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Gregory Gorshkov
Gregory Gorshkov
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March 1, 2012
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Aug. 16
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Unusual UI Situation
Regardless of the spots passing is for sure reasonable. What happened to protecting non offending side?
Deceiving question by declarer
I may want to ask that question even holding missing honor. For example, I want to know if righty going to place his partner or me with the king latter on if the leader switch on second trick.
How Not To Fill Out a Convention Card Part 1
I don’t understand why even discussing LA. If partner alert and explain that 3NT is gambling what would you do? I would pass for sure. It is up to partner now to make final decision. Now you should act same as without UI, so pass.
Awkward Situation
Even if primary signal is attitude partnership should know to give count signal when situation call for it. My favorite agreement on the leads is "Whatever partner need to know"
TD please
It is not single jump , 2SP would be. Some partnership would define double jump as control or splinter bid agreeing on He
TD please
How about -,Jxxxxxx,Kxx,xxx 4He is dissent 4Sp almost no play, red vs white many E wont act over 1Di. And if 3Sp show the hand on diagram I would expect partner to have something like this to bid 4He -Edited: I realize now that E may not act ...
Is N/S damaged?
It is not uncommon at all to bid 3 cards major on 1 level in response to take out dbl if nothing else fit. Personally, with this hand I would pass since I do not have strong preference to either major but give me one more Cl and one less ...
Was this a fielded psyche and is the psychic bidder allowed to coach his client when the director is called?
Steve, This is interesting. In your partnership agreement 3NT is COG bid but you would pass it because you partner has tendency to psyche. You partner also know your tendency to pass this bid, so he would never really use it with COG hand. In the aftermath we end up ...
Director call - have I missed something?
I can understand that kind of ruling for defense but for declarer it is just ridiculous. Some are saying that you should think before playing the trick but what if I want to see spot that RHO played and do my assessment then?
another "Where did East/West go wrong?" hand
Playing Bergen I would bid 3Di and pray partner do not think for too long before bidding 3Sp because I’m bidding game anyway
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