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Gordon Bower
Gordon Bower
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Oct. 25, 2011
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Creator of the grbbridge package for LaTeX bridge typesetting.


In daily life, statistics consultant at Excelsior Statistics and Optimization; in bridge life, double-dummy simulation guru, teacher, and club director.

District 18 ACBL Board of Governors representative. Author of a "Hand of the Week" teaching column on my site (on hiatus now.)

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Going minus 1960... without anybody at the table having done anything wrong!
Regular Bridge Partners
Tanya McCully, Doug Dorland, Gavin McGimpsey (formerly: Michael Schmahl, Mike Keller, Debbi Purvis)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Flathead Valley DBC (formerly Farthest North BC)
Favorite Tournaments
All the Montana sectionals; Victoria BC
Favorite Conventions
Legalize Wilkosz 2D! Two-way club systems; sweep cue-bids.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Is it time for 1 & 7 PM NABC start times (the critical 30 minutes earlier start)
Regionals changed from 7:30 to 7:00 in the mid-late 90s (and there was still time for a nap after dinner before the evening game if you wanted one.) I always wondered why the NABCs didnt -- especially now that we start most sessions close to on time, the break ...
Continuation after minor suit reverse
I do like to play 2H in this auction as the start of the signoff sequence -- but I would say [i]may[/i] not have enough strength for game. Responder is guaranteed a third chance to bid, so it's very possible to (for instance) use "signoff-then-3NT" to show a ...
Thoughts wanted on defensive carding
I think that "(b) East didn't know what switch he might want" is a bit disingenuous. East may not know what switch is best -- but he knows, looking at that dummy, that if he gets a switch at all it will be a spade. It's true that a ...
Sandwich 1N
I think it depends a lot on who one's opponents are. Against a field consisting primarily of people who have 12 HCP when they open and 6 HCP when they respond (and in my area, this includes the vast majority of sectional and regional opponents), I find Sandwich to ...
Pearls Before Swine
Very much the scene that played out at the local newspapers in the last two places I lived. The firebombing only resulted in a year or two's reprieve before the column went away for good. And circulation continued to plummet.
Mini-Splinters and Alternatives
I am a big fan of the mini-splinter, especially 2M+1 as the undisclosed mini-splinter (which I use in place of Bergen, or in addition to it as a refinement of the Bergen 3C, any time I can talk a partner into it.) I've also played mini-splinters in all ...
Are you still playing NMF?
I still do play 1-way NMF with many of my partners. Not "simple" NMF, but a carefully constructed NMF to settle min/max and the presence of a fit in either major - more like Magister/Roudinesco than US simple NMF, and with some other conventional followups (1m-1M-1N-2N shows some additional ...
Raises to five of the agreed major suit?
Pavlicek's rules seem very straightforward and standard to me. Of course I am biased somewhat by having studied Root and Pavlicek's 'Commonsense Bidding' and 'Modern Bridge Conventions' when I was a bridge baby -- so that is exactly the set of rules I memorized 25 years ago.
How would you rule?
It enables a bit more than just emulation. When I was a beginner, I had several experienced partners and opponents (but no directors) reprimand me for calling cards by their full name -- "the next table will hear the card names. Always just say as little as possible, 'high' or 'low ...
How would you rule?
I'm not seeing any case that RHO played out of turn. He heard declarer play a card from dummy by naming it, and then followed. The only question I see is whether this is an error in RHO's own understanding (not correctable), or being misinformed by an opponent ...

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