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Critique this convention
Thx Sven. Out of curiosity what is texas?
Critique this convention
@Ed over a weak NT its quite good to have 2 ways to raise to 4M We use 4/ as texas but just for game and 4/ as to play but from the other side of table. The Slam try with a 6 card suit as ...
Critique this convention
Every other time is often enough. This is actually an argument for keeping a narrow NT range. If you open wider than a 3 point range you need a method to ask.
Critique this convention
Hands where opener has good enough and a hold in each other suit and a min are quite unlikely. however with: Axx Axx Axx xxxx I want to play 3NT if partner has AKxxxx the more I thought about it the more I thought it is a gap but ...
Critique this convention
Thanks Ian. I am always happy to invent a method that has already been popular in another part of the world - we will call it McKendrick. FWIW we have found being able to make slam tries in a minor after a weak NT pretty worthwhile. Its not hugely frequent but ...
Responses after a Forcing NT is overcalled
Power X works well in this auction that shows 18+ hand. pass is up to 17 and a bid shows a 55 hand in the 14-16 range or 46
Double is?
This hand: Qxx ♥xxxx ♦AJx ♣KJx. is the perfect problem hand. too weak to GF and ask for a control with 3, too strong ignore, too flat to know what to do. X to show precisely 3 no hold and intermediate values is a reasonable treatment IMV ...
Double is?
I can accecpt that pass is waiting for the next double to penalise if that is our agreement. Can you show me the hand you need to make a take out X rather than bid a natual 2NT or a suit?
Double is?
Rodger i would have thought that if 2NT is natural then it makes more sense that X is penalty. After all you have 3 hand types:1 cards but not the shape to make a clear bid (2NT), 2 penaltyX, 3 a suit that you want to compete in ...
Western Cue if opps bid two suits?
If they open a bid that shows both majors like 2 and partner X then it works. With out the X then better for 2M to be natural overcall

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