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April 9, 2016
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> Why does legal boilerplate always sound like a threat? Because it is, isn't it? "Do not even think about doing anything fancy or else!"
2-Way Transfers
Probably, South was worried by his very weak club suit and hoping for some major suit winners.
Bermuda Bowl SF6: USA2 vs BULGARIA
Playing safe you'll lose couple of imps on overtricks and in this particular case it does not seems to be profitable in the long run. Still, I'd really curious to know whether declarers just missed the safety play or they conciously declined to use it.
Last Board Dbl Digit Slam Swings in 21 of 33 Matches in Lyons
Does it? When jack helds and you see ten of diamonds, you can overtake K of spades, use two high spades to discard clubs and then finess trumps. Or you can ruff a club, play two more rounds of trumps and then use spades to discard last club. It seems ...
Last Board Dbl Digit Slam Swings in 21 of 33 Matches in Lyons
How do you go down in 6 ? Brazil have not been the only unlucky declarer.
Forcing or Non-forcing Two-level bids after an Overall?
Lynn, in the case "New suits nonforcing and a cuebid promises a fit." advancer with good hand either bids NT, or bids on the third level (jumping if necessary). It may be not quite pretty but problem hands occurs much less frequently than hands for non-forcing new suit bids.
Back to the drawing board
I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. "Center of symmetry" refers to inversion symmetry, where any point of an object corresponds to another one on the "other side" of the center of symmetry at the same distance. If (0,0) is the center, then it is the symmetry between (x ...
If Puppet stayman is available for responder, I'd consider option #4 the best; if not, then option #3.
High-level defense problem
Relevant cases are 1633 and 1624 with J10 in hand (if declarer has 5 card or longer clubs he would bid over 4s; if he does not hold both missing honors in diamonds he can't go wrong). In both cases it would be normal for declarer to finess in ...
High-level defense problem
If declarer is 1606 or something, no way he is passing over 4s.
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