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Grzegorz Darkiewicz-Moniuszko
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July 2, 2015
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April 27, 2017
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To Sabine and Roy
Tomasz, what was wrong about comment of Allan? The issue you raised even enhance his point: as results you entered impact others, you should have more responsibility to check them. The obligation of signing them off would definitely help. We failed to help our results, and we feel sorry for ...
To Sabine and Roy
Dear Roy, I did not have any malicious intention of publishing it here - I just feel urged to do something about it, because the situation seemed unjust. I agree it is not comfortable to anyone and I would like to reemphasize that I didn't even think about any wrongdoing ...
To Sabine and Roy
Thank you for the comments. You might be right that the way how I handled this was suboptimal. I would like to emphasize that: - we have no personal interest as 0.6℅ would not have given us medal - we are far from blaming Sabine and Roy of anything wrongdoing - personally ...
David Gold speaks on the England Review
Pass says: we have to stop in 4 if you have just K. Direct 4 would mean just: I have cue in and at least Q to protect the king.
David Gold speaks on the England Review
It is na lttle bit hard to believe that Gawrys could be that old-fashioned - so appologies for the confusion. Nevertheless other arguments remain valid: - Klukowski could have bidden 3 (even if not 2) as an alternative - Gawrys could have steered the cue-bid heart with a 4 bid ...
David Gold speaks on the England Review
Some explanations of David are generally not true. Actually even if they played 2/o not GF (which I am not sure about - almost everybody plays it GF in Poland, but Gawrys might be indeed a little bit old-fashioned), it is ridiculous to argue that 2 could be non-forcing ...
Limited Form of Smith
I think there is a need to use something like Smith Echo. The situation in the suit of first lead must be thoroughly explained and I consider it much more important that the count in the suit started by the declarer. One aspect covered in the article is clear - the ...

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