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March 1, 2012
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another "Where did East/West go wrong?" hand
Playing Bergen I would bid 3Di and pray partner do not think for too long before bidding 3Sp because I’m bidding game anyway
No cheating but this bidding
They bid badly, got to inferior contract and then got lucky. Just take you medicine and move on.
Was I injured
So you saying giving correct explanation North would bid 3NT? Poster himself said that if he had correct explanation of the agreement he would pass. Where is the damage? Damage if any is coming from miss bid not MI
Was I injured
It is not if you duck it. But win A He, cash 3 Cl (overtaking) and ruff 4th Cl promoting 3th trump trick
Was I injured
Assuming no screens East should be giving explanation of 3Sp and heshe do not have any UI at this point.
Was I injured
It seems like agreement is Lebensohl therefore 3Sp is forcing. You are only entitled to know opponent’s agreement not the actual hand. As your stated yourself with correct explanation you wont even double let alone bid 3NT. So yes, it is MI but no damage. East can’t be ...
Who should have done something else
even if S have systematic opener N can't win the argument remove Di Q from S hand slam is still laydown
Who should have done something else
After 4SP bid it is hard to imagine S hand that won’t have at least reasonable play for 6Sp. 7SP is in the picture but will require perfecto from S. I would just bid 6SP over 4Sp. Opening 1Sp by S is matter of partnership style and agreement
Defence to Weak 2NT opener (minors)?
I would still play unusual over unusual structure Dbl penalty oriented hand, 3Cl,3D full opener with 5+ He, SP respectively , 3H, 3SP natural competitive
Ash Hamilton's lead problem: 98 6 KQ762 KJ762
Ash, Looks like you mind is set on finding the best chance to beat the contract. You are right on the point that leading major is unlikely to beat the contract, but leading minor is more likely to give up overtrick. Let’s say for example that leading major never ...
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