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Gregory Rosoff
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March 2, 2016
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Nov. 13, 2019
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That 4D-5C hand again
Given that I was Len's partner on this hand, I will tell all that I opened 1 diamond and rebid 2 clubs over his 1 spade response and got to the most reasonable place to play (3NT by partner). I just don't understand the idea of opening 1 ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: --- Q865 KQ543 AK96
It's at IMPs red that I'd have reservations bidding (I would still overcall 2). At matchpoints you must bid - there is no choice IMO.
Gregory Rosoff's bidding problem: --- A954 J86542 T76
Okay, I've had an epiphany, I'm changing my stance to I should've rescued to 2 diamonds. The chances of having the result stay the same or improve by passing is small.
Gregory Rosoff's bidding problem: --- A954 J86542 T76
So, I must admit that I passed at the table and after watching the votes pour in and the comments, I'm still not convinced that pass is wrong. It turns out that in this case it was wrong since partner had AK3 of diamonds and J9864 of spades and ...
Hendrik Sharples's bidding problem: AKT73 A3 963 J93
I guess it's the partnership's style to play losing bridge, sigh.
Jim Fox's bidding problem: A62 T72 AJ8 AKQ2
So what is 2NT? I think it should be exactly this hand type unless otherwise stated, hence, my bid is 2NT. I don't understand the infatuation with double.
Naresh Kumar Gupta's lead problem: K87 KQ32 KT2 J92
When you're playing some type of strong club so 1 promises only 2, I would argue that the 1NT response would suggest as much as . I would also argue that leading from K 10 x is much more attractive than J 9 x. That's why ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: A4 Q95 AKT6 K864
I think this hand screams to play in . If you bid 3, partner is more often then not just going to bid 4 and you have no clue if you should bid on. Even if you guess correctly to bid, partner might never let you play diamonds ...
Kang-Wei Fan's lead problem: 62 Q9874 KJ653 4
I agree with everything you said except being shot :). Anything other than a spade is just wrong IMO.
David Coles's bidding problem: KQJT86 AJ75 K A5
3 isn't forcing, nor should you with this hand. But it does show a very strong hand with very good spades (you have both). 2 could be a minimum and partner will pass on many hands you're cold for a game, a risk I wouldn't ...

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