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Hank Eng
Hank Eng
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Basic Information

Member Since
Feb. 24, 2012
Last Seen
Feb. 19
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Bridge Player
about me

I've always loved bidding theory, but recently I've discovered the joys and pains of partnership defense.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My first planned double squeeze.
Regular Bridge Partners
Brian Bankler, RT, CDM
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Fiesta Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, San Antonio/Austin/Las Vegas/Reno/San Diego regionals
Favorite Conventions
Takeout dbl; xfers (including xfer advances)
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Polish with Brian
Polish 1C (usually weak NT), UDA (obvious shift)
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v6.5 xfer Walsh
in midchart xfer Walsh, 2/1, weak NT, UDCA
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Buddy Hanby's bidding problem: --- AJ82 A94 AQT965
My infrequent partners often double with this hand type. If I am lucky, I end up in 3S undoubled; but the usual result is 4 or 5S doubled. A few years ago, I tried 3N with this hand; my partner tried to transfer to spades - I ended up in 4N ...
Best use of jump shifts?
My experience with weak jump shifts is that they are not great at teams. (I also think they are easy to defend against). Invitational jump shifts work well at teams and vs a strong field. I tried reverse flannery 2H & 2S bids - these were as frequent as invitational JS's ...
Law of Total Tricks
My unit has 9 living platinum/grand LM's, I believe 5 of them use the LOTT (these are the ones that play in national events); the other 4 appear to use "table feel" to get by in regional or lower events.
Over 3m-3NT- pass - do you play any special methods?
When my "system" partner and I discussed it, we got: 4 = asking type of 3NT: 15-17 (rebid 4N), uber strong (18+, rebid cuebid), solid suit (rebid in a suit) 4 = transfer to hearts* 4 = transfer to spades* *Transfers to a major denied slam tries (go thru 4 ...
Fall NABC Poll
I have never attended the Fall NABC (bad location [too expensive or too far], I wanted to visit family, or not enough time because of college obligations), so I don't really know how the Fall schedule would fit with different start dates. I have attended 8 Spring and 5 ...
Buddy Hanby's bidding problem: AKQJT86 KJ96 96 ---
Seems like slam is possible in spades - or even hearts on passed hands hands like x AQxxx KQxx xxx, x AQxxx Kxx xxx, or a hand with some spades and both red aces. 2C is likely to get to defending 5C or 5D doubled. 4S and other spade preempts seem ...
Dealing with both minors - two similar hands
Perhaps the openers with 4=5 in the minors can see factors in both hands that point towards opening 1D instead of 1C when they foresee competitive bidding?
How would you try to win a 28-board match by 77 IMPs?
Eddie must have seen my results from 8 years ago! I was playing just that (strong club, four card majors, penalty doubles) in the Bryan 2-session open pairs and had 70% and 73% games! I think 2nd place had a 72% and 69% game...
David Goldfarb's bidding problem: K42 T754 Q542 74
It sure looks like the opps are going down. My hand has no shape or clear winners for bidding on or doubling. It doesn't look like partner or myself know we can make game (no doubles). The Law of Total Tricks (9 spades + 8 hearts/diamonds = 17 tricks) says ...
Is There Any Special Name for This?
"clearing 3 rounds of hearts. Then A and out of trumps... Is there any name for this type of play?" I call this a revoke by South for somehow having a fifth trump after 4 rounds of hearts have been played from hand. Or did I misinterpret the sequence of ...

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