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Gregory Nowak
Gregory Nowak
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May 13, 2014
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about me

Beyond over the hill but not hope.

Cherish BW discussions.

I like thoughtful comments and apolitical analysis.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Walking into the local club at the tender age of 31 (1980) armed with 16-18 and Blackwood that I had gotten out of a book. In a few months I got to play with a decent standby and we won. The next week we won again. And then ..."What is this club bid you call Stayman and I'm worried about my clubs?". And we didn't win.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning 2 events at an old sectional when they only had 4. I had 200 masterpoints. My team won the thu bam and my partner and I won the sat open paris. There were no strats or flights.
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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David Boxley's bidding problem: K62 Q9732 AK4 T2
Somehow an important tool got misused if you were off 2 aces.
Is AlphaZero really a scientific breakthrough in AI?
Surfing Utube around Dec 7 was almost traumatic when I saw those first 2 chess games. It made me think of position, timing, and incidental tactics thrown in to destroy the concept of point values for pieces, kind of like distribution destroying hcp. I read somewhere alphazero played 44 million ...
Larry Sealy's bidding problem: KT8xxx --- Qxx KTxx
It's nice to have a bid like 2 mean my hand is so bad, I probably shouldn't have even bid 1. Now opener knows whatever he does next might be the end of the auction.
Larry Sealy's bidding problem: KT8xxx --- Qxx KTxx
I'm probably 2/1 oriented. I like to have space using jumps like 1 to 3 be very limited and not necessarily 3 only. Let's suppose on this hand I only had 4 spades and partner jumps to 3 on a 3 card suit, now ...
Larry Sealy's bidding problem: KT8xxx --- Qxx KTxx
I like both comments. But maybe this could be a partnership thing, if both partners are aware of temporizing reverses with <4 diamonds and =3 spades.
Selena Pepić's lead problem: J63 AQT5 7632 Q5
Leading diamonds seems humorous with this suit and the rest of my hand. But it fits the logic in this auction so well. And I've seen the 4th round of suits like this be the killing defense.
Larry Sealy's bidding problem: KT8xxx --- Qxx KTxx
For once opposite a reverse I've got so much to show!! So I have to calm down and show 5+ spades first because anything else denies it. Then I can get excited for the rest of the auction. But why does that NF instead of unlimited have to be ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: T974 6 K7 A98742
Bobby Goldman did a lot of documentation for Dallas Aces agreements. The jump to game could have opening bid hcp values. On this hand 4 is like a mixed raise. Maybe it simplifies this mtchpt auction.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: T974 6 K7 A98742
A singleton, an A and K in sides suits is way too much for some people. I've seen it work well to have that agreement. But then you have other agreements. When I don't, I'm going to make an Aces Scientific game bid.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: Q96 K3 986432 QJ
It takes way too much to force all those values in my short suits and none in my long suit to make this hand be worth any optimism.
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