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Gordon Rainsford
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Oct. 30, 2013
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about me

I'm the Chief TD and General Manager of the EBU as well as an EBL & WBF Tournament Director, but my posts are my own opinions and don't necessarily reflect the official policy of either the EBU, the EBL or the WBF.

United Kingdom

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No, because it's a comparable call you need to be making, not a comparable sequence.
The Adventures of Mrs. I. Fixum
At rubber bridge the auction went, uncontested, 2C-2D-6D. Dummy went down with a balanced 23-count with four diamonds. With the aid of a couple of unpromised high cards and some useful diamonds in responder's hand, a reasonable trump break and a couple of working finesses, the contract rolled in.
Combatting slow play
I think points 6 & 7 of Matthew's article are poor advice.
Interesting Ruling Situation
"On the other hand, as you pointed out, if declarer saw Jacoby 2NT and intended to show a singleton, but also had a brain fart and thought he could legally bid 2S over 2NT, then he's not permitted to change the 2S call." Why not? He HAS to change ...
Interesting Ruling Situation
Of course. I said that in my first post in this thread and have said nothing to contradict that since. What I said was completely untrue is that the player thought he was rebidding 2S after a 1NT response. As my old boss used to say, we are violently agreeing ...
Interesting Ruling Situation
"Show your work. :-)" I arrive at the table and see the given auction. What meanings might be attributable to the IB? The player might have thought the response was 1NT, or 2C, or 2D, in which case we can attribute the meaning of "spades" to the call. The player might ...
Interesting Ruling Situation
"A change of call may be allowed because of a mechanical error or a slip of the tongue, but not because of a loss of concentration regarding the intent of the action." Haven't I used the word "confusion" three times in trying to explain this?
Interesting Ruling Situation
Well of course seeing the 2NT bid correctly and rebidding at the wrong level, either through a mispull or a confusion, is one of the possibilities I've consistently mentioned and said that it seems to be the one that is true. The only thing I don't understand is ...
Interesting Ruling Situation
"If we are assuming as the director seemed to assume, that she bid 2♠ thinking she was bidding over 1N" Why would you assume that? Not only is it unwarranted, it seems to turn out to be completely untrue in the case under discussion.
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