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Han Peters
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Nov. 1, 2010
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about me

I am a Dutch bridge player from Amsterdam, but now temporarily living in Oslo with my girlfriend Meike Wortel. During daytime I am a theoretical mathematician working at the University of Amsterdam.

I learned to play bridge in the United States: first in Michigan, later on BBO. Bridge in the Netherlands was socially refreshing and systemically confusing. After 7 years I'm slowly getting used to the systemic issues.


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Leon Jacobs
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HOK, Het Witte Huis
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Dutch teams league
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The squeeze
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Carding question...
Everybody will understand the argument for giving attitude. But there is also a clear argument for giving count: if partner can read it, count is clearly better, as distinguishing 3 from 4 may be important. The problem is of course that partner may not be able to read it. Stating ...
Carding question...
Interview with Geoff Hampson
Watching the interview gives you the impression that you are there with them, in bed with Hampson. Strange, but unexpectedly comfortable.
BBO Vugraph - Where are the women?
Unfortunately the names weren't removed from the scorecards, so I had no opportunity to test whether I would be able to guess which was open and which was women. Of course even without the names the bidding systems could be giveaways, but it would be interested to see whether ...
BBO Vugraph - Where are the women?
A different title to this thread might have been "team trials - where are the women?". In several European countries the main open events are contended (and sometimes won) by female players, and female players have recently played on the English, German and Dutch team (and perhaps others too?). This would ...
BBO Vugraph - Where are the women?
I would vote for the strongest bridge being shown the most. Not having seen enough of these tournaments I cannot compare the level, but generally the level at open events is higher than the level of restricted events.
In Memory of Ciara Burns
This was very nice to read Sam, if you are allowed to post a link to the full interview it would be greatly appreciated.
My Bols Tip in Action
It is possible that partner would bid more with 6 spades. It is also possible that they do not open 1D with that shape.
Interview with Jacob Morgan
Very nice interview. I would have found it interesting to know a little more about their system.
The hand you gave has 20 HCP. How about x KQx KQJ AJTxxx?

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