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Gonzalo Goded
Gonzalo Goded
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Feb. 15, 2013
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a bridge pro living in Madrid (Spain), I have recently been married, got a daughter and started my own webpage


Complaints about my website's name to be delivered to Richard Pavlicek, who was the first to suggest that nickname here:


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Reaching the final in NEC Cup 2008
Bridge Accomplishments
9th in 2005 Transnational, Won many spannish championships. Got a WBF's World Master Title
Regular Bridge Partners
Federico Goded and Jordi Sabate
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
High-level defense problem
Since nobody commented it yet, low diamond is also the only chance when partner has 10x. Whether a club is still better I don't know.
BZ v Romania. Crack the Code...
Come on Richard can you read what you just wrote? you just said that the proccess is flawed but you haven't read it, and that you are not going to read it, yet ask others to re-read what you said because you already explained your POV, it is hard ...
How Can A Bidding Mistake Bring Absolute Top In A Pairs Tournament?
Just ruff a diamond with 7
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
Someone said that forward/backward equaled a question mark
Sandra Havlicek's bidding problem: 653 T KQJxxxx JT
3NT with a 5/5 is something I try to avoid, in my recent experience stablishing two suits before they stablish one I seem to lose all the time. Maybe its just a bad luck streak and I should keep trying.
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
FWIW I heard today that PBU has decided to forbid BZ from playing in Poland untill further notice. I suspect the polish community is roaring, some more publically and some more privately but all of them know what is going on and don't want to play tournaments where these ...
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
The easiest way to determine B's King signal will be to find a match where he signals KQJ or AKJ
Sandra Havlicek's bidding problem: 653 T KQJxxxx JT
He wants to catter for 3 X mostly, not for diamond contract. He will never bid clubs without 56 at least.
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
I don't think it matters?, what matters is that 2+ honnor signals always correspond with honnor holding, and there will be close to no false positives. Of course anyone who uses signals and has half a brain will make other mannerisms at random to distract from the real signals ...
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
I am afraid of suits signals being attacked by their lawyer because they are not clear enough sometimes (but I ahven't rewatched videos so I might be wrong here) If we had had only a few matches we would need all suit+honnor signals to prove that the 0 ...

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