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Hamish Brown
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Feb. 9, 2014
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Question emailed to me.
I like to have a point when I do this
How to get 600 comments
I don't know what thread you are referring to however I do view going off topic as frequently a helpful and constructive thing. I do get it that sometimes an OP raises a specific question in a specific context (for example specific bidding question in a 2/1 strong ...
Choosing a Grand Slam
Agree Michael those hands where the remaining are split between the two defenders are the hands where it goes 1 pass pass pass. However of those hands only the ones where partner has leass than 5 points and neither opp has a 5 card suit are passed out ...
Choosing a Grand Slam
I be happy to bet my house on 1 not being passed out. 22 hcp and 25 red cards are missing. When partner does not have 5 points the opps have 18+ between them if they are split exactly evenly and pard has 4 points then the opp in ...
Choosing a Grand Slam
Sure David but that is losing bridge. Generally opps are assuming they need to compete in a normal way to have a chance of winning the hand.
Choosing a Grand Slam
Personally if im playing with a new partner and my methods are not sphositicated enough to show this hand i prefer either 1 followed by 6 (parter will raise to 6 or 7NT with both red aces). i open 4NT intending to play grand if partner shows ...
Choosing a Grand Slam
In this case 1 makes more sense because your second bid could be !6C. I agree if you are prepeared to play 4 or 5 open 1.
Poll on Psychs - 1
Its a guideline. Sometimes i psych twice. Once three times. Noramlly not at all.
Poll on Psychs - 1
Lol yes we have to do it. Sry Richard i misspoke. I should say ‘stipulate no more than 1 psych per session’
Poll on Psychs - 1
This is the best comment on bridge winners this century.

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