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Giovanni Bobbio
Giovanni Bobbio
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July 28, 2011
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about me

I played lots of bridge in my 20's, before real life took over.


My highlight was representing Italy in a few Junior events around 1989, in a team that included some who became the best players of my generation: Sementa, Versace, Nunes among others.


Playing with them made it clear to me that I was not in the same league and should go on to different things. I have reached a couple of finals of the Italian Open Pairs Championships in the following years and won a handful of regional tournaments but bridge has never been more than a hobby since.


And then in 2016 I did win the Italian Open Pairs Championship.


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I agree, bad example, I just didn't want to delete it. I stand by my general point.
I think he might be hold QJx, xx, KTxx, AQxx rather than what he actually has.
@Richard: he can also bid 4 and arguably he should if he takes South seriously.
Henry, this is very impractical. The chance of partner having that holding is minuscule, while we see that the chance of his passing a forcing bid is real. Calculate your expected value for the 3 bid.
I think 3 is forcing, however I don't know why S was bothering to pussyfoot around. So, equal blame.
Giovanni Bobbio's bidding problem: QJT65 A3 Q J8643
For result merchants only: Pass leads to -420 Double to -590 4S to either -300, -100, or +50, depending on subsequent decisions, lead, etc...
Making a sow's ear out of a silk purse
Not that it matters much score-wise but you would take 12 tricks on a lead.
Poor overcall leads to poor game
No struggle! Spade and a ruff and the appropriate minor back. Down before starting. :)
What do you say if anything?
Are you your partner's teacher or client? Does your partner care about your opinion on his bidding?
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Yes, as I noted in my edit. Still good for overtricks.

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