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Hamish Brown
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Feb. 9, 2014
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ATB on missed laydown 7NT
If 1 is 5+ 13+ points and forcing and they play some kind of gazilli its very hard not to bid some grand.
Experimenting with weak NT
I dont know Yu i play in New Zealand. If they are its a travesty, what can possibly be wrong with a constructive method that improves bidding accuracy?
Experimenting with weak NT
I guess so. I think of it in the Gazzilli catagory where responder shows a positive so that the strong hand can describe. Over a more normal reverse there are less options but they follow the same pattern: 1 - 1 2 - 2NT Here 2NT is 7+ Then ...
Experimenting with weak NT
Rafael: we have a different solution over 1m reverse. We use the lowest NT bid as a forcing enquiry which is at least a game try after the weakest hand. This means bidding one of openers suits directly shows a desire to play there i.e no game interest. This ...
Bid these hands.
North 7 K87632 AQ10987 void South AK1093 J K62 AK104 1 - 2 3 - 3 4 - 4 4 - 5 6 2 is game forcing 3 natural 3 natural 4 suit setting 4/4 cue 1st or ...
Experimenting with weak NT
By the time opener rebids 1NT a lot is known about the hand and if you had to guess the best final contract you probably mostly could. We do use 2 as GF check back but more to enable us to put any hand without a singleton into the ...
Experimenting with weak NT
At MP opening 1N with 5332 will lose on part score hands where responder does not look for a major. This is not infrequent. For example with up to 10 points and say 42 in the majors you will play 1NT unless the opps make an overcall. This can lead ...
Experimenting with weak NT
Yes! we use Gazzilli with the weak option showing a min with 6 card major. So not necessary to have 5M4m22 in 1NT but usefull to know where that shape is, and powerfull to always know when a 6 card major rebid is present. the rebid problem is even worse ...
Experimenting with weak NT
Agreeing what hand shapes you put into 1NT is a good place to start. It will highlight any areas where you have blind spots. is 4441 in 1NT? it is for us which means all auctions that show a minor then a major are 54 shapes. is 5332 with a ...
Experimenting with weak NT
When we used to play 2 as 10+ 2NT was 18-19 and 3NT was 15-17. now we play 2 as game forcing and 2NT is 15+ balanced.

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