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Giovanni Bobbio
Giovanni Bobbio
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July 28, 2011
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Feb. 23
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about me

I played lots of bridge in my 20's, before real life took over.


My highlight was representing Italy in a few Junior events around 1989, in a team that included some who became the best players of my generation: Sementa, Versace, Nunes among others.


Playing with them made it clear to me that I was not in the same league and should go on to different things. I have reached a couple of finals of the Italian Open Pairs Championships in the following years and won a handful of regional tournaments but bridge has never been more than a hobby since.


And then in 2016 I did win the Italian Open Pairs Championship.


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Claude "Capri" Candillier's bidding problem: KQ98 KQ973 --- K763
The fact that West has 5 s is not known to East. so he cannot bid on that assumption. As to whether and when you would raise with 3 trumps, it's a matter of partnership style and since you didn't state anything one assumes what seems reasonable to ...
Claude "Capri" Candillier's bidding problem: KQ98 KQ973 --- K763
An 8-card fit is not ensured at this point of the bidding. 3 must be used to find the best strain, wouldn't you bid it with Kx, AJx, KT9xxx, xx?
Claude "Capri" Candillier's bidding problem: KQ98 KQ973 --- K763
How can this be a Bluhmer when responder never showed short s?
MAZURKIEWICZ Wins Transnational Teams
I think six was the number, see also the highlighted names in the final ranking (below if it works).
MAZURKIEWICZ Wins Transnational Teams
@Josef, you are of course right and I should have known. However, did not Bulgaria also miss out at the Euro Championships?
MAZURKIEWICZ Wins Transnational Teams
Is the story about the Polish not defending their title written up somewhere?
Eric Leong's bidding problem: J Q AKQ8763 KQ54
1NT (my bid) is disgusting, but 3NT is a shot in the dark and 1NT sets up for the possibility of showing s naturally later.
Illegal convention wins big IMPs
Long live the Don! And may countless more Italian generations enjoy his snide remarks.
ATB Spingold Slam
We should know what kind of control bidding agreements they have, also serious/non serious. At first glance East should bid a last train 4.
Email from BBO: ACBL NABC Online Indiv Update - First practice tourney and some event basics
@Daniel Where does one see one?

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