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ATB - Bidding after Unusual 2NT
Maybe, however being able to place the ace of in the bidding and acertain that if the finess is needed it is working it is helpfull. If you could bid freely without any opposition bidding and locate a missing K of and a missing A of clubs ...
ATB - Bidding after Unusual 2NT
Heres a good example of the road map effect of a weak both minors bid from the SWEPT in Canberra Australia this week: East has 95 T QJ874 AJ962 and opens 2NT less than opening both minors East Suth West North (2NT) - P - (3) - 4 (P) - 6 ...
Your Ideal Opening Structure
1 = 2+C either 10-14 with 5+ and a singleton or 16+ balanced or 15+ unbalanced with 5+ 1 = 5+ 13+ points unbalanced in the 13-15 range. 1 = 5+ 13+ points unbalanced in the 13-15 range. 1 = 5+ 13+ poonts unbalanced ...
ATB - Bidding after Unusual 2NT
The other problem with showing weak 55 hands is the road map effect. Not only when you dont raise does the hand get super easy to bid but also when they bid their slam they have pritty much a complete count of the shape at trick 1.
What is minimum requirement for Maxi Unusual 2NT hand?
I play constructive only. This hand qualifys.
Gazzilli over 1!D
We dont stop in 1NT except very rearly. The point is that after 1NT 2 is a gf relay. Now you can show the complete shape in the 2 level. This leads to many slams and slam can be decided below game so we are well ahead of the ...
What do you play against multi 2!D?
Directly over 2 we assume we will get another chance. So if they pass 2 partner will frequently balance. This approach is operative any time they make some kind of opening that will give is a second chance to act.
Gazzilli over 1!D
1 is 5+ rebidding 1NT with 16-17 all 5332 5422 6223 can be opened 1. Frankly hate the idea of opening even 3352 hand 1.
What do you play against multi 2!D?
Used to play X as a take out of (i.e. 4) 2 is take out of (i.e. 4). Came to dislike it so reverted to: Any time you expect a second chance to bid: X strong hand about 16+ 2NT 16-18 bal 2H ...
ATB - Bidding after Unusual 2NT
This is impossible to answer. If 2NT is constructive (and it ahould be imv) then north can bid more with 2aces and 4 card support. On the other hand is 2NT is generally rubbish then south has to bid 1 followed by some number of later. I choose ...

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