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Hank Eng
Hank Eng
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Basic Information

Member Since
Feb. 24, 2012
Last Seen
Feb. 7
Member Type
Bridge Player
about me

I've always loved bidding theory, but recently I've discovered the joys and pains of partnership defense.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My first planned double squeeze.
Regular Bridge Partners
Brian Bankler, RT, CDM
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Fiesta Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, San Antonio/Austin/Las Vegas/Reno/San Diego regionals
Favorite Conventions
Takeout dbl; xfers (including xfer advances)
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Polish with Brian
Polish 1C (usually weak NT), UDA (obvious shift)
Copy to my cards View/Print
v6.5 xfer Walsh
in midchart xfer Walsh, 2/1, weak NT, UDCA
Copy to my cards View/Print
Hank Eng's bidding problem: AT92 AKQJ --- AJ873
At the table, I bid 2NT and played it there. The opening lead was a low diamond and dummy had Jxx T9x JT8xx T9. 2NT was makeable, but I didn't keep track of the carding well enough and went down.
Unexpected Squeeze
paage 5 typo: "until iT is clear"
Which Movement Do You Prefer with 7 Tables?
Directing or if the movement includes an awfully slow pair: Mitchell.
What is the largest penalty you have ever seen?
deleted. misread the topic.
Worldbridge in direct contact with higher powers
Am I the only one who thought the article was going to be about Joel Wooldridge being in direct contact with higher powers?
The Impossible Two Spade Bid
I also use it after a 2 rebid. Now, a raise to 3 shows a doubleton, but a 2 rebid shows the actual 3-card invitational hand.
2nd round dbl by advancer
The responder is a very weak (almost novice) player.
5-5 in the Majors Over 1NT
Aces Scientific used the method Gordon first described: if weak, pick one and transfer to it; if inv, 2D(transfer) then 2S; if strong, 2H(transfer) then 3H.
5-5 in the Majors Over 1NT
I think this was called Weissberger at some point.
Obvious suit preference, attitude or count - trick 1
I've seen 3rd/5th play your way with different players, so now when I hear "3rd & 5th," I'll often ask, "3rd from even?" which is the way I learned it in Rosler & Rubens' Journalist Leads. I also ask, "In the middle of the hand, too?" which has gotten ...

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