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July 27, 2011
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The Missing Years
Why LIN files? I don't know why you would start with a LIN file. From the info on BBO, LIN files seem to be somewhat opaque; either incompletely specified or copyrighted or both. PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) has been around for quite some time, there are Open Source parser ...
Jeff Reubens Play Problem
But at trick 12 Declarer is down to 2 cards; the h-A and a minor suit Ace. He has had to decide at trick 11 which minor to keep. If he has guessed wrong, then West (if he has a minor and not a small heart, or the heart King ...
3-level responses to 1NT
We Use 2S either a) Bal Invite, b) Weak 5-5 minors, c) G/F 5-5 minors. Opener bids 2NT (would pass a bal invite, 3m would accept a balanced invite, and m is his longer/better minor). Over 2NT Responder passes with a) bids 3C with b) and 3M (Shortness ...
Jeff Reubens Math Question
Not so fast. Assuming North keeps a Club and a Diamond as his last two cards, East's best strategy is to pitch the heart King at trick 11 as that reveals the least amount of information to South. It eliminates only one of the hands West can hold, and ...
Jeff Reubens Math Question
Jeff Rubens Vacant Places Problem, My Final Word. I am recapping the original post here for ease of reference. In his book, Expert Bridge Simplified, Jeff Reubens posed the following "Gedanken Experiment" North: 2 / T98 / 9876 / 98765 South: --- / AQJ / AKQJT / AKQJT South is playing in NT. Bidding not given!! This ...
Greg Morse's bidding problem: AKQJxx KQxxx --- AK
Thanks for the comments. FYI, this hand came up at a recent regional. All the people I talked to got to 7H or 7S usually by guessing that pard had the heart Ace. I was the only one who bid 5D, and played it there on our 4-2 fit. :)! I ...
Two ways to show an invite with 4crd !s
The Revision Big Club system recommends 1H-1N;2m-2S to show an invitational hand with exactly 4 spades. Opener can pass with 3+ S, or bid 2NT(to play) with fewer than 3S. This clarifies the lengths of other invites in spades also. Re "The impossible spade bid" as a good ...
Books on Meckwell Precision?
I am a fan of John Montgomery's Revision Club. (See Dan's system page for the full 400+ pages of the system!). THE major difference between that big club and all the other Precision like big club systems is that Responder with a weak hand shows his shape immediately ...
Books on Meckwell Precision?
Update Jan 2018. Dan has now published a book called "Standard Modern Precision - Getting from here to there" Copyright 2017. It is not specifically R-M LIght, but reflects the current methods used by (mostly USA) experts who play Precision. The overall purpose is that it should do for Precision what ...
Best defenses against Weak NT bids
Andy Stark wrote a book on how to play the weak NT (he is a fan) and how to defend against it. In his view the most effective defense was called, "Mohan", complete with forcing passes etc. Pard and I looked at it, but it took too much memory work ...
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