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Gordon Rainsford
Gordon Rainsford
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Oct. 30, 2013
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about me

I'm the Chief TD and Chief Executive of the EBU as well as an EBL & WBF Tournament Director, but my social media posts are usually my own opinions and don't necessarily reflect the official policy of either the EBU, the EBL or the WBF.

United Kingdom

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What is fair.
It’s easy for him since he doesn’t really play at all.
What is fair.
Have you never handed your opponents a system card which you know contains the accurate description of an agreement that you have forgotten?
Someone has blundered
Unless they also say it out loud as they write it down, I don't see how two players writing down different things from the other two players resolves anything.
Someone has blundered
...and is likely to end up creating a disciplinary case.
Two Colors or Four
Two Colors or Four
The ones widely used in Europe and I think by the WBF have diamonds that are an orange-red and clubs that are grey. They don't seem to take much getting used to.
Two Colors or Four
I do think though, based on very limited experience, that different shading is better than four distinct colours, or at least that it doesn't take much getting used to.
Two Colors or Four
In most of the world, keeping things the way they are in tournaments would be to continue using different shading to distinguish between the suits. So, I question the phrasing of your poll.
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
I think there's some evidence that the experience in China is different.
Ruling Question
That sounds like you are quibbling with the detail rather than presenting an argument against the principle.

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