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Gonzalo Goded
Gonzalo Goded
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Feb. 15, 2013
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about me

I am a bridge pro living in Madrid (Spain), I have recently been married, got a daughter and started my own webpage


Complaints about my website's name to be delivered to Richard Pavlicek, who was the first to suggest that nickname here:


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Reaching the final in NEC Cup 2008
Bridge Accomplishments
9th in 2005 Transnational, Won many spannish championships. Got a WBF's World Master Title
Regular Bridge Partners
Federico Goded and Jordi Sabate
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
We should go even further and boycott any sponsor who hires them.
AFAIK there are hundreds of players in Italy convinced that Fantoni-Nunes are not guilty
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
The rules regarding UI are clear, the problem is that sometimes it is humanly impossible to follow them. So often we need polls of players to determine what LAs were available and wich ones were suggested, and players are required to do all of that at the table in some ...
Table feel vs Cheating
If someone is able to extract X ammount of info from opponents due to table feels, he will be able to extract 10x info from his regular partner. Of course they will claim not to use it.
How would you play this?
I would also follow Pavlicek's approach.
The Second Overtrick
It is not only the guards have to be divided, in diamonds a division like Qxx vs 10xxx will mean they are shared.
Doubles by opener after responder has bid.
Yeah they are very useful, but those same top-notch pairs when they have 2-card support and an unbidable 6-card minor use the same double.
Doubles by opener after responder has bid.
At the 3-level there are no support doubles, but they are for take out. Against 1NT natural overcall double should be penalty Against a natural 2 of the suit partner has bid, doube makes sense both ways, but I think take out makes more sense. Against a natural 2 of ...
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: A542 875 KQJT A3
Just click on the author (Phil Clayton) and look for his latest article
A rueful rabbit tale
Ducking 10 is a play that this innexperienced opponents would not do conciously. I was greedy trying to extract maximum MPs from them and got (deservedly?) punished. In my wrong thinking I was only concerned that East could have J9x, that was the reason why I kept all clubs in ...

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