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Goan Oei
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Feb. 16, 2013
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July 9
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Kevin Bathurst's bidding problem: AQJ K4 T62 KQJT9
Partners bidding sounds like he wants to play 3NT but needs some help in stopping the Diamonds. His Diamonds could be Qx or Jx(x).
Goan Oei's bidding problem: Qxxxx Qx Ax QTxx
After a long thought South passed. I do not know if anyone has agreed what X would have meant. Is it always T/O? Despite both players know East having 4+ Hearts? Or do we deal with a situation in which partner, looking at his hand, shoulkd be able to ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: J953 73 AQJ3 J85
I think that partners bidding shows 3, 6(5), a strong hand and does not say not much about his 's and 's. So we should play in Clubs. Most of us plays that after 1-1-? with KQx/xx/AKQxxx/Ax, one has an ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 93 J982 AKJ4 T42
I would say that pd has a very strong hand with 6 and 3 and a MF hand and says nothing about the . Maybe Axx/KQx/x/AKQxxx ?
Maarten Schollaardt's bidding problem: AQ84 6 AK962 KQT
If 1NT is honest, I am not sure if I should have bid my (second) X.
Ian Rowlands's bidding problem: 87 KQ763 K K8654
Maybe pd could have bid 2 instead of 3. This (impossible) 2 shows that the hand has really been improved by the 2 bid.
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AK9 KQ7 T AKT954
If we have KQx/x/AKT9xx/AKx and the bidding goes: 1-1-? most of us have the agreement that bidding 2 is either a natural reverse ór this type of hand. Which one it is will usually be revealed on the next round (e.g. 1-1 ...
Louis Dekker's bidding problem: A76 Q6 K92 A9743
Hi Eugene. I can assure you that I really do exist. Maybe I have missed your request for supporting documentation(?). Hi Louis too.
Louis Dekker's bidding problem: A76 Q6 K92 A9743
We have discussed this. I think that the idea to agree that in this situation X is T/O with 3 spades and 2S is T/O with 4S would be a bit too much. Yes, in this case after 2S, partner with an expected weak hand maybe can figure ...
Psych off Flannery in 3rd Seat?
I do not know the rules concerning Psyches in Flannery. But what do we think about Souths ridiculous 4C??? If the Score is turned back to 3H-1 than South would get away with it. If E/W indeed has broken the rules with his 2D, I would vote for a ...

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