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Emanuel Evacic's bidding problem: A9732 8 KQT76 85
sure, that's for a grand as you'd already pointed out. i was just trying to emphasize why passing is out of the question.
Emanuel Evacic's bidding problem: A9732 8 KQT76 85
pard has kqxx xxx ajx axx. i know it's a perfecto but this slam makes when trumps ain't 4-0 and the hand is not a strong NT. blackwood so to not give away any lead directing doubles and 5/6/7.
Emanuel Evacic's bidding problem: A4 Q93 AQT432 A2
a black king , Jx Jx make game on a finesse. have no problem if partner upgrades this to a 2!N opener, although 18-19 seems correct. 1!n is insane. we are in a bit of a pickle now after pard bids hearts since our hand grows a ...
Dealing with Fair Disclosure when a tad grey
that's a very good point. such a thing would only cross my mind against beginner/non-beginner combos. shows how much i know.
Dealing with Fair Disclosure when a tad grey
Regardless of what 3 is, west should have doubled(unless they play some obscure doubles here, then i'm wrong). If prior to the lead south explained his bid correctly, giving all info to opps, I would lean towards not giving anything back to EW.
What's the best use of 2NT here?
2=4 spades and a minor, no desire to defend. x= TOish but usually balanced (or max with a singleton). 2N=minors. when opps overcall spades you lose a whole bid so then x= TO(not sad if partner passes), 2!N=2 places, no desire to defend.
Gender and Bridge in 'the Zone'
@shawn, I wouldn't call the Fields medal a "junior" award in math. Many consider it the most prestigious accomplishment in the field. and it wasn't given just because she was a woman and some sort of the typical modern equality bullshit, she was a remarkable mathematician. @nigel, can ...
Your UI ruling?
I missed the fact that S called the director on himself. makes my post completely unnecessary. I still think that 4 is a must bid even if my partner took 3 millennia to make his 3 bid. I would complain as W if the hand had gotten passed ...
Your UI ruling?
Kevin: i have no real experience with legality here. i just think that bidding 3 then 5 and complaining over a perfectly normal 4 bid deserves to be ridiculed for at least a bit, if not actually punished. I also seriously think that if W has an ...
Your UI ruling?
oh i wouldn´t punish NS(not sure if i understood correctly as english is not my first language), i think 4 is a no-brainer. i just want to punish W for being a penis. ruins the game. Kevin: if they expect 4 is making, it´s a ...

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