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Gordon Bower
Gordon Bower
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Basic Information

Member Since
Oct. 25, 2011
Last Seen
April 6
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Creator of the grbbridge package for LaTeX bridge typesetting.


In daily life, statistics consultant at Excelsior Statistics and Optimization; in bridge life, double-dummy simulation guru, teacher, and club director.

District 18 ACBL Board of Governors representative. Author of a "Hand of the Week" teaching column on my site (on hiatus now.)

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Going minus 1960... without anybody at the table having done anything wrong!
Regular Bridge Partners
Tanya McCully, Doug Dorland, Gavin McGimpsey (formerly: Michael Schmahl, Mike Keller, Debbi Purvis)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Flathead Valley DBC (formerly Farthest North BC)
Favorite Tournaments
All the Montana sectionals; Victoria BC
Favorite Conventions
Legalize Wilkosz 2D! Two-way club systems; sweep cue-bids.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Summer NABC Moved
The sad part is that I would actually RATHER they'd put an NABC in an affordable place like Sioux Falls than in gold-plated inner cities, at least once a year. And I have my doubts that, young as I am, I'll live to see it happen.
Fit Non-Jump or Natural Non-Forcing
One of the great merits of agreeing to play FNJs is that it prevents partner from boneheaded stunts with hands that were too weak to preempt.
Escape from 1NT?
I would rather pass with a good 5-card suit that might play for 0 or 1 losers if I catch Hxx in partner's hand than an xxxxx suit. xxxxx opposite xxx is not going to set up fast enough in notrump; in a suit contract, it will usually win ...
Escape from 1NT?
If you think your side has something like 22 or 23 HCP, passing may not be a crazy gamble (but it will be anti-field.) The weaker you are the more important it is to play in the major even if it is a 7-card fit. If the two hands have ...
Have You Seen This Type of Psychic
Welcome to the 1990s when the "Rule of Coincidence" was in vogue, at least in ACBL-land: if both partners forgot the same agreement at the same time (or one ignored it and the other forgot it), it was automatically treated as a mis-explanation. Lots of folks felt it wasn't ...
Club Closings
The Flathead Valley DBC (Kalispell, MT) will "temporarily suspend operations" after this afternoon's game and "re-open as soon as practical." They own their building free and clear, so no danger of the club going under if closed for a few months.
How should I alert this?
I would say something like "either strong balanced or clubs, or very strong any shape." I think it's important that the explanation NOT start with the words "15+" as people will tune out if they here that and assume it is a garden variety strong club.
Mea Culpa
At, regions are described as being Level 1 (Practice Usual Precautions), Level 2 (Practice Enhanced Precautions), or Level 3 (avoid nonessential travel). The CDC has described China, Korea, Iran, and Europe as Level 3, and the whole world as Level 2, for some time ...
Tournament Cancellations
Unit 390 announced a few days ago that the Calgary sectional 27-29 March was cancelled. District 18 announced today that the Lethbridge regional 13-19 April (week after Easter) is cancelled. They have not made a decision yet about the Salt Lake City regional a month later.
Jump support after reverse
None of your four: I have to be sure diamonds is the right trump suit ( = have only 4 spades ) AND have fairly serious slam interest, as well as not being suitable for a splinter. For 1C-1S-2D-4D, I'm imagining hands from about KQxx Ax Qxxxx xx or AKxx xx Axxxx ...

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