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Greg Lawler
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March 19, 2011
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about me

I am a math professor at the University of Chicago who played more bridge when I was younger (became LM when I was 22 in the late 1970s) but have played only infrequently in the last twenty years.  

United States of America

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So you want to be a Vugraph operator
If a perfect (or near perfect) Vugraph record is desired and we are not resorting to electronic mechanisms., one needs to require the players to play their cards in a way that the operator can always see them (having them exposed on the table for a second or two). This ...
Nickell vs. Lall - Board 111 - 7!S
Testing whether you are right or wrong about this ---> this is a problem in statistics
Nickell vs. Lall - Board 111 - 7!S
I disagree, it is discussion about probability, not about statistics
So you want to be a Vugraph operator
I am sure all experienced VuGraph operators from Poland would be most welcome by Jan. One must always remember that most people take a few times at VuGraph before they are really comfortable at it. If someone is a new vugrapher and struggling a bit, one should be encouraging so ...
So you want to be a Vugraph operator
I would go further --- the vugraph operator should not ask questions to the players during the bidding or the play of the hand. After the hand is finished, it is fine to confirm with the players what the claim was or (if you have lost track of the play) the ...
USBC Semifinal Matchups
One Glaring Example of ACBL's Bloated Bureaucracy
it is not just the cost of the nationals. For the sake of one's teammates, one should not play in the GNT unless one can guarantee that one can make the nationals if one qualifies. For people with jobs (and other aspects of life), committing that early is difficult ...
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
Let us be careful not to equate getting new bridge players with getting people to take lessons at a bridge club. In order to make bridge popular again perhaps we should emphasize the ways to learn the game in social settings (and through books and electronic resources) without taking lessons ...
The real reason Bridge is on the decline
I have not expressed my opinion on this issue.
The real reason Bridge is on the decline
I was one of the flaggers. The comment was a particular view of history that many would disagree with while many others would agree with. If this were a site dedicated to discussing Polish history before and during WWII, then the post would have been appropriate. It was not offensive ...
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