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Hamish Brown
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Feb. 9, 2014
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April 22
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Multi 2!d Continuations
We play: 2 pass or correct (law based raise) 2 pass or correct (law based raise) 2NT GT+ 3 good at least a GT i.e. my suit not yours 3/3 passable 3 good at least a GT 3/3 ...
A proposed mechanism for mitigating potential UI situations
Asking only when you want to know and then not bidding needs to be policed better by directors imv. Asking on every bid is really annoying especially if like me you play a complex system. In practice its pretty clear after the fact if someone has used asking and not ...
How do you use 3NT in this auction?
Slam serious. No lower cue
Opinion on Opening 1D
Playing against gib on bbo i frequently pass hands like this in all seats where gib has delt me the best hand. Those conditions are met here. Over time i have found i get + imps more often than not for passing when all others pass. So im inclined to pass ...
Who was over-conservative in this Match-point Scoring deal?
For east to bid 4 at imps is clear cut especially red. Hes has been preempted but hes entitled to assume partner has some small after the 2 opening - if partner had opened 1 this east hand is a minimum for a game try splinter of ...
Defensive problem
I agree. Playing partner for 4 and east for 1 makes sense on lead. Best lead is A followed by small . However. Her you are having made a poor lead. What next?
Defensive problem
Sorry: I have amended the hand record above. Trick 1: A J 2 5 (2 suit preference when singleton in Dummy. Trick 2: 2 J Q 6 Trick 3: 4 7 A T Trick 4: your lead ...
BW 2/1 GF: Final Conclusions
I think punt is the action: One punts with the pole to geth the boat moving. The gambler places money on a horse - the action of placing money is a punt associated with gambling. One punts the ball down field. One takes an action (punt) that has no meaing except ...
Valuation of (Sub?)-minimal 5 Card Major Openings
I open all hands playing standard. The last is clearly worst. With the shortage i dont expect opening to protect us from getting out bid however the are most likley 0445 round the table. Perhaps lefty will have 4 and pard a preemptive raise locking right ...
Gameforcing or Forcing for one Round
Since its now a gf auction cant you bid 2NT with that intending to bid later if yoy get the chance? I suppose it can go 3 3 asking for a hold playing your way.

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