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Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: AT54 JT873 AQ 52
we have decided that if you cue partner's suit after another suit agreement it shows an ace or king so I think it's important then to bid 5 diamonds over 5 clubs. partner is the captain now and I am just obeying orders
Good Morning from Shanghai
AMEN to that! Thrilled that you are contactable!
Board 31 from April 2 matches
peter, this was my favourite board!! and yes! I blew a trick when you came back the jack of spades, I thought you had a doubleton so I put you with 4 hearts all I have to do is cash the spade king and wait until I make the extra ...
Board 23, 2 April
George opened 4 clubs ( namyats) and peter showed slam interest with his hand. 6 H was easy now I lead the queen of clubs and that was the end of our tricks!
Board 18 BB2007 2 April 19 Argentina v USA1
Peter opened 2 S with the east hand and west passed. I doubled and now Avril bid 3 clubs which is constructive. Now George bid 3 spades and it got passed out for a plus to us. I think north is too flat to do anything heroic. I was happy ...
Board 19 , April 2019
it's got nothing to do with discipline kim we open light in 3rd with favourable vul with a 5 card suit
Board 19 , April 2019
peter did awfully well to play in 4 spades most pairs would end up in 3NT and partner would know to lead top of the sequence in hearts, especially when east bid 1NT over a 1 D opening
WOW just as a matter of interest, the opposition just bid that hand and north also passed BUT over his partners 1D and 3 C bid he decided to bid his hearts 3 times! They resided in 4 H obviously going down 2 vul
totally agree I should have said it was cold on a spade lead that was the lead they got
I agree that Avril doesn't know about the spade Ace when I jump to 3 H but she does know when I answer to her kickback. She now knows that I can pitch my losers on the clubs AND the king of hearts is GOLD

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