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Guy Mendes de León
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May 27, 2014
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May 22
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I'm a Dutch junior

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Test your timing
Yes, of course, I forgot to mention that...
Test your timing
I think I"m missing something. K - A ruff Heart over, spade ruff Heart over, diamond finesse Heart over, cash spade, pitch club, diamond finesse Club to 9? If they don't cover the king of spades I ruff one in trick 2.
Line in 6C
Thanks for all the responses, apparently cashing AK of hearts immediately was a big winner I didn't add in the fist place. In practice (in time trouble) I drew an extra round of trumps before cashing AK of hearts, I didn't feel much for the cross ruffing line ...
Line in 6C
Which is the third option ;) I was a bit clumsy with adding an answer, therefore your answer is probably not what you intended to vote.
Line in 6C
Sure, I don't think the choices really matter, as there are very many possibilities...
Line in 6C
Yes, there are a lot of alternatives, we were late at the table, so I had to come up with something quickly. It is IMPs, I'll edit the problem.
Which diamond do you return?
Coming to think about it it is mostly readibility when partner hit you (see this problem) and automatic unblocking when you start with four, I've seen this gone wrong even with experts, maybe they are not true experts ;) Also it is easier to play in tempo when you have ...
Which diamond do you return?
Yes, current 2nd/4th, it helps deblocking when you started with 4, say Q97x. In cases where partner hit your 4- or 5-card suit it is easier for partner, which is possible when dummy has 1 and declarer hasn't shown length in this suit. I think in the case ...
Which diamond do you return?
I think it is best to play 2nd/4th through declarer against NT when dummy was short (singleton or void). I think it is easier to read and it helps against blocking suits.
Plan the play in 4!S (II)
That makes my line worse, especially if my LHO doubles aggressively as well. Than I need to reconsider and know whether they can open a weak 2 in diamonds and whether they'd do that with a 5card suit.

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