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Gregory Nowak
Gregory Nowak
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May 13, 2014
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about me

Beyond over the hill but not hope.

Cherish BW discussions.

I like thoughtful comments and apolitical analysis.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Walking into the local club at the tender age of 31 (1980) armed with 16-18 and Blackwood that I had gotten out of a book. In a few months I got to play with a decent standby and we won. The next week we won again. And then ..."What is this club bid you call Stayman and I'm worried about my clubs?". And we didn't win.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning 2 events at an old sectional when they only had 4. I had 200 masterpoints. My team won the thu bam and my partner and I won the sat open paris. There were no strats or flights.
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: K9 QJ86 AQ8732 7
I take it double would not be snapdragon.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AKJ6 A2 4 J87643
I don't know how I could have bid this way without notes on what's going on after partner's 2N relay. I would not have known that my 3 was a relay or parner's 3 was a stiff. I don't know what my options ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: KJ9852 976 --- 8632
I would like 4 to be weaker than pass. It would be nice if partner plays it that way too.
Soner Cubukcu's bidding problem: Jxx Kxxx AKx Axx
I prefer double to be spade shortness. Aces and kings are suitish, but no ruffing values isn't. Partner can be notrumpish.
Jovana Zoranovic's lead problem: 86 76 Q762 AQJ92
Touchè Marshall. Many of my thoughts. But not all. I liked the double of 3. And noticed that South passed. No king or stiff or redouble or bid?
Petter Bengtsson's bidding problem: 8742 86 KJT4 AQ7
And you also could have much different hcp dispersion, unexpected from the auction. Especially diamonds. If partner has to ruff diamonds and you hearts, you could have an atrocious cross ruff.
Jovana Zoranovic's lead problem: 86 76 Q762 AQJ92
A humorous comment in a tournament bulletin: Ever notice how people that make lead directing bids don't make that lead when they are on lead?
Petter Bengtsson's bidding problem: 8742 86 KJT4 AQ7
Partner's 3 can mean his spade length is good and/or diamond shortness and the club finesse useful. But I'm not gambling on our combined heart and spade values.
Jack Feagin's bidding problem: T75 KQ6 AJ54 876
Will the t/o doublers have this 10 hcp and acting immediately compensate for distributional flaws. Or will loyalty to distribution over hcp work out? Edit: Can this 10 hcp be called not enough to make up in the rest of the auction for only having 3 hearts?
John Torrey's bidding problem: AKJ64 A3 65 AT83
I don't think this poll is about how light to play 3. With the customer I was given and likely expectations, I going to guess 3 should be a reasonable place to play.
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