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@MK: Actually I'm curious, does Kantar's 1975 book recommend leading Q from KQ tight?
Update from the Bridge Podcasting World
Eric, it has been available for a few months:
It's Northeastern's Turn to Push for a Club
Jack, perhaps it may be a good idea for you to contact the officers of other student clubs that have been officially recognized by NEU recently, and ask them how they answered the questions on their application forms. Obviously, some of their answers may not be directly applicable to a ...
The charges brought by the FIGB against FN list the following events: "... 2013 Bermuda Bowl in Bali, semifinal USA1 - Monaco, during the whole match an in particular session 2, 2013 Bermuda Bowl in Bali, final Monaco-Italy, during the whole match and in particular session 3, 2014 European Championship in Croatia ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Mr. Wilsmore, your tactic of continually changing the subject in an effort to obfuscate the issue at hand is quite transparent. The topic of discussion was board 21 in the 1966 Bermuda Bowl. That Mr. Belladonna opened 2 is not an established fact, and your repeating it over and ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
As I wrote earlier, I think it is questionable methodology, at best, to assume that the books written by world-class players are a comprehesive description of the agreements that those players use in high-level tournaments. However, if we want to go by the book, like Mr. Spock, let's go ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Very good, so here are a couple of questions about methodology. Why should what is or is not written in a book be a comprehensive or even an authoritative description of the actual agreements that world-class players play at high-level tournaments, such as the Bermuda Bowl? More specifically, why should ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
I see that Mr. Wilsmore does not loose his propensity for highly selective quoting that distorts the original meaning of the quoted text, even after having been called out on it. He posted this very quote earlier in this thread, so I'll repost what Mr. Guthrie wrote in its ...
The most popular card game in Italy
[i] Giorgio, I didn‘t say anything about cheating above.[/i] Yes, you did. When you wrote "My impression is that infringements of the law of bridge in Italy are being treated like fine notices for wrong parking." you were clearly implying that the cases you were referring to were ...
The most popular card game in Italy
Nedju, you certainly did the right thing to find out how disciplinary proceedings are handled by the FIGB by going directly to the source. However, you unwittingly (and through no fault of your own) provided a perfect illustration of the saying that a little knowledge (of Italian, in this case ...
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