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Sept. 16, 2015
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Dummy wants to see played tricks
Interesting discussion, and so different cultures because french have a tendency to : 1/ Let people take a review of the (finished) trick before the next one (violation of the rule for sure) 2/ Most of the time, if they guessed it was a revoke, avoid playing to the next trick ...
Guillaume Fauconnier's bidding problem: 7 AKQ84 AJ9 Q643
French tend to demand 4 cards in to raise directly ; the old french way is not to bid 1M 1NT Forcing so 1M 2D can come from a balanced hand. Maybe the system is actually at fault
Guillaume Fauconnier's bidding problem: KT53 T7 KQ8765 A
Partner's hand was : 7 AKQ84 AJ9 Q643. Some might disagree with 2 (i was suggested 3 over 2). a fair % of good players i asked in France were leaning more or less comfortably toward 4. 3 was a bit loathed ...
Is everything erased after a UI
Mike, I was South (i think some have guessed) and you summed up exactly what my reasoning was during the brief moment I was iven to answer to my LHO. The comments were helpful because at least James believe i was answering suspiciously ; hence i will use Kit's advice ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Deleted - misread the question
What would you say about this auction ?
Two possibilities I guess : - East did not know 3 is forcing after 2 X p p - East was afraid that West will pass 3 hence the redouble Might it help to know East/West have been partners for a few years ?
What would you say about this auction ?
Teammatch, sorry, i ll edit as well the subject
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
To avoid the comments at the table with "semi"-forcing, we got used to alert 1NT : "up to 11" (in a context where nobody imagines the fit can be hidden)
The Impossible Two Spade Bid
Patrick, where (or in which issue of TBW) can i find this extended lisa over 1 ? Over 1 it is the issue of October 2007
Prep Before the Game
I play often online but not that often in real life => 5 min before the game i am trying to solve a problem from the Bridge World to get the engine working. Otherwise i am due to making mistakes for the first 2-3 deals.

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