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Gregory Nowak
Gregory Nowak
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May 13, 2014
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about me

Beyond over the hill but not hope.

Cherish BW discussions.

I like thoughtful comments and apolitical analysis.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Walking into the local club at the tender age of 31 (1980) armed with 16-18 and Blackwood that I had gotten out of a book. In a few months I got to play with a decent standby and we won. The next week we won again. And then ..."What is this club bid you call Stayman and I'm worried about my clubs?". And we didn't win.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning 2 events at an old sectional when they only had 4. I had 200 masterpoints. My team won the thu bam and my partner and I won the sat open paris. There were no strats or flights.
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: KT4 J754 K94 K63
It would be mindless to accuse me of violating my system if I pass instead of bid 1N. 10 hcp means I can have as few as 10 hcp when I bid 1N. Not that my pass denies 10 hcp. All those spaces don't make me want to bid ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 73 A42 AKJ54 AJ7
BW should have multi abstains. Abstain 1. Disgust. Abstain 2. Not disgusting enough, I can still answer.
Shailesh Gupta's bidding problem: KJ42 852 KJT5 T5
I have pathetic excuses for passing. Maybe 4 not making can save me a little shame.
Ian Rowlands's bidding problem: KJT4 A 632 T9872
I'll admit it's pretty hard to be stubborn when you're outnumbered 57 to 3 on passing. As to the 44 votes for 3N. I think I can see the stiff A and not be shocked about any of your revelations about it.
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: A52 3 KT743 7542
I have no problem with saying I don't know how accurate my mixed raise was. Or something unexpected has happened since I bid 3. Or now I wish I had bid 4. Or now I might be better off passing than bidding.
Name This Squeeze (Again!)
The hand has so many branches. Start with a spade opening lead. East ducking the first heart. The defenders switching to spades. You playing clubs at trick 2/3. You playing a spade to the Q instead of T. After your beginning, a triple squeeze on E works. Allowing for ...
David Patterson's bidding problem: J93 AKT95 A874 6
My interpretation of "forcing for 1 round" means that partner cannot possibly have a hand that would bid 2 and then pass anything you bid. Just like in reverses.
Fred King's bidding problem: KQJ K84 AJ642 J4
A t/o double gets out what this hand is all about at your best opportunity so much better than 1 does. Notice you're not forcing your 3 jacks to be full values.
Shailesh Gupta's bidding problem: A876 AK93 AQ73 3
Does what I know about partner's hand for his 1 bid mean anything? How about my pass is more suggestive of bidding than doubling. I opened the bidding and put partner in game. Could partner have a better chance of getting my hand than I do of getting ...
Brad Craig's bidding problem: Q65 AQT75 4 QT95
I think it's very amusing when these hands come up. Almost an entire matchpoint field will not punish a 2 overcall like it should be. The 1 opener with a stiff heart just figure out to say double. This is a totally disrespectful suit for a 2 ...
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