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Gonzalo Goded
Gonzalo Goded
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Feb. 15, 2013
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about me

I am a bridge pro living in Madrid (Spain), I work a lot on my own webpage


Complaints about my website's name to be delivered to Richard Pavlicek, who was the first to suggest that nickname here:


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Reaching the final in NEC Cup 2008
Bridge Accomplishments
9th in 2005 Transnational, Won many spannish championships. Got a WBF's World Master Title
Regular Bridge Partners
Federico Goded and Jordi Sabate
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Current Rumours for World Bridge Games 2020
Given that we will most likely have to pay the expenses of the tournament it would be nice to know before we hold the trials.
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: AT KQJ98642 76 A
partner had xxxx 10xx xxxx xx LHO had 3136, they were cold for 11 tricks in clubs or 10 in spades.
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: AT KQJ98642 76 A
I was wondering before I open, but then, if they were in 5m instead I wouldn't had any doubts
A Spade-Double inversion
In Las Vegas this summer I had the auction 1M-X-3M-X or 2M-X-3M-X 4 times, in the 4 of them the best action possible was to play 3M doubled (which we consistently failed to do, but that is another story). Your method seems ot make it even harder.
ATB: -500 instead of +1010
Some posters have advocated bidding 2 rather than 2, although 2 is a better bid it is still a wrong bid IMO, 2 should show 5-5 after partner passed the double. Pass is the right action.
Is this Forcing?
For it isn't even natural since 2 denied 4
Does this cuebid create a game force?
As Craig Zastera just represented, Wayne is right, there are alternative ways to play 2 :). 5 would be uncommon (for me) as with 5 you would normally jump to 3.
Play in 6NT
I see no great line. -A: A+K+ Diamond goes down inmediately when someone has QJxx -B: Win K + AQ + 4 spades trying to squeeze without the count is completelly blind -C: Win K and duck a diamond to East will only succeed when East has 4 clubs and Q ...
A case for using Gladiator
I know this is not what you asked but I recomend this: 3 = transfer to 3 3 = transfer to 3 3 = trasnfer to 3 3 = transfer to 4 one of those transfers is impossible (to opponent's suit), use that one as ...
Bidding philosophy
I see many people saying that you have to act and you should bid any number of spades. For me, the only option that is unacceptable is 1 spade. It is not our hand, it makes no noise, it missrepresents strenght, quality and even length, and the only possible benefit ...

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