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Defending a “psych”
There is no such thing as ‘just asks a question’. Even stayman doesn’t ask for a major it shows a variety of hand types which are then shown following partners response. When someone asks what a bid means the response “it asks for a major” is not a correct ...
Defending a “psych”
Ron: if that is its meaning then the only question is weather it needs an alert.
Defending a “psych”
Ron given that 2NT is an illegal psych in some places and not a suggestion to play that strain i think it is quite different to 3NT which is legitimately a suggestion to play. (I remember that conversation too)
Defending a “psych”
In New Zealand it is illegal to psych an artificial bid. So in this situation 2NT must be described as an asking bid not necessarily promising any values. If this psych is legal it would seem that it can only be used once. The key question is weather 3 ...
A thin slam
Mine is here:
I agree too Steve for the reason that north has a very wide range for pass here. Game has been bid north needs the right 18 to look for slam so east needs a hand that is ok so long as he finds a good fit (a lot more than ...
Gazzilli Question
This is good advise Ian We use the normal reverse to show 14-16 with a 46 hand Via gazzilli we show 18+ 55 hands 18+ 46 hands (4 in higher suit) 18+ 5431 hands (either higher or lower with 4) 20+ 5422 (treated the same way at the 5431) 16-17 ...
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
I get to choose between 1 5+ 13+ and forcing or 1NT 14-16 I choose 1 with the 3 rebid describing this hand. We will not miss 3NT but we might get 1 levle too high in
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
Yes Kerry we play 2 as a range ask invite or better. That handles the wide range nicely when you have a good hand, when responder has a poor hand the wide range makes it harder for the opps.
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
We open 1NT variable: Green v red 1st 2nd 3rd = 11-15 Red 3rd and 4th = 14-16 4th green 13-15 All others 12-15 We open all 5 cards suits in the 9-13 range so a pass can be a balanced 11 but it wont be a decent hand.

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