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György Szalay
György Szalay
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Basic Information

Member Since
Dec. 13, 2012
Last Seen
Aug. 1, 2018
Member Type
Bridge Pro
about me
Happy foodprovider and walking mate for the best dog (and 3 kittens: mother and her daughters). Probably No1 pro in Central Europe in "Who sacked the most clients?" competition.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
All sessions I survive with less than 3 big mistakes
Bridge Accomplishments
QF Olympiad 2004, Bonn Nations Cup Winner 2007, Summer National Semifinal in OZ (2006)
Regular Bridge Partners
Laszlo Harangozo
Member of Bridge Club(s)
FÉSZEK, Budapest; (+ DBV, ÖBV)
Favorite Tournaments
Tel Aviv Festival, Australian Summer National, Olympiad (Mind Games now)
Favorite Conventions
SPL, 1M-1N GFR by UPH (Precision), natural, unbalanced 1D in 1st/2nd, weak NT (Precision)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Hungarian Relay Precision
1N is GF over 1M by UPH, 2!C is like a forcing NT, sound openings, upgraded 1!C
Copy to my cards View/Print
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: --- --- AK7xxxx KQ97xx
I was in a minority who raised you to 6. I know you:)
Last board of VC & SB
I think the best line is start with finesse, especially when is unbid suit (VC, French declarer - 1-3N(bal raise)-4), so LHO's KQ is very unlikely. ditch for immediately successfull here, but we can easily lose 2-2 tricks in majors. Of course ...
Thx for cheats, EBL!
Thx to Traian Chira, really. But we can't see (so called) top teams vs. weak teams matches. It could have been 18+ movie, I bet.
Thx for cheats, EBL!
I suggest following one: after RR (can be 1 group or 2) top4 are playing for medal(s), #5-#12 2 long KO matches for remaining 2 BB spot.
Thx for cheats, EBL!
And what will be EC format in Budapest? Can we invent KO after shorter RR?
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
Ok, after 25 years they can play rubber bridge against each other.
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
Tarek, why do you think before 2010? What did happen then? I know, the infamous Bonn accident against us. And do you really believe they would give up their 'fight' after 'clean' play in Opatija? Don't joke with us.
The Fantunes bidding system
and is it so terrible?
The Fantunes bidding system
I think Fantunes is like wrestling. We can play greco-roman or freestyle. But what if Romans play freestyle?
The Fantunes bidding system
I think the real problem with FN version of Fantunes that they nearly never miss a game when opener is maximum for 2X and not overbid when opener is minimum. Same is true for 1N. Have you ever seen 2N by them?

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