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Continuation after minor suit reverse
After a 1 opening we use the 2 bid to show a range of strong hands and the 2 bid as an automatic enquiry then: 2 = 15-17 5+ 4 2NT = 22-23 balanced ( may have 5) 3 = 18+ 6+ clubs (this means 1 ...
Bidding slam at the club
an additional interesting question is what percentage do you need to stay out of slam when the club players will likely bid it? I have stay out of a few to find the room bids it because they are unable to differentiate between 32 and 34 points when both hands ...
Bidding slam at the club
Sometimes i get supprised when 3NT didnt make even though i thought it would and 6m alao dosent make. I decided if 6m is not very likly i will play 5m given that sometimes its the top spot. I think though that my methods are very accuite in deciding between ...
Bidding slam at the club
Agree with this Richard. Additionally i am not very inclined to convert 6 of a suit to 6NT frequently 6 of a suit fit lays one trick better and if only half (or less) of the room finds the slam then then i want to be very certian 6NT is ...
Would you bid differently??
Playing power doubles helps quite a bit in this kind of situation. If openers rebid of a X shows 18+ (17+ with 6) then the 3 rebid can be made on 14-16 (similar to the gazzilli auction you would have without interference). 1 - (P) - 1NT - (2 ...
Mini-Splinters and Alternatives
We play the double jump as serious slam interest with a void. The single jumps contain game try hands with 4+ card support and a shortage in the suit bid OR game forcing hand with a singlton in the suit bid. This works well since you have 3 ways to ...
Rebid after 1NT Force Response
I play a weak NT so bidding either major shows 4
1NT p 2NT showing diamonds
we play 2 shows a bal GT without a major suit or a weak minor. Partner bids 2NT with a min and 3 with a max. do not have a way to fine the best minor when responder is 55 and weak because it doesn't come up
So, you're playing 2/1 with an expert partner with a not very extensive discussion period...
EDIT: absent any discussion I would treat 3 as possible extras but not sure and 4 as a slam try showing a control.
So, you're playing 2/1 with an expert partner with a not very extensive discussion period...
When I agree to play 2/1 with a random expert partner I agree style: is a reverse extras? is 2 6 or is that the weak/ waiting bid? is 3NT serious? that's not much discussion to be able to play. otherwise you have the problem in this ...

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