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Thanks east west fixed. Yes i had noticed that both the lines i did not take succeed. Thank you Michael.
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Here is the whole hand from the final round of the Canberra National Open Teams swiss: Perhaps the lead was the K now that i look at it. East 9 2 KQJT65 J8653 West K64 KT9 987432 K Thank you all ...
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National open teams in Canberra. We are mid field at this point but i expect ducking the J is easy for these players. EDIT: but it was the line i chose so make of that what you will.
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Thats right you get to be a hero if you discard a under the A and then play from the top. You can now enter hand twice with ruffs to finesse the twice.
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Im thinking i might make another post about methods over 2. With my normal partner we can open 1 with this hand and have a sensible auction to 4. But playing reasonably undiscussed methods how do you bid the south hand? 4 after 2 seems ...
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
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That was the line i took at the table.
ATB: Missed Slam (corrected)
David west described soft values and doubt about slam. In that context X makes sense
ATB: Missed Slam (corrected)
The key issues for me are that 4 is not 8 tricks its better than that. But in evaluating the west hand the K is positioned well and so carries more than its weight. To me it is clear cut that west has the cards to be decisive ...
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
I am in Canberra at present playing the NOT. Yesterday we encountered pair that had the term “weakish - unbalanced length” in the box that said ”jump raises after a minor”. I recon that is FULL DISCLOSURE! I knew exactly what it ment and i think their meaning is the same ...

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