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Gerben Dirksen
Gerben Dirksen
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Basic Information

Member Since
Feb. 1, 2011
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18 hours ago
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Bridge Director
about me

Originially Dutch, now living in Fürth, Germany. Silver TD. Played for Dutch U20 in Channel Trophy, German U25 in Euro championship.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against the stars in the Forbo, Verona Mixed Pairs
Bridge Accomplishments
Former Junior National Team player
Regular Bridge Partners
Norbert Stübinger, Michael Thomsen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BC Nürnberg Museum, Kultcamp Rieneck
Favorite Tournaments
Pula Festival, German Bridge Team Trophy
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gerben Dirksen - Oliver Hevemeier
2/1 GF
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Norbert Stübinger - Gerben Dirksen
Short !C with intermediate 2-bids
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Gameforcing or Forcing for one Round
Lived in Germany for 15 years now and I find that somehow there is disagreement about basic sequences totally unknown in the Netherlands. In NL we learn „responder reverse is GF“. Even in a style where 2 is 10+ so even less forcing than „Forum D“.
Peculiar Situation - What's your Ruling?
If the player has already gotten rid of all cards he could have played to the trick, he can select any card to play in the defective trick, and is deemed to have revoked in the defective trick.
What is minimum hcp you need to rebid 1NT opposite a passed hand?
I voted 17 I could be 4225 couldn't I?
Seeking Input for Advancing Overcalls
FWIW, we play a new suit on the SAME level as the overcall as forcing if responder passes. that is (1) 1 (p) 1 and (1) 2 (p) 2. As long as some suit responses are nonforcing, you will need the cuebid as not ...
Bidding after a 1NT overcall of partners major suit opening.
There is some merit to play some bid as "preemptive raise to 4 with some defense". Then if the opponents compete to 5x, partner can better decide if he should Dbl, Pass or bid on. We use 3NT for that. With this hand, I would bid 3NT in our ...
Systems on?
Should be to play. To play 2, bid 2. With a strong hand do not accept.
Best Use of 2 Diamond Opening
I voted Ekren, depends a lot on the vulnerability though how many "HCP" I need. 3-10 sounds about right, but really we count losers instead.
An Absurd ACBL Procedure
If they don't want to move, they can just play the same boards over and over again. Groundhog day!
Mean .vs. Geomean
Based on what statistic? Average MP % in an average field? IMPs per board? Number of mistakes per session?
Would you ever refuse to play a particular opponent?
I would refuse to play against Dr. W and Dr. E, if it came to that.

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