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Claim Rules
I do agree with you that it is not possible to resolve uncertainty's with any accuracy under the current rules and sometimes the claiming side loses a trick it would have made if it had been played out because of the failure to make a clear claim - i.e ...
Claim Rules
Eric you are unable to lose a trick that you could not possibly lose in the play of the cards.
1!D opener rebid after 2!C(GF) response
It actually makes sense to reverse the meanings of 2 GF and 1NT. since 1NT denies a major after 1 it shows either 3 and 4 or 5. if you put all the hands somewhere then 1NT promises 5. SO best method may ...
Claim Rules
I liked it a lot when i red it. Having red the subsequent comments i think i agree. Best solution is to encourage clear claim statments, with uncertinty resolved in favour of the non offending side.
1!D opener rebid after 2!C(GF) response
We play weak NT with all 4441 hands in range opened 1NT. So 1 promises 5 unless its specifically 4=4=4=1 16+ because 1 is 2+. In that context 2 (GF - bal or or fit): 2 min 2/ extras about ...
ATB: 2/1 Problem
If i was playing standard 2/1 with a strong NT i agree 2 is much better than 1. EDIT: Playing a relay here has a lot of upsides including being able to bid 2 as a splinter raise in
ATB: 2/1 Problem
Our auction would be: 1 - 1 1 - 1NT 3 The 3 bid shows 4261 hand with 18+
ATB: 2/1 Problem
Richard i like 1 here as unlimited and forcing but i play a weak NT and 1 shows 5 so i dont have to negotiate my way around the balanced rubbish hand. With my regular partner 1NT after the 1 rebid is 8+ forcing shape relay.
ATB: 2/1 Problem
Hi Henry. You are right my post makes no sense sorry for the confusion. With the hand you descibe 1 is 4+ and 2 is presumably 4th suit forcing looking for 3 card support or a hold for NT. There is no justification for 4 and so ...
ATB: 2/1 Problem
what can 2 be? It cannot be 4th suit forcing since with that hand south would start with 2 then bid 2 later. If it is natural it seems to show longer that and generally a new suit by responder is forcing so its an ...

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