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Gerben Dirksen
Gerben Dirksen
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Basic Information

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Feb. 1, 2011
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Director
about me

Originially Dutch, now living in Fürth, Germany. Silver TD. Played for Dutch U20 in Channel Trophy, German U25 in Euro championship.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against the stars in the Forbo, Verona Mixed Pairs
Bridge Accomplishments
Former Junior National Team player
Regular Bridge Partners
Norbert Stübinger, Michael Thomsen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BC Nürnberg Museum, Kultcamp Rieneck
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival, German Bridge Team Trophy
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gerben Dirksen - Oliver Hevemeier
2/1 GF
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Norbert Stübinger - Gerben Dirksen
Short !C with intermediate 2-bids
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13 tops but how do you get there?
Given that 6NT will give you almost all of the match points, shouldNorth risk the grand when he doesn't know about 10?
Opening 1N with a singleton Ace
What's wrong with 1? Opening this 1NT deserves a 2 response... With majors reversed, 1 - 1 - 2.
How Likely to Make?
Don't know. Don't care. I try to use the bids between 2 and 5 to find out more. If partner has a four-card minor and both red Aces, slam rates to be rather good. Let's ask him.
The Evils of E-W and Sitouts
If they go home, won't they have n sitouts where n is the number of rounds? And all other pairs won't have a sitout and they don't have to play against grumpy pair. Everybody wins.
Balanced 17+-19 hcp hands in competition
Starting off, I don't like 18-19 balanced hands to be opened on the two-level, preferably not even rebid on the 2-level if partner has junk. Everyone responds light nowadays and 2NT on 18+5 is just... AAAARGH! 1 (2) p (p) 2NT should be natural and show ...
How far to go for full disclosure
You have to disclose the agreement and should not speculate if partner forgot or not. On the question if it is on with a passed hand, the right response would have been "undiscussed". If you are going to play partner for fit, then you have to disclose it shows ...
That's Rare!
Which creates a kind of game theory problem at the other table. Knowing Meckwell play 14-16 NT openers and looking at 14 HCP, hearing 1 1 1N (12-14) 2N, do you decline the invitation or accept in the knowledge that if the other table opened this 1NT, the ...
Would you let 7!H stand?
I would probably give NS 7, EW 6. Then fine West 20% of a top for not calling the director earlier. After all, if he had, it would have been A+/A+. If there are now still some excess MP to go around, this is subtracted from the ...
Tanking to get a read
So here is the background story: I don't have the hand as I wasn't there but a top level expert reached the situation described above. One of the opponents was significantly weaker than the three other players at the table. After long tanking declarer guessed the situation. After ...
Tanking to get a read
Play problem: K106 J32 JT32 AKQ AJ4 AKQ KQ54 JT4 2NT - 6NT. Opening lead is 4th best Club, his partner showing an odd number (unfortunately that was very revealing for EW). You drive out the A (West has it doubleton) and cash all non- winners. You tried cashing the ...

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