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Methods over Lead Directing X
except that that loses the fit and right-siding that when opener is 2533. Also opener cant have 5 only 5 of the other suits. This means we transfer only with 5 (and accept the transfer only with 3 card support) xxxxx xxx Kxx xx bids 3 ...
Methods over Lead Directing X
Thx Ben this provides a useful framework for working out the best structure.
Is there something better than BBO?
I love BBO. I hate GiB. But I do play a lot of Gib tournaments. Veugraph of serious bridge from around the world has arguable transformed the game. It is seriously good that I can log in and watch world class bridge in my undies. Its is seriously good that ...
Alan Taylor's bidding problem: A7654 AK987 K J2
I agree not weak or strong. However I can bid since 3 does not show
To Q-bid or not to Q-bid this is the question
Realized I did not say: playing turbo really causes players to emphasize the positive and negative inferences of continuing to cue bid. The reason for this is that you don't arrive at the point of 4M or 4NT and have one player have to make a decision on behalf ...
To Q-bid or not to Q-bid this is the question
In a G/F action where we have agreed the suit at the 3 level: * We cue 1st or 2nd including shortages if there has been no room to splinter. * We do not cue a shortage in a suit in which partner has shown length. * If partner splinters we only ...
ATB - Missed Slam
I agree with Jay above that considering the methods missing slam is not a big deal. I don't like 3 as an invite+ hand it is quite space consuming and their are better options, but a lot of people do like it. 3 as exactly an invite ...
Henry that auction is adequate when there is no interference. Perhaps you are saying that you agree that when the auction does not lend its self to showing a shortage then 4NT is key card being mis-applied which is what i am saying.
I know every one plays it, however that is the problem. Any time you have shape based control and cant show it key card is hopeless. The fact that most people would treat 4NT as key card there does not make it a sound method. Some version of turbo is ...
I Blame roman key card. Worst method ever invented second only to gerber. You would do better to use your judgment about weather to bid slam rather than leaping to key card and stopping based on key cards. Kick back is almost as bad. But why did north open 1 ...

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