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Gordon Rainsford
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Oct. 30, 2013
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about me

I'm the Chief TD and Chief Executive of the EBU as well as an EBL & WBF Tournament Director, but my social media posts are usually my own opinions and don't necessarily reflect the official policy of either the EBU, the EBL or the WBF.

United Kingdom

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You be the Comittee .
Seems like you didn't read the opening post.
You be the Comittee .
You seem to be ignoring the (small) effect that a weighted adjustment has on the other scores in the field, as shown in this explanation at, especially at the top of page 3.
You be the Comittee .
Bernard, we assume that East had the correct information, but it's possible to have that without it coming from South. A system card is one route whereby that could happen in practice, but in any case we are really hypothesising for the purpose of making a ruling.
You be the Comittee .
I agree that 1Hx is implausible, but not because South must know the meaning of 1H - on the contrary we assume that South continues to labour under the misapprehension that 1H is natural although EW have the knowledge of the agreement that it shows spades.
You be the Comittee .
But why would South, who thinks his partner has shown hearts, think the double shows hearts? Presumably neither a takeout double of a natural heart bid, nor a double showing the suit of an artificial bid, is alertable?
You be the Comittee .
Why would South perceive the double to be a penalty double?
Legal? Ethical?
In the EBU a Precision 2C is announced as "intermediate".
You rule
Points of compass were what I had in mind.
You rule
I think your directions may not all be correct.
A "friendly" game
A case rather like this is one of the reasons why I think it's best to always apply the laws/rules and to accept it without rancour if you lose out by this. In a very low-stakes rubber bridge game at a club where I worked, a player told ...

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