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Gordon Bower
Gordon Bower
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Oct. 25, 2011
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June 23
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Creator of the grbbridge package for LaTeX bridge typesetting.


In daily life, statistics consultant at Excelsior Statistics and Optimization; in bridge life, double-dummy simulation guru, teacher, and club director.

District 18 ACBL Board of Governors representative. Author of a "Hand of the Week" teaching column on my site (on hiatus now.)

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Going minus 1960... without anybody at the table having done anything wrong!
Regular Bridge Partners
Tanya McCully, Doug Dorland, Gavin McGimpsey (formerly: Michael Schmahl, Mike Keller, Debbi Purvis)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Flathead Valley DBC (formerly Farthest North BC)
Favorite Tournaments
All the Montana sectionals; Victoria BC
Favorite Conventions
Legalize Wilkosz 2D! Two-way club systems; sweep cue-bids.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Great way of thinking outside the box to get some folks who like various card games in the door. A few of them will eventually decide to give bridge a try. Anyone who owns a building would be well advised to see if there's a local cribbage, pinochle, or ...
Evening Games
It's not just working/not working, but some sort of cultural shift which I personally don't understand. I grew up with having evening activities from 7 to 10 several nights a week while I was still in high school. "Adult" things like live theater were more likely 8-11 ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
I'd be fine with the idea of removing the idea of deviations, provided we keep the idea that you are allowed to depart from your system at any time, and doing so repeatedly can create an agreement. There is way too much "if I do it it's a ...
Four Table Mitchell?
You don't have to go all the way to a Mitchell unless you require 4 stationary pairs. Each stationary pair reduces the number of rounds you can play by one. These "three-quarter Howells" are only commonly used in 6-table games, but they exist for every Howell. Just tell ACBLScore ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
It matters whether the "experience of both players outside the partnership" is "generally known to bridge players", or is somehow unique to those two people. If two people who aren't regular partners, but play the same regional style, travel to a faraway place and play together, I think they ...
The cost of a bridge game
I have paid $5 to $8 at the various (mostly smallish) clubs I have been to over the years, with $5 the most common number. My previous club in Idaho survived an increase from $5 to $7 (concurrent with the building being remodeled) with no sudden exodus of members afterward ...
I feel your pain. That has been the same reaction I got every time I took a complaint to a unit and asked them to take action.
Tacos and Such
Didn't we just go to a lot of trouble a few years back (OK, it's been almost 10 years back now) to force all the units to incorporate as nonprofits, so they could enjoy these benefits and use them to help promote bridge in their area? My local ...
Chris Compton's blog
Chris's original post, and Mike's comment above, both are wildly at variance with my experience. I've been a member of 4 different units, all of which were eager to spend money every chance they could to help bring in new players - whether subsidizing someones's TAP or ...
I need help with probabilities
Finger-in-the-wind-ing may be as good as anything else. An exact answer is going to depend on quite a lot of different things. However, "close to 50%" feels like a good approximation. Suppose we call the aces, kings, and queens "meaningful cards", and suppose we hold two of these in our ...

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