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Greg Herman
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Aug. 16, 2011
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about me

Graduate Student at Colorado State University, pursuing PhD in Atmospheric Science.

Research interests: statistical post-processing of weather forecasts, ensemble methods, data assimilation.

Attended University of Washington; graduated Spring 2013 with degrees in Computer Science, Atmospheric Science, and Physics.

Junior, born '93

United States of America

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USA2 U26 2014 & 2016, 2nd U21 2013 Teams, Collegiate Champion 2013, 2nd 100-200 Mini McKenney 2012
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University of Washington Bridge Club
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Transfers, T/O Doubles
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Should District 9 have resigned?
I mention the first two because they both act to decrease the win probability by approximately a factor of two (exactly a factor of two for item (2)) which, from a decision theory perspective, can be critical for end user decision making. I put the comment about n vs. n-1 ...
Should District 9 have resigned?
Dave, Two comments, accepting all of your other assumptions: 1) The two-sided area within 3 standard deviations of a normal distribution is a bit over 0.997, not 0.990...the third decimal being significant when you're talking about probabilities in the tail. 2) Your probabilities correspond to two-sided ...
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
Thanks for all your work on this- it is much appreciated. On the ACBL Mid-Chart, it is currently legal to, by partnership agreement, be permitted to open a Multi 2 with 5M(332) pattern and a below average strength hand. It seems that since this agreement does not show ...
Captain's Diary, Day 0: Arrival and Opening Ceremony
Looks like your welcome gift offered more than your typical entrée in Salsomaggiore. Good luck to you and the team!
Faulty Claim Ruling
Michael, I reread the claim statement provided by the OP again. What specifically in the wording convinces you that declarer will play first? While I agree that my conviction that declarer would play first was somewhat unfounded, it certainly doesn't seem precluded. There are 'conflicting' things, neither ...
Faulty Claim Ruling
Being the only person that voted -3, I must be missing something? I'm supposing based on the claim statement that declarer plays the A, tests , then cash from the top. Testing certainly does not require playing three rounds, and there are certainly reasons not to play ...
Reading the Savchenko-Katz appeal write-up raises several issues which I have previously found, and continue to find, rather troubling. First, procedural penalties (PPs) are, in my experience, applied extremely inconsistently. People frequently complain about slow play in NABC+ events, but PPs are very seldom assigned except for in “fast” events ...
How do we catch up?
I play reverse wysiwyg after a psychic pass. It would've made this auction very simple.
Link to ACBL GNT rosters
Debbie, This is one thing ACBL Live has actually helped (though still far from perfect). Many of the missing results can be centrally obtained by going to and clicking on the "GNT/NAP Results" button. It's still not exhaustive, but it helps.
Stop the Stop Card
My impression was that the bid was "touching or nearly touching the table" but that the bidding cards were still in the bidder's hand by the time LHO's call was "touching or nearly touching" the table. Obviously I don't know for sure since I wasn't there ...

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