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Greg Saunders
Greg Saunders
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Member Since
Feb. 4, 2012
Last Seen
Dec. 30, 2019
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Bridge Director
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
11th place in 2010 NAP "C"; 1st in a regional gold rush event out of 182 pairs
Bridge Accomplishments
ACBL top 10 overall mini-mckenney 100-200 and 300-500; Silver LM in 3 yrs.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Orlando, Daytona and Palmetto Regionals, Orlando NABC
Favorite Conventions
multi-landy; criss-cross; lebensohl; smith echo
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: QT98 AQT8 AT7 98
Partner did bid 2S, not DBL and I was forced to bid 2NT which they passed.
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: A8 J98652 9 AKQ2
As an aside, could the X be a Rosenkranz double showing the heart A or K?
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: A8 J98652 9 AKQ2
You've all been was the north hand. 1073 4 AKJ3 J10874 BTW, I chose to bid 3C. Pard with 7,000 masterpts suggested I should have called 4C.
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: K8 K9642 2 AJT76
Yes I meant 4 clubs
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: 5 74 QJ874 JT962
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: J7654 AJ86 Q3 J7
The NT was 15-17 and DBL would be negative
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: K Q8 AQJT9 J9853
Does anyone worry about playing this 1255 misfit in NT even if pard holds spades and hearts? Transportation problems are likely and where do we plan our source of tricks?
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: A96 AJ932 A8765 ---
John, very sorry. I didn't see you had the same hand posted. I would have sent Tom a private email. In the Common Game about 1/3 of 900 pairs bid and made slam, more in hearts than diamonds. Maybe I should delete my poll?
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: A96 AJ932 A8765 ---
Hi Tom, this was a very interesting hand from the Common game. Partner held K8 Q84 K10932 1095 and passed. I thought she could infer that I had at most one club and could have raised me to 4 hearts. She was an old fashioned point counter and passed with ...
Greg Saunders's bidding problem: Q942 KJ854 T962 ---
Pard doesn't play lebensohl over reverses. This is a case where it should be in every pairs toolkit. The bigger question is "are reverses still ON after interference?"

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