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What do you use 3-level overcalls of 1NT for?
13-15 v weak NT Weak but not mad vs strong NT 6+ suit. With a solid suit and 7 tricks i prefer penalty X if im on lead
Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
Yes MOSCA is the Italian that invented the system which was later refined and popularised by Fantunes. When they were caught cheating people change the name back to MOSCA. I dont know how any of these players treated this 20-21 balanced hand though, this is what we do, it would ...
Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
Our bidding playing MOSCA with forcing 1 level bids: Q95 K10975 4 AJ64 KJ84 AQ AK6 K873 1 - 1 2NT - 3 3 - 4 4 - 4 5 - 6 1 is natural 2+ 9+ points forcing 1 is 4+ 0 ...
Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
Yes its interesting how good responders need to be to head towards slam. I think with a singleton and 10 its resonable to seek a suit slam and the position is ok for where the hand with 3 has the singleton. However to be correct you need to ...
Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
Sry done
Does Meckwell ever sleep on the couch?
Only one Meckwell at the bridge table. But im not sure they are singular when it cone to sleeping arrangements.
Does Meckwell ever sleep on the couch?
This was my response also. With extra trump length show the Q.
Playing Equal Level Conversion, how do you handle advancer's 1NT?
2NT is truly horrible. A X of 2 is resonable. Like Richard i prefer 1 to X but imv this is a normal TO X. ELC is more like 4441 or 4531, ie a hand that must convert bids to . The are generally 5 cards ...
Do you open all 12-counts?
I have played 2/1 as game forcing in a weak NT context for a number of years. It has quite a few advantages: 1NT response can be 100% forcing since when you open 1 suit you always have a second suit or a strong hand. 2NT rebid after 2 ...
Bidding philosophy
Lawrence’s statement applies to psyching 1. When you have short 1 and long you can almost guarantee that if you overcall 1 partner will raise aggressively. This sometimes works out quite well but only when are close to 1444 around the table.

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