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Dutch Spiral
Playing a weak NT where the 2M rebid either has a singleton or shows a 5422 hand we came to the conclusion that shape was more important than strength as well.
Dutch Spiral
We dont raise on 3 card support when we hold 4. Also interested in Jans approach.
Dutch Spiral
Or you use 3NT rather than 4 to show the stop
Bid these hands to the right strain in 2/1
Our methods include transfer walsh: 1 - 1 2 - 2NT 3 - 3 3 - ? 1 = 2+ 1 = transfer to 2 = 3-4 card support 5+ and a shortage 10-14 2NT = forcing enquiry 3 = 6 3 3 = enquiry 3 ...
Another one bites the dust
I agree Mike. 4 sets as trumps and requires co-operation from partner. You might set trumps with quite a wide range of hands. Its quite good to be able to create a forcing auction more than 1way.
Jacoby Transfer super-acceptances
Just for the record. I would not want to play a superaccecpt into a singleton when the singleton is an honour. Maybe use 2NT to show an undisclosed singleton honour.
Another one bites the dust
So long as you have the agreement that you dont cue a shortage in partners suit. So much more tricky here if north is showing a small singleton
Jacoby Transfer super-acceptances
Yes i understand it is illegal in ACBL land too. Most of the world allows players to pretty much play what they believe to be best rather than trying to normalse bidding by restricting methods. It would be intersting to know what player would play if they where not restricted ...
Jacoby Transfer super-acceptances
All 4441 in range are automatically 1NT. Also 13(45) we will quite often open 1NT weak nt so we preempt the 1 overcall. But yes it is not common to respond with a singleton maybe two or three times a year.
The Grand?
After the cue bid by responder 4 should be suit setting not a game try. X - 2 3 - 4 or X - 2 2 - 3 4 we also play turbo so: X - 2 3 - 4 4 - 4 4 ...

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