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Grigol Gogoberidze
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Aug. 9, 2015
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Dec. 27, 2019
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ATB missed grand
100% east. 4 is a problem bid, because giving initiative to w he will never be able to show 7th and 8th spades. After positive 4 E must take control, and after finding all KCs will have several ways to fix the 13th trick. It seems E intended ...
What does S show?
Stayman over 2NT?
If partner can have 5 card major, 6 card minor but can not have singletons, chances for fit in major are around 58-61%. If he responds 3, in about 50% he will have 4. So, Steyman finds fit about 80% of time and seems clear. I do not ...
What's the best % play?
Polling question which has exact answer looks a bit strange to me.
Strike Gold
Partner having 3+, 11+pc did not double. Does not this mean that if he is not bad 11-12, either he is very long in or short in , or both? 4315 with not good suit, or 4414 seems likely. So do not see why is it ...
What am I missing?
What about this kind of one dimensional reasoning: most probably there are 18 total trumps, and 18 tricks according to TNT. So, if they have only 6 tricks in or , to collect 500 or 800, then we have 12 tricks in 6.
Polish Club question
Mike, I am not sure I understand the question properly, but: as Eric Rodwell says in his famous interview (, 2 is the weakest part of strong systems. It has almost zero preemptive value ( is the lowest suit, so after t-o double ...
Asymmetry in Matchpoint Scoring
Distribution of players by skills has positive skewness (, i.e. this distribution is elongated in positive direction. This means that there are bunches of chess players with ELO rating below 23OO and only Magnus Carlsen above 28OO. This causes similar (positive) skewness of the ...
Finalists in World Bridge Games
In the circumstanses we had, I would like to state that I am happy MONACO is in the final. We will see the final of 2 brilliant teams ...
Takeout or Penalty
There is another possibility, if remember properly, Larry Cohen wrote an article that he plays Double as 'cards'.

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