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Odd/Even number of Keycards wich one is more likely ?
When it is unclear we are no further behind than key card wher first 2 steps show 1-3/4-0 and we can deal with it the same way. In many hands it is clear that to cue or show serious 3NT we must show a specific minimum so really mot ...
Time for a rethink
We are in a pretty much anything goes region. Our 1 is 2+. We are required to anounce so i say '2+' as required. If some one asks for more info i say 'if its 10-15 it will have 5+ in an unbalanced hand, if it is 16 ...
Time for a rethink
I had the privilege of playing in Dubai last week. I was concerned because I had heard that the ACBL regs where in force. I had to devise a system to play since mine would be illegal. however when I showed up I was delighted to hear we could bid ...
imagine if in any tournament each player was given a shirt with A B or C emblazoned on it. So you know whom you can psych against. So many more important issues are raised about the nature of the game (and wining at it)once you go down a track ...
Time for a rethink
I dont think anyone would disagree that if you cheat at the top level of the game you will be exsposed. I believe that will knock it on the head. I dont disagree that there are still issues being addressed and that these are important.
Time for a rethink
I have been wondering if the unwillingness or inability to highlight and stop the cheating over the last 30 years led to a conflation of these issues of cheating & regulating against destructive methods. Kind of like the position 'if we cant get to the heart of the thing we really ...
@John: "Now my question based on this was does the ACBL actually take this statement seriously? If not, then so be it, although they should probably just take it off their website then. But if they do take it seriously, then how could this possibly be enforced? There is patently ...
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
@Ray: i read this kind of comment a few times by a few different posters recently. Deregulation or 'anything goes' does not lead to people adopting rediculous methods like a 1NT a 15 point range and a singleton. A new norm of madness does not get established. How i am ...
What's a stiff king worth??
We open this 1 which includes bal 20-21, 22-23 & 24+. However i would likly decide weather to show this as one of those balanced hands based after partners response. 1 - 1 = so now i can splinter with 3 1 - 1 = so now ...
Show or ask?
RKC is poor on so many hands. The example hand you give does so much better if you can cue so you can listen for the K . With turbo for example 1 - 2NT 3 - 3 3 - 4 4 - 4 4 - 4NT ...

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