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Greg Lawler
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March 19, 2011
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about me

I am a math professor at the University of Chicago who played more bridge when I was younger (became LM when I was 22 in the late 1970s) but have played only infrequently in the last twenty years.  

United States of America

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There is much more luck than that. If a hand comes up on which slam is 50% (needs a specific finesse, say) then a lot of IMPS can be won or lost by the decision whether or not to bid it (and whether the bridge gods and goddesses put the ...
Snowball in Hell
I once played in a Swiss and had my opponents bid to a grand with no opposition bidding off an ace It could not be beaten because: --- the suit with the ace was split 6-0 with the void on lead --- another key suit split 3-3 to allow for a discard ...
Is ACBL Aiming for Ridicule?
We discussed this semantic game last time. The phrase "NABC title" has no official meaning in the ACBL. The phrase "NABC championship" refers to a select number of events that have been approved by the Board of Directors. This event is not a "NABC championship" (as far as I know).
Comments on the CAS Report
Thanks for the comments. I agree with everything in your last paragraph, a little care is needed but not more than that. This was discussed in detail (but not by me). Hammond did prepare but all the videos were available for crosschecking by the defense and more detailed discussions were ...
Comments on the CAS Report
Jurgen, I think I disagree with you about what the average lay person can understand and the role of statistical modeling. This is what I was trying to do in my report. What I believe the educated lay person needs to understand is the ASSUMPTIONS that are being made before ...
Comments on the CAS Report
Let me comment: 1. I do not understand this comment since I do not know what you mean by "common sense". Most rational thought processes uses some amount of probabilistic and statistical reasoning even if unconsciously. In that sense it is natural. I do not know what you have in ...
Court of Arbitratrion for Sport
Serious debate about the validity of the evidence can be conducted at and Please read the articles and comments there before commenting there. Until then, I will assume that you have not studied the case very much and ...
Comments on the CAS Report
If you seriously have a question about how the fact that the data was used in developing the hypothesis (data fitting) please read my other article (link above). You can ask serious questions or make serious comments there about the statistical methodology. Then we can come back and discuss the ...
Comments on the CAS Report
yes, you are right
Comments on the CAS Report
The data here admitted a lot without any need for torture, if you mean torture in the sense of trying to overfit data. Of course, you might mean something else, so please explain.
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