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Gerbrand Hop
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March 21, 2012
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about me

Currently working at Bridgemte, if you have questions please contact us via e-mail.


I was part of the Junior team from the Netherlands that won the World Youths in China 2012. That was sadly enough my last junior event...



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World Junior teams 2012, World Youth congress teams 2011
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De Lombard
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World Championships
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A bidding challenge
1-(3)-3 4*-4/4NT/5m P *Used to resevers 4 and 4 here. so 4 would be a good hand with , so 4 is CoG.. Bidding these hands to slam isn't that clearcut. The EW hands are ...
what is 4!d?
It is quite comon to play 2-4m as m+ in the Netherlands. and to pass with 5-5m... you might defend 2 with 5-5 blacks but I have never seen that happen
Monday morning quarterbacking
If Declarer has A he probably has 7tricks 2 and 1 trick. this made the defense of Multon very good, Players think in tricks in defense not in opening 1 or 4 with or without A. Also Multon probably knew that Zimmermann didn't hold ...
If North had Qxx in he probably should bid 4 himself, so South knew that 4 was probably not making.. He needed to judge if 4 was making, i would expect 4 to make, 1 and 2.. with AQ6th xx Jxx xx I ...
Alert after non forcing bid
I am sure in the Netherlands this bid doesn't require an alert, it shows a natural suit so no alert.
Bridgemate II names.
Additional information; next time you start the Bridgemates the previous setting are in effect, so If you did choos Bridgemate Control settings, in the next event it should work without above instrucitons
Thinking - About what?
You write that East was thinking about doubling 2S for Take out, I don't think many world class players would do so..
Name that Call?
with slam try you have 5 and 5.. so it's A. RKC or B. Minors, not C. (Other)RKC or Minors in 1 bid
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: Q KQ JTxxx QJ9xx
I saw this board whilst you played it, I think the argument of not being sure how you defend against a 1N opening doesn't really count. As you said you (should) act directly when you act.. I think you could have bid 2N and explained is as minors...
A Dirty Job
Kit what would 3S over rdbl be? You are surely not single or void in spades, you would have acted last round....

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