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The picture speaks: old masters
Caravaggio: Lanzarotti (center) signals to Buratti (right): "The Israeli has 3 trumps".
Why do major players cheat?
JoAnna - thank you for sharing your childhood memories: they provide a great example and insight into these cultural differences. Some Italian card games, in fact, prefigure bridge: Maraffona (in the Romagna region) is similar to whist; Tresette (widely played all over Italy) is similar to bridge without trumps, it can ...
Why do major players cheat?
Leigh - I am wondering how the figure (in US Dollar, I assume) "14 million over 4 year" is arrived to. Would you be able to provide more detail? Just curious. Thank you - and please feel free to not reveal any part that you think may be too confidential.
Why do major players cheat?
Martin and Rosalind - I think this is possible. It's similar to the way politician establish "plausible deniability", i.e. it allows them to say, in particular when asked before they are caught or before evidence is found, "no, we never discussed cheating". Would be technically true, but a gross ...
Why do major players cheat?
JoAnna I think you are right - the little research I have done on the infamous Vegetables, aka Foot Soldiers, Facchini and Zucchelli, seems to support what you are saying. A comment in one of Sergio Zucchelli's obituaries stated, in my translation “…he could not deal with losing. When that ...
The Pathology of the Germans and other cheaters: Is one time really only one time?
As I have done in a couple of other threads (apologies for the repetition), I would like to point to another interesting article on the psychology and pathology of the cheater, by now buried under the subsequent avalanche of cheating-related posts. It's written by Larry Robbins who, as a ...
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
After the article on the Italian newspaper with the second highest circulation (La Repubblica, mentioned above in this thread), on September 17 the oldest, most widely circulated Italian newspaper has also published a story on its website (I don't know what was, if anything, published on the print version ...
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
For those interested in the psychology and character of the cheater, the best article I have seen on bridgewinners was written by Larry Robbins, who is a neurologist and evidently speaks with solid scientific and professional knowledge: We may be able to glean some ...
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
Good morning David - I am very interested by your remark about Beijing 2008 and I was wondering if you could share some detailed recollections about your experience and the team's plan to "combat it". I hope this is OK, now that they (or at least Smirnov) confessed. I think ...
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
Allan, I agree with you on the need to balance a very strong deterrent with an incentive to confess. I would add, in the case of unrepentant pairs, that a penalty of life is not enough: the objective should also be to obtain restitution, a theme which you and others ...

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