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Giovanni Bobbio
Giovanni Bobbio
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July 28, 2011
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about me

I played lots of bridge in my 20's, before real life took over.


My highlight was representing Italy in a few Junior events around 1989, in a team that included some who became the best players of my generation: Sementa, Versace, Nunes among others.


Playing with them made it clear to me that I was not in the same league and should go on to different things. I have reached a couple of finals of the Italian Open Pairs Championships in the following years and won a handful of regional tournaments but bridge has never been more than a hobby since.


And then in 2016 I did win the Italian Open Pairs Championship.


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Should this Q-bid be Natural?
I'd bid 1NT, not very worried if all we have to play is a 2-level partscore. Meanwhile when I hold a good hand with 3-card support for s I will need to investigate whether to play in s, s, NT, and whether to play game or not. For that ...
Should this Q-bid be Natural?
A good raise to 2. Otherwise I have a natural bid or a 1NT bid.
A Rixi hand(Hint enough lol) Plan your play.
So, what did Rixi do?
A Rixi hand(Hint enough lol) Plan your play.
You gave me one minute!
A Rixi hand(Hint enough lol) Plan your play.
Take in dummy, small to the Q. If it wins A and a ruff, discard a on the A and finesse s. If the finesse loses take return and finesse twice in s. Roughly one of two finesses against East (76% minus strange cases) rather than s ...
1!s vs 2!s after Neg X
If I happen to bid 1 with 3 I am still showing 4.
Adventures with system
I think South should show 3rd round control of over 5. That gets you to 7 opposite xx xxxx xxx Qxxx.
True North American Championships Coming
Why does this feel like it could have come out NOT on April Fool's day?
Wrong information?
Zoran, North did not double 1 on the first round and South should have taken this into account when explaining. As you now understand, he should have made clear that he was trying to be helpful and was not describing a partnership agreement. Having said that, I have little ...
Wrong information?
I am putting myself in South, answering West's query. Of course I would not double if sitting North.

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