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Han Peters
Han Peters
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Nov. 1, 2010
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about me

During daytime I am a theoretical mathematician, working at the University of Amsterdam. I live in Amsterdam with Meike Wortel and our 1-year old son Lars. 

I learned to play bridge in the United States; first in Michigan, and later on BBO. I've been back in the Netherlands since 2009, apart from some time spent in Oslo. 

I currently play in the Dutch league for Witte Huis 3, and we just promoted to the highest division. From what I hear 't Ontstein is quite scared already.


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Leon Jacobs
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HOK, Het Witte Huis
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Dutch teams league
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The squeeze
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Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: AQ6 Q7642 A AK76
I voted for 4S, but in retrospect I think pass is better. With the actual shape even Kxx KJxxx xx xxx is not enough for slam, and 3523 is not so unlikely given that the opponents bid 3D red against white, and partner didn't double 3D to bring spades ...
Lee and Wang win Blue Ribbon Pairs
Great win, congrats!
Online NABC - Congrats to Phil Clayton
Congrats, Phil!
How well do you understand restricted choice?
This answer assumes that the names of children are independent. I don't believe that this is how the problem is intended, and I don't believe it is true in practice.
How well do you understand restricted choice?
I dont think that ML has it right, but the problem is not rigorously stated. If we assume that the names are chosen independently and uniformly out of 100 different boy's names, with the exception that two boys are not allowed to have the same name, then it seems ...
How well do you understand restricted choice?
There is a difference between the questions "do you have a son named Dylan", and "do you have at least one son, and if so, what is the name of your oldest son". In the first case one also needs to know whether one can have two sons named Dylan.
Playing Equal Level Conversion, how do you handle advancer's 1NT?
Pass with the east hand on the first round would be my distant third choice.
Playing Equal Level Conversion, how do you handle advancer's 1NT?
In my opinion a south that bids 2NT here should not be talking about difficult things like equal level conversion. Discuss basic concepts, such as the role of vulnerability in competitive decisions.
13 tops but how do you get there?
1C could be short - 1NT GF relay ...
Where is that "very easy" 6NT post?
The offensiveness of the story was so far over the top that it was clear the author wasn't serious. Either that or the author has a sick mind. Or both. Of course, any time you make a joke there are bound to be some people who are offended.

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