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Giovanni Bobbio
Giovanni Bobbio
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July 28, 2011
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about me

I played lots of bridge in my 20's, before real life took over.


My highlight was representing Italy in a few Junior events around 1989, in a team that included some who became the best players of my generation: Sementa, Versace, Nunes among others.


Playing with them made it clear to me that I was not in the same league and should go on to different things. I have reached a couple of finals of the Italian Open Pairs Championships in the following years and won a handful of regional tournaments but bridge has never been more than a hobby since.


And then in 2016 I did win the Italian Open Pairs Championship.


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Yet another "Is pass forcing"?
On the other hand, I have implied a couple of defensive tricks by opening and partner has shown none with his bidding.
Bridge Leads for Typewriting Monkeys
I am afraid the quality of the underlying data isn't good. Look at the closed room leads recorded in these segments: ...
Help Needed! 2016 Italy Cup Final
I think that was the point of the request, this bidding doesn't make sense. Maybe West opened, North overcalled 1NT then N/S were doubled in their escape to 2.
54th European Team Championships
Bridge history is not Soviet history.
What is the best contract on these cards?
I agree about that hand being a weak jump shift, but I would bid the same with up to a king more. As with any other bid it has to have a range and that's what it is for me.
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: K Axxx AJxxxx Kx
Everybody would bid 4 to play with Hx there, so it should be natural.
What is the best contract on these cards?
I'd never heard of the requirement for 2 to be weaker than a 1/1. Still a reasonable pass at MPs.
Score Adjustment in Berg v Lavazza
Maurizio, do you agree that if Madala's explanation is correct the ruling is strange?
Score Adjustment in Berg v Lavazza
If that's the case I don't understand the ruling.
Claude "Capri" Candillier's bidding problem: KQ98 KQ973 --- K763
The fact that West has 5 s is not known to East. so he cannot bid on that assumption. As to whether and when you would raise with 3 trumps, it's a matter of partnership style and since you didn't state anything one assumes what seems reasonable to ...

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