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Gordon Rainsford
Gordon Rainsford
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Oct. 30, 2013
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about me

I'm the Chief TD and Chief Executive of the EBU as well as an EBL & WBF Tournament Director, but my social media posts are usually my own opinions and don't necessarily reflect the official policy of either the EBU, the EBL or the WBF.

United Kingdom

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Director Problem
I think it was just a sense that penalties too rarely had an effect on anyone's results. Of course part of that is that they are awarded too infrequently.
Value of Support Doubles?
I find it surprising that several people seem to think the alternative to support doubles is to play penalty doubles.
Director Problem
The Minutes of the EBU L&E committee of May 23rd 2018 say: "$2.8 The issue of disciplinary penalties had been raised at the last meeting. It had been noted that the ACBL & EBL had a ‘standard’ amount of 25% and 50% of a top respectively. The committee agreed ...
Cheating Related Poll - Part II
I'm finding it hard to work out what this means.
Director Problem
The problem is not restricted to the scoring of the board.
Cheating Related Poll - Part II
Judging from the correlation between votes and Bridgewinners profile or activity, I suspect some others have not allowed lack of knowledge to stop them.
Director Problem
In my opinion, although the law change works well for some high-level tournaments and in particular those using barometer scoring, for most club directors it introduces a significant problem and is likely to annoy the players. I would have preferred that the option to use the old procedure remained.
Gordon Rainsford's lead problem: 8 QT6 A874 T9832
Since it's from a TD test, I'm afraid they don't exist. My interest was in how many people would lead a heart, and it turns out that rather more would than I thought when I first looked at the case, my view being tainted by being able ...
Argine's 2/1 feels unfinished.
I imagine you were not both playing the same system.
I don't really know which seat to Poll:
For what purpose are you thinking of polling/

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