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Sept. 16, 2015
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Who's crazy ?
Thanks all for the comments, it s interesting that 1/3 of our panel thinks this is silly while 2/3 thinks it is at least fine :)
Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
Regarding this comment : "It took me a while to process: "more or less a flight A régional.South and West on the same side of the screen." here is how it works in France : On the very top of the pyramid, there are competitions (that are not open, you have ...
Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
NS had a CC available, pointed out the fact (the range changing according to vulnerability), and EW actually discussed about the defense 2 deals before this one happened
Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
David, if you were there, and led to believe East behavior is not ethical, what could you do about it ?
David Parsons's bidding problem: AT932 AK7532 8 6
Not solving anything if you play with a pick up partner, but there is a convention you might want to add to your repertoire : 1 1NT 4 = 5 6 with nicer 1 1NT 4 = 5 6 with nicer You can ...
Assess the blame
I have seen people wondering what the system was exactly. In France, our standard is not a strong hand for using splinter, but exactly two high cards, 5 trumps or more, and a singleton/void in a suit. It is possible responder has some Q/J. So in 'pure' french ...
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
From a french (only, maybe), point of view, this really looks weird your whole story :) Maybe some other french readers might have other views, but here i think : - That there are people routinely opening 14H hands with 1NT (1NT is announced 15-17) and nobody has a problem with it since ...
General Principles
erased because Michael gave his whole opinion in the Well
cancelling a board
The board had not been played yet at the other table. We were the pair bidding (and about to make) 6
cancelling a board
Hello, no the cards were shuffled at the end of each round. It is likely we did not shuffle this hand

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