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Ax opposite KQTxx
Grate to get your work on this thx. I have not seen thise other articles but did always wonder about that particular 7 card problem
Your 3rd Seat 1!S Opening Bid
What do you open 3rd seat green against red holding: AT98 xx xxx T98x You are playing a weak NT
Your 3rd Seat 1!S Opening Bid
No I don't think i've red it. TBH from trial and error i've found a lead directing 1 overcall works well and so i'm extrapolating a little to suggest this opening in 3rd. it has three ways to win it can be the best lead ...
Your 3rd Seat 1!S Opening Bid
The best psychic 1 bid IMV is a lead directing 1 on something like KQx or Kx if the rest of the hand makes we want to open.
Minor Suit Bidding
A couple of structures I like: 1: 2 - GF can have 3 2 - 4-9 3 cards 2NT - GF bal 4 3 - 6-9 4 cards 3 - 10-12 4 cards or 1 = 5 card (weak NT context) 1NT GF - actually the same hands ...
Best Approach?
There are ways around this for example some people put all the 5332 11-13 hands into their 1 opening and play transfer responses. I like a structure where 2/ are 10-13 5332 or 5422 this makes your 1 bids contain a lot of shape when they are ...
3 presumably has a systemic meaning. For us it shows a singleton. You must treat 3 as you would normally so you bid according to your hand in response to the systemic meaning of 3. This implys that the failure to akert is indeed UI
Best Approach?
This is an unanswerable question. It depends specifically on weather 5332 hands in the 10-14 range are included in the 1M opening.
Any Blame?
I guess im only writing for the people in duristictions with sensible rules.
Any Blame?
Yes although tend not to bid this way with a singlton honor unless also max

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