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Greg Coles
Greg Coles
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July 28, 2010
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Jan. 24
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about me

I work for the ACBL in Horn Lake, MS.  I relocated here after spending my first 50 years on the planet in Canada.  I made this massive move either because I'm crazy or because I wanted to further this wonderful game - you decide which.  Opinions I express here are my own, not the ACBL's.

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Club Manager, ACBL Tournament Director and certified teacher.
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Puzzled by Evening Swiss Ruling in San Francisco
"Unfortunately, the ACBL provides no official mechanism for interpretation." Rulings FAQ.... What's always tricky is determining if it's truly a "slip of the fingers". In this case, I'd personally be looking for something like "While my partner was thinking ...
...and it all went horribly wrong...
Too bad about the diamonds not splitting. You could have made 12NT instead of only 8NT.
ACBL Live über alles
David, you've been misinformed by your lead director. A thirteen table game can have anywhere from 0 to 52 non-members. Having more, or less than that does create issues. :)
ACBL Live über alles
While there's no "DIRECTOR" element in the current USEBIO format, there is a "CONTACT" element which could easily used for this purpose.
An interesting message on my answering machine
Well Barry, it depends on how you calculate that. How many thousands upon thousands of volunteer hours are also "in the mix"? Add it ALL up - clubs, teachers, Units, Districts, tournaments, etc, etc. Is it possible that if we were to step back and calculate what all of the volunteer ...
An interesting message on my answering machine
Barry, most of the information that you're asking about is publicly available information. Go to, scroll to the bottom, look under "About the ACBL". The "Financial Information" link will give you most of the answers.
An interesting message on my answering machine
You can doubt it Barry, but you'd be mistaken. It was actually "Angie" who reached out and she does it every month.
It bothers me that I can't get this stuff straight--
Mike, you might think that but you'd be mistaken. The first two words on all four charts are "Bidding agreements". The charts have absolutely nothing to do with psyches.
T- Shirt ideas(bridge)
I actually own a t-shirt that says "I may be wrong...but I doubt it." It's one of my lucky bridge shirts the other being the one that says "Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need an expert opinion."
Announcement Question
Usually it's more of a thirst for a club lead. :)

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