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Giorgio Provenza
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Jan. 31, 2014
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Fantasy Bracket not saved
Apparently it happened to everyone who tried (myself included), but Oren Kriegel.
Giorgio Provenza's bidding problem: AJ9872 3 KQT72 2
it takes more than one person telling them to persuade a 14 year old.
Giorgio Provenza's lead problem: J2 JT963 97 AQJ4
Opponents are talented but not hugely experienced, Blackwood abuse cannot be ruled out. Opener may have 18-19 balanced.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
I can confirm that this translation is accurate. It says that the letter was anonymous though. Your post here refers to "Italian experts", that is what prompted my research. Whether that was newsworthy or not is hard to tell, without knowing the content of the letter.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Here is a link to the 5/1995 copy of Bridge d'Italia The account of the "Gerber's letter" is at page 30, however it appears to be quite different fro what has been said here. For those not familiar with ...
That's good to know!
Jeff, They may well show up to Honors, on their way to Atlanta for the Nationals. Greg, I am not sure if the ACBL ban has any legal basis now. The EBL sentence has been overturned by CAS and now the FIGB one seem to be gone too. For those ...
By the look of it, it means that if you go to your local club tonight, you might find them there. Playing.
Selection Problems
It may be worth noting that when the player who missed her flight eventually got there, the first round robin had not been played in full. She was then asked to sit out some more rounds to make it fair to the other teams (so that each other team played ...
Bridge vanity license plates
Outside of my local club in Wimbledon (London) you can often see an Aston Martin with "5LAM" as the licence plate.
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