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Why should the ACBL search committee pay particular attention to the Bridge Winners Community
Great post. In addition to Phil Clayton's comments, a variation on Max's post here echos my thoughts: In a nutshell - the ACBL is now in theory serving three very different markets at once: International level pros, sectional+ tournament level amateurs (BW demographic ...
Accurate Recording of Play
Thanks Fred! If anyone wants to try this with a group as a hobby (8-10 hours a week, mostly at your own time) - please PM me. We would probably do this in Java and OpenCV unless someone has a strong preference for something else. I can provide a cloud based ...
Accurate Recording of Play
If bbo or another vugraph software maker provides an API, it reduces the required work tremendously. They already have the "business logic", including the hand number, hand record, archiving etc. The only thing that remains is to create a "Virtual Vugraph Operator" (VVO :) ) Should probably take less than a year ...
Accurate Recording of Play
I looked into doing this a few months ago as a hobby. I am convinced it is possible to implement a system based on image recognition quite cheaply. There is one company that does something similar for casinos blackjack tables. If I'll find them again I'll update. They ...
Who has the Q of !d ?
Assuming 2h by west would have been weak, I'd guess he would have bid 2h with a side singleton and was dissuaded because he is looking at qx in a pointed suit. So I'd go for the drop
Exposed score sheets
Those without electronic scoring devices get a pass from my idea :)
Exposed score sheets
Peg: I only meant to use smartphones after the game to look at the scores, not during. Agree about the input errors, but I think (1) there are better solutions and (2) the cost/benefit analysis isn't obvious as is.
Exposed score sheets
My 2 cents: Directors should stop providing score keeping cards and instead provide the information online (e.g. common game). Players can bring a notepad or use a blank sheet of paper to write notes. This score keeping is an old habit that provides little value to most people today ...
Play Problem - IMPS 24 boards - 20 VP match
Assuming JD in W, how about: Qd. If e ruffs with 9/t, over ruff with the j and play h to the 7.
Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)
About me: A pretty good amateur player, in my 40s. Played more seriously, with screens etc. 20 years ago. Avid supporter of replacing cards with software. Play about 50% BBO 50% live. Duplicate bridge has an upper-end challenge, cheating, and a lower-end challenge: limited accessibility to too many, especially folks ...

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