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1354 and 2353 minimum opener rebids
we play 12-15NT and our 1 opening is always 5. with 4351 we would bid 1 rather than raise 2. so the auction: 1 - 1 2 shows either 1354 or 1453 3451 or 1363 3361. 2NT is an enquiry after which bids at the ...
Redoubling Isn't Rude
A while ago i XX after making constructive looking bids to 6. 6 was not making and i was able to X the slam they where not willing to bid. Another effort was a XX of 7. I had a the tricks and a void in one ...
What is the weaker call?
Can Bergen raises be unlimited?
It does not sound like a methods issue more a pertnership issue. After 2NT 10+ with 4 cards: 3 = any bal minimum 3NT = any bal 18+ 4X = cue bal 15-17 New suit singleton any strength After a new suit opener bids= 3 does not like the shortage Cue ...
10 card Solid or almost solid suits.
I heard about this hand. At another table your partner opens a 15-17NT. Your hand transfered to and bid key card. The problem was missing one ket card it was not possible to tell if it was the K.
minorwood - what are your rules if 4m is minorwood?
We play XX as power about 17+ here. So 3 is a short suit try presumably 4 is a void try (both in a limited hand since no power xx) but after this 4 has to be suit setting so showing the shortage is this middle hand ...
minorwood - what are your rules if 4m is minorwood?
Geberally Turbo requires cue responses to be on. For example after agreeing 4 4NT is key card. However it is possible to have a hand with zero or two key cards and no cue to make so 4NT has to be turbo. The key to playing turbo is that ...
minorwood - what are your rules if 4m is minorwood?
We play that any 4m bid is suit setting unless its a cue (ie always when its one suit we are interested in). The only exception is when its invitational, and that applies when one hand has bid 3m as a passible limited action and the other hand is also ...
The best bridge book for beginners
About 2 months after i started playing every week i found a copy of truscots ‘winning declearer play’ i red it and re-red it. Very good basis for beginner card play tecnique.
Mini-Splinters and Alternatives
I am not sure what is tecnically correct however i think of a mini splinter as a single jump. So: 1 - 4 = splinter 1 - 3 = mini splinter Then you have the conversation in regards to do we play mini splinter and what do they mean? For ...

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