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Gregory Gorshkov
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March 1, 2012
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That is why I play NFB up to 3Di. Easy 3Cl bid with S hand for me
Director Ruling, Good, Bad or Ugly
If N to claim damage he need to provide some rational why Dbl become more attractive with correct information. Personally I've failed to see one so looks like double shot to me
Bidding after new suit by opener.
Assuming 2C is 4th suit GF 3He would show better hand then 4He but I agree with 3Di after 2NT It gives partner chance to bid 3He with doubleton since he/she already denied 3 card support, it also shows slam ambitions since you would just bid 3NT otherwise. Now ...
“Never preempt over a preempt”...what’s the intuition? (If you agree)
Christopher , “then don't make an overcall over this preempt”. IMHO overcall is fine but don’t make jump overcall since it is reserved for strong hands. 3Di – pass -pass - ? KQJxxxxx xx x xx Do you think you would find single person who wouldn’t bid 3Sp with this hand ...
Director Ruling
I don’t think it even matter MI or MB. Consider conversation that should had taken place on table have pro did not hijack explanation of the client W: 1C Strong E: 2C Diamonds, GF W: 2NT Natural E: 3D Natural W: 3H Cuebid E: 3NT Signoff W: 4H Cuebid ...
Gregory Gorshkov's bidding problem: AKQ97 T98 53 A93
That is exactly what happen.Partner pass and we miss laydown 4He. I agree with pass in MP but in IMP risk missing vul game out weight risk going down one in 3He IMHO
Grosvenored by a little old lady
It is not true Grosvenor since situation is ambiguous and ruffing with 9 could be right play. Give declared 3 SP instead of 3He. Ruff low, He to partner A and another Sp for trump promotion
Unusual UI Situation
Regardless of the spots passing is for sure reasonable. What happened to protecting non offending side?
Deceiving question by declarer
I may want to ask that question even holding missing honor. For example, I want to know if righty going to place his partner or me with the king latter on if the leader switch on second trick.
How Not To Fill Out a Convention Card Part 1
I don’t understand why even discussing LA. If partner alert and explain that 3NT is gambling what would you do? I would pass for sure. It is up to partner now to make final decision. Now you should act same as without UI, so pass.
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