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Hamish Brown
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Feb. 9, 2014
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Do You Count Your Cards?
I count by flicking the cards one hand to the other and counting the clicks takes less than 2 sec
Five card diamond.
I have opened a 5 card for 10 or so years. We pair it with a weak NT that contains all the 4441 hands. 1 can be 4 if it is 16+ and 4441 with a singleton . Our structure is based on 13+ forcing opening. We play ...
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Thx Bryan it would be good to know the additonal benifits you mention. Also interesting that you dont appear to attempt to link the top of the range of this two bid with the bottom of your NT range?
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Thanks for spotting the typo Richard. As to the question. You would have play the kaplin inversion to avoid the 45 trap. After a 2/1 response i would favor 2 as showing the shape but not promising extras.
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Yes i play 9-13 unbalanced and weak nt in my main partnership that is how i came to think about this strong nt issue this way.
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I agree much better methods could be devised over 2NT this is a fast and dirty approach for infrequent partnerships. When i atarted with this i did consider the approaches of putting the hand into a 1 or leaving it in 1M. Are people really getting more ability to ...
Meaning of 2NT rebid and high reverse opposite a 2-level negative double?
I think along these lines as well. X promises 4 2 is best with 6-9 with 2 10+ 3 2NT less than 3 holds and an invite 2 and 3 promise 5 and a decent hand. So X = 4 and ...
Your Opinion on This Director Call and Possible Re-call?
Jane you dont seem to understand i see elsewher you comment about a concern about double shots which is not relevent here. The reason many people assumed you called at the hesitation is that after a hesitation it may be necessary for the director to be called to establish facts ...
Your Opinion on This Director Call and Possible Re-call?
I find this attitude very strange. Yes he called the director at the wrong time, But: and its a big but, the attutude that we beter not call the director for fear of upsetting someone is the most destructive attitude. Its as bad as directors fudging the rules so that ...
Your Opinion on This Director Call and Possible Re-call?
I am not a director It is appropriate to ask after the hesitation: do you agree you partner hesitated? If they agree then you can decide to call the director at the end of the hand if 6 makes. If they dont agree then you can call the director ...

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