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Hamish Brown
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Feb. 9, 2014
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Your response structure to exclusion keycard?
We play 4130 in response to key card and 0123 in response to voidwood
Please comment our bidding
If 2 is really played as non-forcing then i agree this hand might qualify for 2. Does that mean 1NT is a game forcing raise?
Please comment our bidding
The methods preclude co-operation. If responder decides to transfer to 2 then drop it opener with short does not get to correct to 2. So while i agree with your sentiments in general terms i don't agree in this particular situation which is in effect blind.
Please comment our bidding
I dont know that its a great idea to try to play 2 when you have a doubleton in partners suit. It seems like 2 is either a worse hand or a batter one. I.e. you need to be clear that you are choosing to play ...
Reversing in competition - implications arising
The people that play this style are not primarily interested in leaving it in. To leave it in you need 5+ good cards in their suit. A power X is at least invitational to game so it assists us when we might have game or slam
The Absolute Boundless Power of Gazzilli
I was going to highlight that as well Gerban. And if it goes: 2 - p - p - X The XX by responder expresses this exact hand and we get out in 3.
Reversing in competition - implications arising
Yes the power X here makes good sense. How we treat it it is 18+ and dosen’t promise 4 but 4 is a possibility
Reversing in competition - implications arising
not so relevant but we like to keep the same structure so 3 is still 15-17 5 5. 2 is 5+ 4 15-17 or 18+ we use 2NT after 2 to untangle the weak hands from the strong hands 2NT shows 8+ basically ...
Reversing in competition - implications arising
With. 55 shape we open 1 and rebid 3 15-17. As in gazzilli. A jump to 3 for us shows 4 and very good 6+ with 18+ We show 18+ reverse strenght with 5 4 via gazilli. So we reverse here into 2 ...
Highest Opening Bid You've Ever Made or Witnessed?
One of my favourite ever auctions was: (3) - 7 7 made. The room did not get the preempt it was on a 5 card suit and also most bid to 7 but after opening 2

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