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Giovanni Bobbio
Giovanni Bobbio
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July 28, 2011
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about me

I played lots of bridge in my 20's, before real life took over.


My highlight was representing Italy in a few Junior events around 1989, in a team that included some who became the best players of my generation: Sementa, Versace, Nunes among others.


Playing with them made it clear to me that I was not in the same league and should go on to different things. I have reached a couple of finals of the Italian Open Pairs Championships in the following years and won a handful of regional tournaments but bridge has never been more than a hobby since.


And then in 2016 I did win the Italian Open Pairs Championship.


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What has partner got?
If it's two randoms at the club I vote a forget.
What has partner got?
AKx, AJTx, KQJx, Kx. Perhaps a similar 2=4=5=2. I think you can gauge the chances of a forget. I assume it was you and your partner so that is low.
More ACBL Stuff
Hi Kurt, East holding short J is ok, too.
Fourth-suit forcing responses
The loss is mine, no doubt
Fourth-suit forcing responses
I shudder at the thought of raising to 2 over 1 with xxx, x, AQxxx, AKxx
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
What bullshit. Sample size 500, across all nationalities. Imagine how significant when making up numbers for each nation. By the way, Italy and Argentina were rated likely to cheat by responders, not by some analysis of evidence. So this is just a measure of prejudice.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
Please no one flag this. Such a monumentally moronic comment deserves to stand and advertise the intelligence of its writer.
Amazing defenses by Buratti–Lanzarotti
Neither lead strikes me as exceptional. Actually the first one looks perfectly normal. Either way you may also take a look at the bottom right of page 9 of the very same bulletin.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: J7xxx Qx AJ8xxx ---
I'd bid if I could show both suits.
Giovanni Bobbio's lead problem: 982 Q983 64 T743
Yes, you still got to be careful, partner holds AK7xx, dummy shows Jx. Depending on your leads and the card declarer plays on the trick there may be ambiguity.

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