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April 9, 2016
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Back to the drawing board
I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. "Center of symmetry" refers to inversion symmetry, where any point of an object corresponds to another one on the "other side" of the center of symmetry at the same distance. If (0,0) is the center, then it is the symmetry between (x ...
If Puppet stayman is available for responder, I'd consider option #4 the best; if not, then option #3.
High-level defense problem
Relevant cases are 1633 and 1624 with J10 in hand (if declarer has 5 card or longer clubs he would bid over 4s; if he does not hold both missing honors in diamonds he can't go wrong). In both cases it would be normal for declarer to finess in ...
High-level defense problem
If declarer is 1606 or something, no way he is passing over 4s.
Suggestions on books on probability calculation
I found Rubens' book excellent. I have not read K&G.
Complex Hand
Thank you for the article. On page 5 "The key is to make sure you take 7 of the last 8 tricks." should be "take 6 of the last 8".
Natural language is an unnecessary complication, especially since at the high level explanations are provided in written form. Probably, they'll have to be formalized a bit more than usual.
The mass-market game and an attemt to beat champions are, of course, completely different kettles of fish. Then, during 20 years since the times of the AI technology has been developed by leaps and bounds; current level have been unimaginable.
In case, say, Bill Gates become frustrated with the game and invests some millions into developing a deep-learning bridge playing machine, I'll give it three years, at maximum - five. Otherwise, if it remains a realm of enthusiasts with limited budgets, it won't happen anytime soon.
Leading 2./4.
Sorry, I still don't understand: they lead 5th from 6 card suit? That's not the lowest. And leading 6th does not make sense - the parity would be wrong.
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