would also have ...
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
They will miss out on the 2nd best thing to do with bidding boxes (after playing bridge) which is the "pull bids from the bidding box" game. For those who do not know it. All players (2 or more) hold their bidding box out of sight of the other players ...
suggested defence vs a unusual 2-way bid.
Don't panic! First of all this treatment is legal everywhere except ACBL. Also it has some merit, so I don't want to hear anything about "opponenst are evil". Our generic defense against this kind of stuff is to be grateful that we get an extra step. When we ...
ATB - grand slam fiasco from the 1971 Bermuda Bowl
I put 75% North since in principle both are equally at fault for not knowing what their bids meant, but still North made a bad judgement jumping to 3 with void in partner's suit and KJxx in the fourth suit as practically the only values.
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
Let me give a different view from the majority. Chess doesn't chase away players by consistently demanding them to play any piece they have touched. In Bridge it seems the majority wants to have unwritten rules. This is dangerous, since unwritten rules put a negative connotion to calling the ...
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
Sure, but the point is what happens if everyone refuses to play against them?
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
Regardless of consequences if I would find myself in a tournament with the "coughing doctors" again, I would NOT play against them. If everyone refuses to play against a pair, what will de directors do? Disqualify everyone?
For us who were 20 yrs or younger when first playing duplicate:
Probably an odd one out learning at age 9 although my family does not play bridge. One of my best friends comes from a bridge playing family so he got me involved.
Scoring errors
One option that exists in some scoring programs is to flag scores which greatly differ from the double dummy result on the board. Of course this will also flag situations where the double dummy result is 3NT-3 but with a different lead it's 3NT+3, but you would easily ...

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